Mayor Gillum’s City Calendar Blank on Day of Trip To Tampa

Mayor Gillum’s City Calendar Blank on Day of Trip To Tampa

Mayor Andrew Gillum’s office released a statement that said Gillum’s trip on a private plane to Tampa included city business. Gillum’s city calendar does not support the statement.

On August 10th, 2017 Tallahassee Reports broke a story about Mayor Andrew Gillum taking a trip on a private plane owned by a developer with city lobbyist Adam Corey and his Chief of Staff Dustin Daniels.

On August 18th, 2017 the Tallahasssee Democrat reported that Gillum was in Tampa on city business. The Mayor’s office reported that Gillum was there to learn about some of the work the developer was doing to advance wrap-around social services in schools and housing developments.

However, TR has confirmed that Gillum’s city calendar on the day of the flight, February 12th, 2016, is blank. There is no reference to city business. An image of Gillum’s calendar obtained by TR several months ago is shown below.

TR has requested any documents and emails that show the meeting in Tampa was related to any city business.



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  1. Bruce needs to be investigated… If I had a few extra $$$ I would do it myself. Can you say skeletons? Closet?

    Oh boy Bruce… your making it too easy!

  2. It is curious, need to start pulling the Kronos timesheets to see who punched in to work and where they punched it at (GPS tracked).

    Also, I think I’m alittle curious on why the Mayor was having a one on one meeting with Julie O’Keefe a couple of days earlier. Was he getting ethics training? (Insert laugh here) Actually anything ethics board related should not be coming from the Mayor in a private meeting. Especially since they are supposed to be independent of the commission. Hmmm…

  3. Mike ate a doughnut. Johnny walked across the street. Your wife congressed with an African American man. There was only one crime committed in this scenario.

  4. Obtained several months ago? And from where? This article does not seem credible. All this is is a lead, nothing more. It proves nothing and insinuates guilt.

    There’s a phrase for that, FAKE NEWS!!!

    1. Gee – “proves nothing and insinuates guilt”. Now where else have I been watching that theme play out, with someone else the target of an “investigation”?
      I guess the photo of Gillum’s calendar is “faked” also. All this article is stating is “What Tallahassee city business was conducted by Mr. Gillum on Feb 12, 2016?”
      TR has simply asked the city to provide documents and/or emails detailing exactly what Mr. Gillum’s city business on that date was. Nothing more, nothing less.

      1. I’m betting entries on that calendar date have been redacted. A couple weeks ago, we read a story in the Democrap where they had hired a First Amendment lawyer and got the COT to re-release an unredacted version of another week, for which they already had received a redacted version.

      2. This article is bad journalism and just another sign that this site is little more than a muckraker’s haven for anti-COT views.

        A good journalist doesn’t write an article based on a lead but investigates it and sees how it develops. Only then, do they write their article.

        Considering the level of negativity targeting only a few that lean toward a certain ideology and the intolerance and anger voiced by commenters, this site comes across more as hate than it does news.

    1. They’re staking out the Old Capitol, in case the antifa snowfakes show up to desecrate the memorial to Confederate soldiers.
      While our cops watch.
      Gee, wouldn’t it be easier to just wait for the email from Hizzoner?

  5. Boat and plane rides with the wealthy is just one more example of Mayor Gillum’s work ethic for us common citizens.

    Never had a real job in his life!

  6. Tallahassee Reports gets to the truth about Gillum’s trip to Tampa. When Gillum told the Democrat reporter he was in Tampa on business his statement was accepted as truthful. In contrast, the Tallahassee Reports got the facts off the mayor’s calendar. Guess what? Mayor got caught lying again. No city business schedule in Tampa. It was a political trip, with his aide, paid for with campaign money! In violation of election rules! I can see another election complaint in Gillum’s future.
    I can see my budget for legal services will have to expand in order to keep up with the growing magnitude of city corruption!

    1. Thanks for all your efforts, Dr. Jackson! I sure hope the FBI was able to talk to you about all of this corruption. Since it seems that Gillum spent a lot of time with the informant, who knows what details Gillum gave up to someone he thought was his friend.

      On a side note, the FBI is not going to tell if someone is the target of an investigation. Gillum seems to think that he is off the hook, but that may not be the case!

  7. Thank you Steve Stewart [for Mayor in the near future] and the good staff at TR !!!
    And the hits just keep coming!!!

    Let me just take a moment to twist good old Michelle O’s first time she was proud of America statement; “For the first time in a real long time I’m becoming proud again to be a citizen of Tallahassee.” Thanks again Steve and TR.

    Here’s a fictional but probable snippet of a private conversation in the chief’s office between the FBI chief and his lead agent [for entertainment purposes only]; “…and when I told the Mayor he was not under investigation the idiot believed me!!!…followed by rolling on the floor out of control laughter!!!”

    1. Gillum doesn’t know when to shut up, which is good for the feds. Maybe he will hire disgraced Tallahassee attorney Chuck Hobbs, the race baiting multi disciplined defense attorney who throws race into all else. Wow! what a bar record of screw ups and dishonesty by Hobbs, ethical and stupidity like nothing I have seen. Gillum will walk here, feds want the money behind the power. Race as always like Marks who flipped and became a witness in his case always an issue here. Gillum makes Marks look like a genius.

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