Report: Gillum Campaign “Grossly Exaggerated” the Number of Donors

Report: Gillum Campaign “Grossly Exaggerated” the Number of Donors

This past Friday the Andrew Gillum campaign for governor announced the campaign had received donations from more than 7,000 contributors.

However, a report by has found that the number is actually 5,300. reviewed the most recent campaign finance reports and verified 6,933 contributions. However, when duplicates were removed, the number of unique contributors was found to be 5,300. This is an overstatement of approximately 25%.

The Gillum campaign told that the campaign had “slightly misstated the total in our press release.”

Peter Schorsch, the owner of, said that “this is a major discrepancy for a campaign that has been dogged by criticisms of being the gang that can’t shoot straight.”

In addition, Politifact rated Gillum’s claim as “mostly false.”


5 Responses to "Report: Gillum Campaign “Grossly Exaggerated” the Number of Donors"

  1. Mr. Gillum, Soros money can only propel the mediocre so far. Ask Jon Ossof. In fact, take a cue from his campaign and have Nancy Pelosi talk you up, that seems to go over well.

  2. Wait until he starts hitting the parts of the State were the media is firmly behind Graham, and considers him a hick from the sticks (even if he does worship at the Temple of Political Correctness).

  3. Yet another reason to question his commitment to the truth. Playing loose with the truth is the same as lying.

  4. Dear Andy:
    The state media are on a different level than the local rag.
    You can’t put them in your pocket.

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