Budget Hawks Seek Feedback on City Budget Through Survey

Budget Hawks Seek Feedback on City Budget Through Survey

The Budget Hawks, a local financial watchdog group, is seeking feedback from citizens about the upcoming city budget process though a six question survey.

Citizens can review and participate in the survey here.

The City of Tallahassee is holding a budget workshop this week and one of the main questions before the elected officials is how to deal with a $4.5 million general fund deficit.

The message from the Budget Hawks is below:

The City is conducting a series of budget workshops leading up to adoption of the 2017-2018 budget.

The City will receive additional revenue next year from an increase in city property values without raising the millage rate (+$1.4 million). The City will receive reduced revenue because of a decision to abolish the business tax (-$1.04 million) and lower the millage tax in 2016 (-$1 million +/-).

However, the biggest impact on the general fund is the proposed personnel increase – a raise of 3% ($1.8 million), an increase in pension fund costs ($2.5 million), and an increase in health insurance costs ($520,000) for a total increase of $4.9 million to the general fund.

All these factors, according to City budget staff, have created a deficit of $4.5 million in the proposed budget.

At the June 14 budget workshop, City staff will ask for the City Commission’s direction going forward.

Budget Hawks requests your feedback on what direction the Commission should go -reduce spending or raise taxes.

6 Responses to "Budget Hawks Seek Feedback on City Budget Through Survey"

  1. StarMetro has a multi-million dollar budget deficit at the end of every year. The budget at the beginning of every year shows it breaking even, which is a lie. The Commission quietly changes StarMetro’s budget in the last month of every fiscal year to give them millions more than what was budgeted in the beginning of the year. StarMetro by itself is the cause of all budget problems in the city.

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