Mayor Andrew Gillum Says Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal was Fake…..Like His

Mayor Andrew Gillum Says Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal was Fake…..Like His

It wasn’t a political foe or a journalist that compared Andrew Gillum’s email troubles with Hillary Clinton’s famous problems – it was Andrew Gillum.

When discussing his well documented email software problems at the Capital Tiger Bay luncheon today, Mayor Andrew Gillum stated:

“I think people have been fooled once by a fake email issue, and they’re not going to be fooled again.”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email troubles were widely considered – by both Republicans and Democrats – to be a major reason why voters had questions about her trustworthiness.

After fielding a question from Capital Tiger Bay member Dr. Erwin Jackson about the email software, Gillum said he was not perfect and that his email issue was caused by a human error. He also said if he had it to do over again he would “absolutely” use the same email system.

He added that “I have not taken any money from the taxpayer.”

Gillum’s comments on the email issue seem to be at odds with a statement released by his campaign in late February:

“It is ultimately my responsibility that an official government email system in my office was used to send messages that were not related to government business,” he said in the statement. “It was inadvertent, but that does not make it okay. I’m sorry, and I plan to reimburse the city of Tallahassee for all expenses related to the NGP email system.”

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the email software issue.

Other takeaways from the meeting:

Gillum touted his record in Tallahassee by pointing to a recently initiated solar project and said that Tallahassee is a “thriving mid-size city” and “we’ve got a lot to be proud of.”

Referring to Governor Rick Scott and the Florida legislature, Gillum said our “political leadership has failed us.” He characterized the Florida economy as serving only the wealthy and said his first obligation as governor “is to put the economy on track to serve all of us.”

Gillum told the crowd that Democrats will not win with a “Republican-lite” candidate.

Gillum called Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam “a nice fellow” but then indicated Putnam’s votes while in Congress resulted in bankers getting rich and others getting stuck with the Great Recession.

When Dominic Calabro, President of Florida TaxWatch, asked what three things Gillum would do as governor to raise worker wages, Gillum responded by saying he would promote a radical infusion of trades into the education system, expand the use of solar energy to create high paying installer jobs, and grow the healthcare sector by expanding medicaid.

When a member of Capital Tiger Bay asked about the crime rate in Tallahassee, Gillum commented that the issue was addressed by hiring 35 more police officers and he expects the crime numbers for 2016 to be better than 2014 and 2015. He did not comment on what city commission policies or decisions may have led to the high crime rate.

13 Responses to "Mayor Andrew Gillum Says Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal was Fake…..Like His"

  1. How can his e-mail problem be fake when he has apologized and admitted human error? For the benefit of America and Florida, he needs to keep associating himself with Hillary Clinton.

  2. Mr. Gillum has a very exaggerated view of his stature and importance in the world, just as Hillary Clinton does. He is by nature a devious man, with his email scandal just one of many systemic problems that has been documented during his time as mayor. A few examples:
    1. The many suspect deals between city officials and political cronies/donors, such as the Edison restaurant, the Myers Park new housing development, etc.
    2. The many lost lawsuits revealing glaring city misconduct regarding fired employees, bungled law enforcement investigations, and others. This demonstrates a repetitive and deliberate pattern of ciity mismanagement and misconduct.
    3. The outrageous and repetitive problems of city incompetence and misconduct regarding the slow and bungled response to Hurricane Hermine (and Gillum being called out by Gov. Scott over it) and the deliberate hiding of the spilled diesel fuel at the Hopkins Generating Station. This proves either the city government is riddled with incompetence, deliberate misconduct, or both.

    If Mr. Gillum wishes to run for Governor on his record as Mayor above, please by all means do so. If you want to see how you’ll fare, Mr. Gillum, just take a look at the 2016 Presidential Election map of FL, and of the United States in general. Hillary was solidly rejected by the voters, just as you will be.
    Now that’s a comparison between you two that I actually like.

    1. Well, its been 45 minutes since Trump pulled out of that stupid anti-American Paris thing.
      Has Gillum held a presser yet to blast POTUS?

      Face it:
      Gillum has lost Tallahassee.
      So he will lose Florida.

  3. Tallahassee Democrat likes to call me a city hall critic. I view myself as an individual who simply speaks truth to self-serving politicians. I am proud to speak out and willing to deal with upset politicians. To change the mess in city hall we all must speak out and VOTE!

  4. Tallahassee has become a cesspool. Being a commercial property manager, I have the unfortunate need to deal with the city of Tallahassee regularly.
    Basically, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. You know why, bc government, at every level employes incompetent people and gov have become a welfare program. I am sick of lazy intitlement bums.

  5. It is not an e-mail scandal. Gillum purchased products using city funds for his own personal use and benefit. It is against the law and city policy. I know personally of someone who was fired for the same thing, paid it all back and it did not matter. Same as Gillum. Gillum should not be employed any longer by the city of Tallahassee but no one has the b___ enough to take the heat that will come their way with such heat being loud but unjustified.

    1. Well said. It is not an email scandal, but that is how some are trying to portray this so as to inflame D vs R sentiments.

      In the news within past months a Georgia mayor has been convicted of similar misconduct (theft) and a Georgia deputy and his wife charged with similar misconduct for stealing county gasoline for personal use. Here in Florida, an FDLE employee was fired & charged after using his position to get discounts on personal cell phones, depriving the agency of the discounts. That’s theft.

  6. No one supports bankers more than the Democratic party. Gillum is deluzinal. People are slowly waking up to the misinformation put out by the DNC. Even Slate has admitted the DNC is in huge trouble in 2018. The people aren’t buying DNC talking points anymore. The DNC is still working it but there is a major shift going on right now and the DNC is in big trouble. A lot of people are still drinking the kool-aid but in my personal conversations you can see they are slowly waking up. The only holdouts are the NPR crowd.

  7. This mayor is one of the most uninformed and uneducated public official’s that I have seen in a long time.

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