City Suspends Lunchtime Trolley Service

City Suspends Lunchtime Trolley Service

The day following a city budget workshop that revealed a $4.5 million general fund budget deficit and a vote by city commissioners not to increase property taxes, the the city cancelled the downtown lunch trolley service that was costing taxpayers $50,000 per month.

Tallahassee Reports recently published a story about the trolley costing taxpayers $18 per rider.

On June 15th, the cancellation was posted on the trolley’s face book page.

**Update on summer schedule:

Trolley fans – The Trolley is taking a summer siesta. Starting Monday, June 19, lunch service will stop, but evening service will continue on Fridays and Saturdays from 4:30 p.m. – 1 a.m

The cancellation message appears to indicate the lunch service could resume after summer. However, given the costs and the current budget situation, it will be interesting to see if the service makes it through the upcoming budget workshop process.

9 Responses to "City Suspends Lunchtime Trolley Service"

  1. The trolley service was never marketed. No one knew (easily) how it worked, was scheduled, etc. Did the taxpayers actually agree to this money pit?

    Also, because of the projected deficit, is the city even considering no pay increases for employees? It is completely perplexing that these raises are automatic every year – at upwards of 3% – while state workers have been without for almost ten years. The city really needs to reign it in and stop spending like drunken sailors.

    1. Why?
      The Powers That Be keep getting re-elected by the illiberal sheeple majority of our Blue County. There’s no fiscal governor being applied to their foolishness.
      The ONLY way this will change is to kick them out of City Hall. And that ain’t happening.

      The ethics board is a joke.
      The “newsletter of record” is beyond a joke.

      And Steve is marginalized by those he legitimately criticizes.

      1. My apologies. . .you are absolutely right. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for our service men and women.

    2. If you think the 2-3% raise City employees get now is bad, wait until they unionize. They will be getting 3% and up every year and we will be wishing it was only 2-3% a year. Actually, looking solely at this year, I would not mind a 3% raise if it kept the union away. I’m afraid the unions will give the the employees so much more of our money every year the commissioners will go up on property taxes on a regular basis.

      Steve, any idea when the vote to unionize will be finalized? Do they have a deadline or do the unions keep the idea out there until they get enough votes to unionize?

  2. If the city is willing to make about $2,000,000 in upgrades to the trolley, I would gladly make a private venture out of it…

  3. Nancy Miller said starting the trolley service was a “no brainer”. She was right, but not the way she intended. We need some changes in City Hall.

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