Erwin Jackson Files Elections Complaint Over Maddox Campaign Reports

Erwin Jackson Files Elections Complaint Over Maddox Campaign Reports

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Dr. Erwin Jackson has filed a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission over campaign finance reporting errors made by City Commissioner Scott Maddox during the last election cycle.

The Tallahassee Democrat recently reported that $131,259 of Maddox campaign funds were unaccounted for in campaign finance reports for more than a year.

It was also noted that Maddox’s campaign account for the his Senate run inn 2020 showed a negative balance for his contributions. Florida election law does not allow candidates to spend more than what is in their campaign account.

Maddox stated the problems were clerical errors. He told the Tallahassee Democrat that “as soon as I was informed of this error, we took steps to make
corrective action.”

Jackson told TR that “unfortunately Scott Maddox believes he is exempt from following the laws of the State of Florida. Election records show he has violated 13 provisions of the Florida Election Code.”

Jackson’s complaint claims Maddox’s campaign finance reports demonstrate that he violated many provisions of the Florida Election Code.

The complaint alleges numerous violations that include the failure to file regular reports for his Senate account from June 2016–July 2017, spending campaign funds with insufficient funds, and falsely reporting or deliberately failing to include information required by Chapter 106.

The complaint alleges that Maddox’s actions were willful.  From the complaint:

Maddox is a perennial candidate for elective office in Florida. He has been involved in elective politics his entire adult life—running for office for the first time in 1990 while still in college….He is thus intimately familiar with the campaign finance reporting requirements of the Florida Election Code.

But even if Maddox could claim ignorance of his general legal responsibilities, the Leon County Supervisor of Elections sent him a certified letter and called him on the phone putting him on notice that he was in violation of the law in September 2016; however, Maddox did nothing for almost a year.

The complaint also seeks an investigation to determine if the $131,259 was actually in the campaign bank account while the reports were not being filed with the elections office.

Jackson said “I am most concerned about the $131,259 that has been missing from the public record. Where has this money been for over a year? Has Scott used this money, or transferred funds from this trust account?”

With regards to penalties, the Florida Elections Commission website states,  “An election law violation is a civil, not a criminal, matter. The Commission may impose a civil fine if the Commission finds that a violation has occurred, but the Commission has no authority to arrest someone or send someone to jail or prison. However, there are criminal violations within the Florida Election Code that may be prosecuted by a state attorney.”

Jackson also filed a complaint against Maddox’s designated campaign treasurer, Christy Cameron.

15 Responses to "Erwin Jackson Files Elections Complaint Over Maddox Campaign Reports"

  1. Wow – a lot going on in Tallahassee right now and the greater surrounding area. Has anyone heard about the corrupt dealings going on in Gadsden County right now with there Board of Commissioners?

  2. “I don’t want to say mean things about Maddox. It just seems like his campaign has been seriously put in question, regardless of whether or not the reports were accurate,” – Former State Attorney Harry Shorstein, 2005

    It seems like trouble follows his accounting at the state level. Locally, not so much. I would expect a “no-go” on the Senate run and about-face to run for Mayor again. Any takers?

  3. In the Tallahassee Democrat article by Jeff Burlew he sways it pro Maddox as a clerical error. This is an example of a reporter journalist being biased and acting more like a PR rep for the Usual Suspects – now Criminal Suspects – than being an unbiased reporter.

    Surely the TD should be concerned when there are previous histories of Maddox’s gross mis-management of finances – The Democratic Party of Florida – for one example was a huge financial mismanagement by Maddox that involved the state and federal levels. Well, here we are again deja vu.

    I was hoping Burlew’s biased reporting would be checked at the door with new TD management in place, but apparently not.

    Perhaps, Maddox (mis)used his campaign monies to gamble away on his Las Vegas junket.

  4. Dr. Jackson, Tallahassee owes you many sincere thanks for continuing your long struggle to expose corruption and unethical actions by our elected officials.
    Although the wheels of Justice have turned way to slowly in the past decade or so, perhaps your dogged efforts may finally be rewarded via the FBI and our elected officials own arrogance in barely disguising their corrupt dealings at this point. As my father always said “Give a fool enough rope, and sooner or later they’ll hang themselves.”

  5. Of course if your wrong your just throwing a wrench into the works of a man that has been dedicated to helping his neighborors for so many years! I appreciate your service!

    1. Larry, are you serious? Which neighbors? The ones he, his wife, and kids lived near in the county? There is not one person who believes he, until very recently, lived in the city. In fact, everyone from law enforcement to delivery people know where he lived. His kids’ friends knew where he lived. And that is just one of many, many issues. He was not eligible to serve. Scott could have been a very effective Commissioner. But, his constant conflicts of interest, self-interests, etc. have negated much, if not all, of his positive impact.

  6. Eventually elected officials will get the message that the citizens of Florida and not turning a blind eye to their dirty deeds. Neither are we unaware of what is going on, thanks to you Erwin. But when it becomes so blatantly obvious that they no longer respect the offices they have illicitly attained, it is time to break it off. Thanks again Erwin for bird dogging the effort to clean up our city. Perhaps it will all work out in the end. There is after all the full weight and office of the State Attorney whose sworn to uphold and protect the people of Florida and with little more effort than watching the news or attending a city commission meeting some action may actually come from it. You think?

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