City of Tallahassee Fires 38 Workers

City of Tallahassee Fires 38 Workers

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the City of Tallahassee has terminated 38 city workers.

Less than 24 hours after a budget workshop where city officials told the city commissioners that “approximately 47 positions will be reduced through existing vacancies, retirements, and in certain cases, layoffs”,  38 city workers were told they would be terminated. Based on these numbers, layoffs make up 80% of the reduction.

The City of Tallahassee was facing an approximate $4.5 million budget deficit for FY 2018.

Documents provided to TR show that of the 38 workers terminated, 8 were women and 30 were men. Also, 23 were white and 15 were black.

The documents provided to can be seen here.

The report will be updated as more information becomes available.

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  1. Like the 1st post, I’m amazed at the pay scale(s). Maybe I’ve lost track of the prevailing wages in the area, but there are five (5) Administrative Assistant positions in the list that were making at or over $50k per year. No wonder my small business has trouble getting help. I can’t compete with the City pay rates.

  2. So, was Mr. Eddie Kring, the city employee that was brought over from The Edison by some sort of crooked deal – was he one of the ones that was let go? Or was his job so important to the city that he can’t be done without? Or maybe it has to do with that dangerous liaison between Mr. Adam Corey and our illustrious mayor and Mr. Fernandez.

  3. So they don’t need a Director of Public Works? Or a top environmental person? Those are kind of important in my book.

    I guess after blowing all of our money on Gaines St, Cascades, and FAMU Way, we dont have any money left to build new roads so we don’t need a public works director.

    1. Not just any attorney, an obama appointed attorney and the Tallahassee Democrat has been gushing over her for years.

  4. The 2016 firings, I think happened at the end of 2015 when Rick took over. But don’t forget all those that were quietly moved to other positions and then pushed (or fired) out… Dee, Michelle, Heath, Delores, Ivan, etc.

    It just boggles the brain that they laid them off yet are still actively hiring multiple positions (many not included on their opening positions link)

  5. Looks like a law suit based on age discrimination. Twenty one of 38 are over 55 years of age. Another eight are between 50 and 54. So 29 of 39 fired employees are over 50 years of age.

    1. You can count on that. Some have visited me and I have assisted in acquiring legal representation. Reductions should begin at the top -not the bottom! Let’s see how many employees who were fired had filed complaints about the city ?

  6. I wonder if those 2 assistant City Managers that got a $40,000 a year raise from Mr Fernandez feel a little guilty? But I have to wonder…If they chose to make up 80% of the shortfall by getting rid of 47 positions, were those employees really needed? Maybe some of them were, but this kinda shows where their priorities are.

  7. Any of the six-figure types with double-digit raises get canned?

    Thought so.

    The easiest job in the world:
    Oppo researcher for the Graham campaign.

    1. You can count on that. Some have visited me and I have assisted in acquiring legal representation. Reductions should begin at the top -not the bottom! Let’s see how many employees who were fired had filed complaints about the city ?

      1. Erwin,
        I admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, could you maybe explain to me how vacant positions save money?
        I kind of understand it the position were filled there would be expenses incurred, but if it is vacant how does closing that position bring about real savings to help with the 4.7 million dollar shortfall.

  8. FINALLY! I’m learning about the real Tallahassee.

    But I want to go to The Edison. What is the issue with that place?

    1. Go…before it closes! LOL. Seriously, The Edison was financed in large part with taxpayer money. One of the partners was Mayor Andrew Gillum’s campaign treasurer – he has also been the focus of many questions and dealings and, perhaps, the FBI has interest as well. I had restaurateurs look at the business plan The Edison owners submitted to get their sweetheart deal with the City and all said the projections were not remotely realistic. The goals could never be achieved, but because of insider connections – they got taxpayer funding. Eventually, desperate ownership brought in a seasoned pro to help get things on track and he left very, very quickly. Fast-forward through the life of The Edison, the turnover, the controversy, the hidden “investors,” etc. and you see why many will never darken the doors of the place. It was a mistake from the beginning.

  9. The price of The Edison = 38 city employees

    COT has plenty of money if the mayor and commission chose to manage it ethically.

  10. It amazes me how many city employees make more than state agency heads who are responsible for statewide programs and thousands of employees and budgets of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.

    Time for the city to pay the geographical prevailing wage!

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