Gillum Spends $25K in Campaign Funds on Legal Services for Email Controversey

Gillum Spends $25K in Campaign Funds on Legal Services for Email Controversey

Florida Politics is reporting that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has spent approximately $25,000 on legal services tied to his use of city owned software to send out political emails.

Tallahassee Reports, after obtaining information through a public records request, was the first to report about Gillum’s use of the NGP VAN software for political purposes.

About $2,100 of the expenditure came from the Gillum campaign, with the remaining money being paid out through his political committee, “Florida Forward.”

The legal services were provided by Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler located in Tallahassee.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office recently completed an investigation and turned over the information to the State Attorney Jack Campbell who has not made any public announcements about the investigation.

15 Responses to "Gillum Spends $25K in Campaign Funds on Legal Services for Email Controversey"

  1. Haha laugh all u wont but the taxpayers have paid ove 10 million so far on Scotts BS come on….thats hipacrite at its finest

  2. Rick Scott and Pam Bloody has been charging the taxpayers millons of dollars for 7 yrs on defending there stupid laws on drug testing and gay weddings and WE PAY FOR IT….why are u so hipacrites

    1. Give me a break. You call that hypocritical? Your comment is the only joke here. Gov. Scott and AG Bondi try and defend our state laws and you want to say hypocrite? Get serious

  3. I would think expending campaign funds for legal expenses would be a campaign violation. It appears that Gillum – with intent – stole almost $5,000 of taxpayers money to boost his personal political campaign. The amount he stole from taxpayers qualifies as a felony amount. I suspect the documents from the LCSO investigation only verifies such and perhaps implicates additional accomplices. I don’t see how the legal system can ignore this unless there are two standards, in the legal system, in this county.

  4. Our City Government has gone to the dogs. Our “furry friends” get more kudos when they visit the Chambers than our city commissioners get. Our commissioners are a real joke.

  5. And I don’t believe the ‘Mayor’ has given up his People for the American Way salary. He owns a home in Northampton with a value of $425K (+-) and has a Mayor’s salary of $75,000.

    1. As an add on, the ‘Mayor’s’ 2016 Financial Disclosure form says this Northhampton home was homesteaded but the tax collector’s records show the last time the home was homesteaded was 2014.

  6. It is amazing now there is a problem. I mean really! Why is that when certain people are laid off or fired; now everyone wants to talk? When it was time to vote, you had a chance to change; but no most of the people, are looking for favors and hook-ups. I grow an era, where you cared for neighbor and now it is every man for themselves. It has been long overdue for an overhaul through all the City’s departments. When was the last time an audit was done? Not contracted by their friends. Think about how many laid offs with high dollar salaries; so where was the money distributed. Because after the laid off, City turn around gave salaries as bonuses. Did not realize City had commission making money jobs. Bonus that were given, actually other people salary. Mayor and City Manager, they really make one hell of a team (Joker and Penguin). I have never noticed so many position moved from departments to departments; yet there’s still no money. City’s transportation system is a joke! OSHA needs to shut them down! Busses nasty with roaches, making us patrons use the Pot a Potty, because to sorry to pay people to clean and secure the plaza. Hiring drivers with backgrounds, system looks like taxicab and labor ready people. Yet, the Mayor allow the City Manager Rick Fernandez to tear this down. They have this man name Terry Lowe, who wants to be Master and still have a slave mentality and threat people such as. That is the good ole boys, again at what point have not anyone realize. Water department, utility; you had a person making 28,000 and everyone else was making over a 100,000 in that department and again nothing was wrong with that. What is the real purpose of this FBI investigation, to stop a person for running for Governor, or fix what is broken? You are not realizing how many people lives are being affected here, because you are trying to hide dirt and silence people. What happen to Tallahassee?

    1. I am hopeful that the FBI will revisit ex mayor John Marks and city lobbyists Sean Pittman’s activities in creating an $86,000 payment to Marks from city contractor ADE!

  7. If Andrew Gillum has already spent $25,000 to defend his spending taxpayer money on campaign items how much cash will he need to defend himself against information the FBI has on him! It will drain his campaign account!

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