Tallahassee’s Crime Rate Hits National News and the Florida Gubernatorial Campaign

Tallahassee’s Crime Rate Hits National News and the Florida Gubernatorial Campaign

FloridaPolitics.com, a statewide news blog, published a report today about the potential impact of the high crime rate in Tallahassee on the gubernatorial campaign of Mayor Andrew Gillum.

In the early part of the campaign, candidate Gillum has not been asked about decisions by the city commission that may have contributed to the increase in crime rate. Gillum has been a member of the city commission since 2002.

Tallahassee Reports has previously published stories about Tallahassee having the highest per capita crime rate in the state of Florida in 2014 and 2015. Those reports can read here and here.

From the FloridaPolitics.com article, titled “Bad news for Andrew Gillum? Tallahassee named most dangerous city in Florida:”

The newly announced Democratic candidate for governor, who has led Tallahassee since November 2014, learned that his city is the most dangerous in Florida.

That dubious distinction came by way of a survey from the blog 24/7 Wall St, which reviewed data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report to identify the dangerous metropolitan area in each state.

Tallahassee had 767 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents in 2015, far more than in any of Florida’s 21 other metro areas observed by the FBI. It was also well above the state’s violent crime rate of 461.9 per 100,000 (Florida was the 11th highest in the nation). Tallahassee also had a poverty rate of 22.4 percent and an unemployment rate: 4.4 percent.

Florida’s capital is also the county seat of Leon County, which in 2015,  had the highest overall crime rate in Florida for the second year in a row.

Phil Ammann, the author of the article added, “since crime is not uniform across the country, violent crime is far more common in some cities than others – something a gubernatorial candidate certainly does not want on the campaign trail, especially when that most dangerous city is his hometown.”

The FloridaPolitics.com story cited news site 247WallSt.com, which is a financial news and opinion company with content delivered over the internet.

The company’s articles are republished by many of the largest news sites and portals, including MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Time.com, USAToday, and The Huffington Post. The company publishes over 30 articles per day and has readers throughout North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The article by 247WallSt.com listed details about the most dangerous city in each state. From the article:

Tallahassee, Florida’s state capital, also appears to be the state’s crime capital. There were 767 violent crimes in Tallahassee for every 100,000 residents in 2015, far more than in any of the state’s 21 other metro areas monitored by the FBI.

Tallahassee is the county seat of Leon County, which had the highest overall crime rate in Florida for the second year in a row in 2015. In response to the relative prevalence of violence, the Tallahassee Police Department adopted a preventative approach, expanding a visible police presence in high crime areas.

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  1. We want business and economic development but no real plan for the infrastruction (roads) to support it. No real plan for the transit system to serve the needs of commuters. Change a route here, change a route there, big deal. We should have park and ride express buses along every major spoke in our city. Apalachee, Mahan, Miccosukee, Centerville, Thomasville, Meridian, Monroe, Tennessee, Crawfordville and Woodville Hwy.

  2. We have the highest sales tax in the state (7.5%): WE have massive city/county expenditures for un-needed parks, bike trails, walking paths, sidewalks , turtle crossings, etc.,etc.,etc., all under the current mayor who obviously thinks that is the way the state should be run—-where do we get these people from ????

    1. Not to mention ridiculous (at least) million dollar walk over/bridge over S. Monroe, connecting Cascades Park, which btw the pond closest to that street has been polluted so long (no cleaning out of trash) it appears to be covered by a film of red algae blooms. What a dumb idea to spend all that Blueprint money on the sad eyesore it’s become! And let”s not forget his hinky involvement with the old building that became Edison’s (there at Cascades).

  3. Gillum is a race-baiting monster. He made a great deal out of a county west of Tallahassee’s flying a Confederate flag but he ignored the fact residents were being killed, raped, robbed, stabbed and beaten.

    Gillum should be charged with a crime and imprisoned. He has zero chance of being elected. He is trading on his race He has no talent. He accomplished nothing.

    How could a town so small be so violent but for the disgusting failures of a hate merchant.

    I encourage everyone to confront Gillum in public. Get in his face Shout him down. Use ACORN tactics. Do not touch him or threaten him in any way but do make him very uncomfortable. You must obey the law but you should use the ACORN and Black Lives Matter tactics to stop this monster.

  4. Probably it is a combination of a large population of low income residents, and a large population of minority residents. There is a very large number of young people due to the two major colleges also. Having a lot of guns in the community is a factor also.

  5. Scum bag politicians close down anything fun to do. What do they expect kids to do besides join gangs.

    This was planned to happen this way. Mayor Gillum knows the only way he can win is to cause violence then blame it on white people.

    1. not the ones who work their way thru college. My daughter just graduated with ZERO debt. She worked full time thru out and also juggled a couple of part time jobs. Not easy but she did it, as did I back in the 70s. Not only do you have no debt, but usually you graduate already having a job.

  6. What do either of your comments have to do with criminal activity.
    Tax, came up with City employees being at the bottom of the pay scale?

    WTF, you commit violent clime because your at the bottom of a pay scale!

    Don’t think your getting off News Maven!
    What does capitalism have to do with violent crime?

    How about know what right and wrong!
    Don’t brake the law!
    Get a job and work hard!
    Be realistic if your skill set and what that will pay!
    Stop trying to keep up with the Jones and live within your means!
    If you lake skill that will put you into a higher income bracket, go get the training?
    You have the right to life, liberty and the persuite of happiness! It’s not a hand out!

    If you just keep giving things to people they don’t or will not appreciate it, because they didn’t earn it!

    I’m out!

  7. Or perhaps it’s because residents see the crony capitalism that’s been coming from City Hall for quite a while, and expect their piece of the pie too?

    Hello, Ethics Board…HELLO!?

  8. Perhaps it is because as the state capital, it employees many residents and they are pretty close to the bottom of the states’ pay scales.

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