Commissioner Dozier Disputes Appraisal Value of Home, But Lists Appraisal Value on Financial Disclosure Form

Commissioner Dozier Disputes Appraisal Value of Home, But Lists Appraisal Value on Financial Disclosure Form

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier, after purchasing a home for $188,600 in 2015 from a CRA developer, listed the “fair market” value of the home as $280,000 on her 2015 financial disclosure form.

The directions for completing the Form 6 states that “real property may be valued at its market value for tax purposes, unless a more accurate appraisal of its fair market value is available.”

In a report published by TR on July 31st, Dozier questioned the accuracy of the $280,000 appraisal completed in May of 2014 of a home she purchased for 188,600 in February 2015. The property seller was J.T. Burnette.

Three months before the purchase, Dozier, with other members of the CRA, voted to award $682,000 in grant funds to a business owned by Burnette.

The image of the 2015 financial disclosure form is shown below. The full report can be viewed here.



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  1. An ethical person would make an honest and determined effort to avoid ANY potential conflict of interest or even the appearance of it.
    You can blather all sorts of word and semantic gymnastics to justify unethical or appearing-unethical actions (we see that every day in Washington), but again, an ethical person wouldn’t be in that position.

  2. nah. KD is too smug for that. She’ll find some excuse – but the evidence is on the form. She knew what she was doing.

  3. Not much has changed in the fair Capital City of Tallahassee for decades other than the players when it comes to politics and business as usual. However, if you dig deep enough and far back enough, you will see much of the crony capitalism comes from the families of the local politicians – the current folks are connected to the old guard by birth or marriage or both. What has changed is the level of arrogance with our current puppet masters.
    In the ’60’s and ’70’s Tallahassee was a much sleepier town. It was no secret as to who really ran the town and community. The economy was good and there was much more compassion in the community for those less fortunate. But now the level of greed and unethical behavior by the elected officials is mind blowing. I hope they all get their just desserts. And if the voters don’t wake up & start paying attention to these crooks, this entire community will suffer even more.

    1. Crony capitalism, especially that of “old money,” is one issue that is nonpartisan. Same thing happening in this city is rampant throughout the state and in state government.

  4. I wondered why she was complacent, arrogant, and incompetent to the health and safety needs for this county. She did nothing when the Joint Dispatch was inoperable except to write a ‘MY View’ in the Tallahassee Democrat stating all was well misleading citizens on the state of their public safety (and Gabordi never questioning it). Waste Pro is out of control with mis-management, fines, penalties and complaints. Crime is out of control. I thought perhaps there was solely a lack for humanity, but she spends her time enriching her family with her votes to steer funding to them. She is in way over her head and with her sidekicks Lindley, Proctor, and Maddox just as incompetent. It is no surprise here the current state of affairs in this county. This is a Gary Yordon client and he promotes PR — not experience, leadership, and humanity. Now they will all party it up at the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Buffalo Pool Party in Amelia Island, drinking, etc…on our dime, laughing at us all. Lock her up!

  5. You know I wouldn’t care about all this corruption if the local government was competent and my taxes weren’t being wasted.

    Being as they are, I care.

  6. The Tallahassee swamp is real. More and more proof every day. Who drains this swamp? The FBI? It seems as no other local person or entity has the will to even try.

    1. The people are the ones who should be draining the “swamp.” However, Tallahassee, even though getting bigger and bigger, still has small community ties. Facts are go down the list and there would be several ties to different businesses in the community. These people in political positions should know, or at least investigate, if there are possibly any ties before they make a vote. If so, abstain and do not vote on the position before the commission. At least you could defend yourself and say you abstained. But, are you all that arrogant and high and mighty that you proclaim your will over the position and will of the people you were charged to represent? You should have your proverbial @$$ whipped.

        1. Ethics, schmethics.
          If 4 of the candidates for mayor of Detroit are convicted felons (I did NOT make that up) our commisars are pikers, by comparison.

        2. Ethics. Mr. Curious, that’s cute.

          Ethics in Tallahassee, government town, town of CYA & look the other way by employees everywhere.

          Tallahasseans just elect what they see every day at work, that’s all.

  7. If the home transaction wasn’t bad enough, look at the others. If I’m reading that FD Form right, she’s upside down on the rental and her used car. And still owes $32K for college loans.

    For someone making $75K/year, I find that puzzling.

    It makes me wonder:
    If she’s that bad at handling her own debt, how did she get a job handling our debt?

      1. She may not have all her assets listed. It’s real easy to hide all the unseen benefts and cash our public officials manage to gather. Also, any PAC money isn’t “technically” hers.

  8. And don’t forget, Kristin is daughter to Laurie Dozier, President and CEO of Mad Dog construction. Mad Dog has been involved in numerous city/county based projects.
    Would be curious as to any further connection TR can discover between Mad Dog and the CRA.

    1. The Gateway Project at Monroe and Tennessee which housed the former Walgreens receives CRA money every year. The developer is JT Burnette. the construction company was Mad Dog. Guess who voted for this CRA investment?

  9. It says she purchased the property for 188,600, but on the financial disclosure it shows a (private)mortgage for 208,196. Did she finance the new roof in the mortgage?

  10. If the house is a dump with an old and leaky asbestos roof, it’s not unusual for a seller to replace, isn’t it? Or to take the cost of roof replacement off the sale price?

    1. Daisy…do not lose site of the fact a sitting Commissioner who voted in favor of a ridiculous benefit of tax dollars for JT just months earlier bought a home from him. I could not care less about price, etc. There were hundreds of other homes – you do not buy from someone who routinely does business which are voted on by you. The appearance of impropriety is inescapable regardless. Lastly, claiming the appraisal is inflated then claiming that same inflated value is absurd. You either got preferential treatment or your appraisal was wrong.

      1. Preston, you dance around words. There is no “appearance of impropriety”, there is clear impropriety, collusion, and bribery here to the tune of just under $100,000. A criminal investigation should be started immediately.

      2. Preston, respectfully, you dance around words. There is no “appearance of impropriety”, there is clear impropriety, collusion, and bribery here to the tune of just under $100,000. A criminal investigation should be started immediately.

        btw, not a peep from the mullet wrapper or any other news outlet.

        1. DavidB…Thanks for replying. However, you do not KNOW that to be the case. If you do, you are a material witness and should not be posting. LOL..It looks like it may be, but we, and you, do not know. Only time, an investigation, and a potential trial can tell us for certain. However, I chose to focus on what we all do know. It is wrong. As for the other paper…no surprise, right?

    2. I believe you’re correct, that a replacement or price concession would occur. Regarding the amount listed on the financial disclosure, there would be objection either way – if the purchase price was listed rather than the appraised amount, there’d be barking about an understatement. A no-win.

  11. Straight from Zillow: 510 Terrace St. Sold: $188,600
    Sold on 02/19/15
    Zestimate® (Current estimated value): $254,226

    1. Adding some ‘gasoline’…In 2008, two years prior to Dozier becoming a County Commissioner,the Taxable assessed value of her home on Whetherbine way was $102,000. In 2010, when she became a commissioner,it was assessed at $90,000 and progressed downward steadily until 2015 when it was assessed at $70,222. She moved in 2016,lost the homestead exemptions and it was then assessed at $76,000.

  12. In addition to a special sales price I hear JT also bought Kristen a new roof. Kristen please tell the public this is not true! But remember the ethical violation was that the purchase price and new roof were offered to only one person – YOU! That was unethical.

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