Gordos Moving From Market Square Shopping Center

Gordos Moving From Market Square Shopping Center

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Gordos Cuban Cuisine will be moving from their current location in the Market Square Shopping Center.

However, the good news for their loyal clientele is the restaurant will remain in the Market District. The new location will be on Maclay Blvd. in the “Cornerstone at Market Street” retail center.

The owner of Gordos, Eddie Agramonte, told TR that “the uncertainty with the new landlord for the last two years has resulted in the move.”  Mr. Agramonte also owns a Gordos on Pensacola Street.

Gordos has been located in Market Square since 2012. However, the shopping center which was sold a couple of years ago to an out of town corporation, has struggled to keep tenants because of the uncertainty of future development plans. A number of businesses have previously relocated.

Agramonte said “we have had a good run at this location and I am happy we can relocate nearby.”

Agramonte told TR that the move is scheduled to take place in September. The new location will be a little larger than their current home and will feature an outdoor deck.


Also, the new location should eventually benefit from the City’s Market District Action Plan.

The Action Plan’s central focus is to redevelop the northeast corner of Maclay Commerce Blvd. and Maclay Blvd., which was once home to a stormwater pond.

The project, when completed, will feature public amenities that could include a park and space for a farmer’s market, which has been a popular attraction for many people in the Market Square Shopping Center.

8 Responses to "Gordos Moving From Market Square Shopping Center"

  1. I love Gordos – it is probably some of my favorite food in Tallahassee, but I sure wish it did not take an hour to get a sandwich and fries.

    Maybe the new location will speed things up a bit 🙂

    1. I’ve never had a long wait for food/beverages at the current Market Square location – the Pensacola St. location is another story. I hope they keep the same character their booths currently have – always puts a smile on my face! I wish them the best at their new location; but as “John” said, I too am worried about the parking situation.

  2. I am just glad they are not moving to the moon…because we would had flown to the moon for some Gordon sauce!!!

  3. Wonder what the parking situation will be? My recollection is that that location is a tight fit parking wise..

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