StarMetro Ridership Continues Decline with Slight Loss in 2016

StarMetro Ridership Continues Decline with Slight Loss in 2016

The latest transit performance measures for the City of Tallahassee bus system shows that StarMetro passenger trips were slightly down in 2016. Passenger trips fell from 3.732 million in 2015 to 3.701 million in 2016.

StarMetro ridership has been falling since 2011 when passenger trips came in at 4.910 million. Since 2011, passenger trips have decreased approximately 24.6%.

During this period the cost per passenger trip has increased by 51.5% from $2.62 in 2011 to $3.97 in 2016.

Starmetro data

A compilation of operating statistics for fixed-route transit systems in Florida reported that ridership was up approximately 5% from 2011 to 2015. Also during this period, expenses per trip where up 14.6% from $3.84 (2011) to $4.40 (2015).

Listed below are a complete list of measures for StarMetro from 2015 to 2016.


9 Responses to "StarMetro Ridership Continues Decline with Slight Loss in 2016"

  1. Every bus I’ve ever seen is way less than half full. What about an analysis to see which routes/times average 1-9 riders, and selling off those large buses and buy (used) smaller buses to replace them for efficiency? Smaller buses would cost less to operate. Or get some of those new autonomous small buses with the money from the buses sold. No drivers to pay.

    And why is there no bus to the airport from anywhere? Is the taxi lobby that powerful? Uber isn’t afraid of them.

  2. Hate to tell u all, but drivers don’t pay their way on roads and other public services also like police, fire, and schools. Transportation is an essential service. Without any real planning for transportation here in tallahassee, we r going to have to provide a transit system for evryone. Maybe one day we will get 10 or 15 percent modal split.

  3. It would cheaper to have Uber replace the bus system. Go to a bus stop and call Uber. Then pay a cheaper fare to go to the bus stop you want.

  4. Increase the base fare some and re-look at the routes with how many riders are being picked up at each stop with the times included. Common sense approach to STOP wasting tax payers money but the City of Tallahassee officials could care less about spending and wasting our money – seen it time and time again.

    1. James Anderson, are you suggesting that Star Metro pay its own way and that the gov’t no longer subsidize a failing business model? You heartless wretch you. {sarcasm off}

  5. Many times I have seen homeless people sleeping in the covered Star Metro bus stops throughout town. Probably not good if you are trying to promote ridership. Also it seems that the red Tallahassee trolleys are always empty. Can money be saved by eliminating that service? Folks are starting to use Uber to get around town.

  6. With unemployment so high under the Obama administration former Star metro riders were staying home collecting that endless unemployment benefit. There was no reason to get up early and ride the bus to and from work. No fancy statistical explanation needed.

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