City Staff Proposes Cut to “Honor Flight Tallahassee” Donation

City Staff Proposes Cut to “Honor Flight Tallahassee” Donation

The staff at the City of Tallahassee has proposed to city commissioners that the $10,000 donation made to Honor Flight Tallahassee in 2017 not be included in the 2018 budget. This cut comes as staff recommends other groups like the Capital City Chamber ($9,700) and the Village Square ($20,000) remain funded at 2017 levels.

TR was told by representatives of Honor Flight Tallahassee that they would ask for the donation be included in the city’s 2018 budget.

According to their website, the mission of Honor Flight Tallahassee is to transport North Florida and South Georgia veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

Listed below is the proposed 2018 city funding for outside agencies.


24 Responses to "City Staff Proposes Cut to “Honor Flight Tallahassee” Donation"

  1. “…the downtown lunch trolley service that was costing taxpayers $50,000 per month.”

    Priorities people. It is what is important for those in City Hall. Not you common folk.

  2. What!!! The City is giving 60k to the Civic Center (I mean FSU) and not the veterans. Seriously!!! They could take the money away from Village Square that is just their friends.

  3. Zero funding also for Legal Services of North Florida? That helps people who don’t have the resources for legal assistance. Domestic violence etc. Let’s cut the Keep Tally Leon beautiful 5 or 10K and the Historic Preservation 10 or 15K and give to Honor Flight and Legal Services.

  4. Honor flight, as fine as it is, should be funded by private donation. It should NOT be funded by tax proceeds. I can easily think of 25 other critical life saving efforts that could be listed but are not.

  5. Amen! Suppose they cut Village Square and give half, $10,000, to the men and women who provided that freedom to have civic and political debate!

  6. The Staff at the City of Tallahassee are a total embarrassment!!! How dare you suggest not funding the very Veterans that sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom that we enjoy everyday! They should never have to ask for funding! $10,000.00 is a mere drop in the bucket for what this City “hides” (yes…hides) and wastes each and everyday!! You all should be fired!! Do you even know what the Honor Flight is all about?? Obviously NOT!! Have you ever watched our men and women returning at the airport and the glow on their faces? Obviously NOT!! You people are heartless and disgusting! How dare you show such disrespect! If you do not provide funding I will personnally expose this disrespect to CNN and all news and social media available!!

    1. Well said Samdi! The Honor Flight is a tremendous program that rewards our war veterans for their service to our country. Honor Flight funding should be a priority not only for our city but every city in America.

      I am embarrassed that my city has elected officials that are so out of touch with reality. Why the Hell didn’t any of the commissioners speak up and demand this request be approved? They can vote to pony up $2.1 million for the Edison yet have the audacity to reject $10K from Honor Flight! Money is Money, categorize it however you want. This was a horrible act by the COT.

      And yes, the expressions on our veterans face when they return is priceless and tear jerking.


  7. We veterans may be getting older but, each year there are new veterans joining our ranks. Remember, we served and/or fought for the right to vote. WE DO VOTE and our votes make a difference. Support Honor Flight. $10,000 is a small price to pay to support those of us who protected your city and your right to serve us.

  8. Eliminate a couple senior administrators and a couple lobbying contracts and you could almost balance the budget!

  9. Kentucky Town Elects Dog as Mayor for Fourth Time

    If only the citizens of Tallahassee were this smart

  10. What a shameful group of ungrateful people. Refusing to stand for those who stood and fought for you, just shameful! This will be remembered and publicised when election time comes around!

  11. What a bunch of petty and ungrateful people. Remember things like this when elections come around. That is your voice.

  12. If you delete Honor Flight funding, then delete all the other listed outside agencies’ funding. COT needs to look at internal wasteful spending…I know. I like saving animals too. But really, St Francis Wildlife is more worthy than Honor Flight military veterans. They get $30K. Honor Flight $0. Too bad for me I can’t vote in City elections.

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