Gillum Loses Control of Gubernatorial Campaign

Gillum Loses Control of Gubernatorial Campaign

Almost immediately after Adam Smith, the political editor of the Tampa Bay Times, wrote on June 16, 2017 that Mayor Andrew Gillum was the Democratic party’s front-runner in the race for governor, this lofty assessment came crashing down.

Days after Mr. Smith’s column, Peter Schorsch, an influential state political blogger, wrote that Smith’s “claim is made without regard to any polling numbers and with, as the story notes, a series of out-of-the-gate problems; a “Mostly False” PolitiFact finding, an email scandal, an open criminal investigation and elections complaints.”

On June 22, 2017, after federal subpoenas were delivered to the city of Tallahassee, Matt Dixon of Politico, reported that a Democratic consultant supporting Gillum’s campaign said “unfortunately, I think he has to drop out.”

And on June 25, 2017 Mr. Smith – one week after declaring Gillum the front-runner – chose Gillum as the “loser of the week” in a political column based on the FBI investigation.

This was followed by the resignation of Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign manager Phillip Thompson and deputy campaign manager and finance director Brice Barnes.

Kristen Clark, with the The Tampa Bay Times, reported that it‘s “not uncommon for political campaigns to shake up their staff from time to time, but the simultaneous loss of Thompson and Barnes — who was in charge of raising money for the campaign — is striking and comes at a critical juncture.”

In addition, as of June 30th, reports provided online by Forward Florida – Gillum’s PAC – shows the group has raised $25,000 since April 30, 2017 and spent over $160,000 during the same period.

The original working plan proffered by political pundits was that Gillum – based on his progressive appeal and early fundraising prowess – could make a good showing in the primary and if he could not catch lightening in a bottle, then he would at least be on the short list for lieutenant governor.

However, what seemed plausible 8-10 weeks ago now appears to be unobtainable.

One political consultant told TR, “for a few months Gillum controlled the campaign narrative and dominated news cycles. Those days are gone. The next six months will be dominated by things that are largely out of his control and will ultimately determine his fate.”

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  1. Mr thompson. Please. Contact richard paul dembinsky. 386. 788 3885. Or. 386. 324 3646. Thsnks democrat for. Governor

  2. I see the Trump haters are here. They can not see the damage Obama did or Obama jr. -Gillum. They are anti-God, anti-capitalism. They want to let enemy “immigrants” come here on your money. Obama, Hillary and Gillum are idiots that never worked in the private sector.

  3. Adam Smith, who wrote the column indicating Gillum was the front runner, must have been eating george soros soup ($$$).

  4. Im black and wont be voting for black for the sake of it. Jesus im independent and non party affiliated. I use my brain to think not my skin!

    1. Glad to hear this but you are a very small minority within the black community atleast here in Tally. Numbers do not lie. Admittedly, I naively once thought that most blacks were like you, but even if its not in their best interests, they will vote with their skin color. Hence the reason for Gillum and Marks…don’t even get me started on how they do/did not help the black community….deferred comp, highest crime rate, lowest employment rate, fire service fees…on and on…sighhhh!

  5. I am shocked that any of you people even know how to read. When is the last time you washed your pointy white hats?

    1. Ah, yes, the tried and true Obama-approved retort to all situations with which a “liberal” disagrees — the ad hominem accusation of racism.

      Well done!

    2. Oh, let’s just admit the truth shall we. I’ve literally heard local people of color admit openly that they will always vote for a black-democratic candidate no matter how awful they may appear. Not saying all blacks feel this way, but most I’d say do. So go ahead with the racism comments. Same old song and dance, I say.

  6. One bright burning flare after another.
    Each without substance, but with the potential to burn and harm.
    The final flare is a dud.
    The empty, charred cardboard tube is dropped and forgotten.

    1. Very poetic statement about the mayor, I think. He’s the burned out flare you’re talking about, right?

  7. I fear I must largely agree with Vernon’s prediction (no disrespect intended, Vernon): An embarrassed Gillum may try to salvage his ego and moribund political career by again running for Tallahassee Mayor, and the blindly liberal (is there any other kind?) nutcases in this city will happily vote him back in office. Multiple scandals and FBI investigations ? – mere badges of honor in their world! Look at Hillary – her history of scandals and wrongdoing makes Gillum look like an Honor Scout by comparison, and the liberals idolize her, in an almost religious sense.

    So we may be stuck with Gillum, in an even more entrenched and scandal-ridden way.
    BUT – Hopefully enough evidence from those FBI investigations will surface to prevent this sad outcome from happening, and someone with actual morals and solid professional experience (specifically that means NOT any member of the past/present corrupt city Mayors, Commission, staff, or their cronies) will run and be voted as Tallahassee’s Mayor. We need that now more than ever.

    I’m still waiting for Gillum to blame his situation on Russian interference.

    1. Not to mention a welcome mat for unvetted Muslim immigrants for us to support. Maybe Sharia law and Muslim Only areas in town.

  8. I’m thinking about running for Mayor, I have several friends who lack funds and experience but would like to open a restaurant and I’d live to build a 7 I mean 2.5 million dollar pedestrian bridge across Thomasville Road. Plus I feel I have the ability to spend six times more than I make.

  9. He is a crook and a Socilsdist anti Christian Socalist; who is funded by Soros and The People for the American Way– very dangerous ?

      1. You’ve got to be seriously joking. Based on what? THE MEDIA?? I don’t know what’s funnier, your comment or the media who try and spawn that narrative. Whatever, sheep.

    1. OK, well you seem like an intelligent person who has valid opinions… Maybe try proofreading next time.

  10. If he cant move on to higher office the dems in Tally would vote him to be the mayor til the cows come home,
    FBI investigation or not…so we may be stuck with him to infinity…and I can’t even imagine the creative ways him and his group of insiders will try to fleece Tally taxpayers, if he becomes “all in” for the mayors job.

  11. The Graham war machine is cranking up behind ghe scenes and it is clear that the media is backing Graham.

    1. He likely will go away from the Governors race very soon.
      Most likely he is right now frantically working with the attorneys within the crime family (known around here as “the usual suspects”) to try and spend down all his Governors campaign funds ASAP by using legit looking contracts with trusted members of the “usual suspects” for bogus unneeded and mostly un-performed services in exchange for kick backs.
      However he will likely remain in local politics in some form or another. Getting him to actually go away to the point where he no longer annoys people with common sense will make pulling a tick off a bobcat’s butt seem like easy work.

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