City Commissioner Nancy Miller Concealed Latest Federal Subpoena from Public

City Commissioner Nancy Miller Concealed Latest Federal Subpoena from Public

The City of Tallahassee was served with another federal subpoena by the US District Court dated September 6th, 2017. The subpoena asked for more information related to the FBI corruption investigation.

However, even though City Commissioner Nancy Miller was made aware of the subpoena days after it arrived at city hall, the public was not informed about the latest turn in the investigation until someone leaked the information to the Tallahassee Democrat.

In a curious communications strategy, it appears City Attorney Lew Shelley decided to pick and choose which commissioners to tell about the latest subpoena.

For example, the Tallahassee Democrat reported that Shelley informed City Commissioner Nancy Miller, but not City Commissioner Curtis Richardson.

Why did Shelley choose to tell Nancy Miller about the subpoenas?

The subpoena asked the city to provide five years worth of communications from Scott Maddox as both an individual and a commissioner; any of Maddox’s aides both formal and informal and including but not limited to Allie Merzer Fleming and Paige Carter-Smith.

The request also sought communications involving Gary Yordon. Yordon has significant political and business ties to City Commissioner Nancy Miller.

Miller worked with Yordon with the TAPP program as a consultant for the City of Tallahassee before she was elected to the city commission in 2010.

A business affiliated with Yordon and Paige Carter-Smith was awarded the TAPP contract after Miller was elected to the commission.

In June of this year, Dr. Karen Rubin, the TAPP Progam Coordinator from 2012-2014, told TR that City Commissioner Nancy Miller directed city staff to take the steps needed to assure the TAPP program contract would be awarded to a business controlled by Paige Carter-Smith and affiliated with Gary Yordon.

Also, Yordon was a consultant in Miller’s 2010 campaign for city commission.

Another important question for Commissioner Miller is why did she not inform the public about the latest subpoena?

The subpoena is a public record and Commissioner Miller had the opportunity to address the issue at the latest commission meeting.

Instead, she and City Attorney Shelley remained quiet.

Furthermore, why didn’t the City of Tallahassee’s management use the Communication’s Department to inform the community about the federal subpoena?

No one at the City of Tallahassee is talking.

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  1. Wow! Y’all really do have a problem in Tallahassee! But, that is what electing liberal Democrat leadership gets you, so you deserve it. Just look at Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Midway, Gretna, and many more. I hate to say it, but you’re headed that way, Tally Town! Daily shootings, unethical officials and their friends making money off of city and county deals–it just falls right into the pattern. Heck, I sat right there in the parking lot of the Walmart next to Costco and watched Scott Maddox push a shopping cart up onto a curb rather than walk 10 yards to put it in the cart corral. Told me a lot right then what kind of person he is!!

  2. It was WRONG to not inform the public at the meeting regarding the new subpoena. The city attorney had an obligation to the public, citizens, and taxpayers to do so. But, what do you expect from an attorney who gives $100,000 to Gil Ziffer’s family that no other citizen would ever receive under the same circumstances? Each commissioner (except for Richardson) now “officially” has his own crime family with the city attorney protecting/enabling/colluding with them.

  3. She had zero obligation to inform the public. The public is informed now. Commissioners were advised in a public meeting to not discuss the subpoenas. She followed instructions.

    1. Unfortunately for Nancy she’s dirty and as such she’s in a fool’s position now of being damned if she informed the public and damned if she did not inform the public.
      Both points of view are correct for a dirty girl whose unethical behavior has rightly opened herself up for public ridicule. That’s just the way it is.
      If people like Nancy feel that’s unfair then they may want to follow proper ethical behavior from now on for the rest of their lives.
      Seriously we don’t even need an ethics board if elected officials would just follow the basic decent human behavior rules they learned in kindergarten.

    2. Hey, Daisy…why did Lew only tell some Commissioners and not all? Was it a warning to someone who may be exposed? It’s a fair question.

  4. Full disclosure: I’m a friend of Nancy Miller’s and I also worked on the TAPP program as an outreach person, mostly manning the TAPP tables at various events. I made about $1500 over several years. And I knew Karen Rubin. I think you’ll find that Attorney Shelley ran into Miller by chance as everybody was dealing with their hurricane duties and trying to take care of their own families’ safety rather than sitting in City Hall. And he told her about the subpoenas. That’s the “curious communication strategy” being employed here: a typical example of Tallahassee Reports distortion and disinformation. All Ms. Rubin’s allegations have been investigated by the Ethics Commission and found to be baseless.

      1. I obviously didn’t make myself clear. She ran into the attorney while both of them were running around like the rest of us preparing to ride out a hurricane. At that point few if any other commissioners knew. Was she supposed to go back into her office and send out some sort of notice?

        I do find it hilariously disingenuous that you Steve, who is so eager to accuse others of dishonesty, lost your Tallahassee Democrat endorsement when you last ran for office after it learned that you had not been paying your taxes.

    1. No board attorney just haphazardly tells one or two board members about something this major when they happen to run into them, hurricane or no hurricane. There was plenty of time from the 6th until the storm hit on the 11th to inform every member of the board in a coordinated and professional manner to prepare them for the press onslaught in the very least. No board member, ego or no ego, wants to hear something last, let alone get caught uninformed when the TD calls like Richardson. THIS is the “curious communication strategy” that is at issue here. Wasn’t born yesterday. Something smells here.

    2. Even worse, it looks like Richardson was still completely in the dark on the 15th when the TD posted his quote. Heck, let’s even say the 14th just for good measure. The City Commission met on the 13th! They were all in the building with Shelley, and it looks like he didn’t bother to tell them. I give up. Keep doing what you’re doing TR!

    3. Grayal Farr: You might find news you like better over at TD where corruption is tolerated along partisan lines. This TR site does what some of us think the media should do. We can’t find this type of reporting anywhere else. You’re on here too and posting for some reason. As a friend of Nancy Miller who received money from TAPP, your name might be popping up in the FBI investigation. You might actually get your chance at full disclosure.

    4. Which Ethics Commission? The Tallahassee Ethics Board has been handcuffed by the City Attorney and sabotaged by the “Ethics Officer” who was originally hired by the very people she is supposed to investigate as needed. Don’t you find just a little troubling Ms. Meadows-Keefe has consistently found nothing to look at or look into, yet the FBI is dropping subpoenas like pine straw in the fall? Grayal, denial is a normal response. Just know this – the articles in TR are based on the PUBLIC RECORD. The opinion is kept in the Op/Ed section and in the comments. We have several corrupt Commissioners and senior appointed staff. It’s coming to an end…this may end up being one of the worst cases of local corruption in our nation’s history when the investigation, indictments, and proceedings are said and done.

  5. It is perfectly understandable why Commissioner Nancy Miller and City Attorney Lew Shelley failed to inform everyone about the latest subpoena. Like a deer caught in the headlights of a two ton truck headed directly at it, realization impairs basic function.
    Miller and Shelley seem to be both on the center dot of the target, and are likely frozen into inaction. What will be exposed? So many ethical compromises; so many possible consequences; so many times certain senior legal staff provided gobblegook justifications; so many times looking the other way while silently condoning what was going on….
    Oh, yes. Frozen in the headlights…. And no sympathy from me, for sure.

  6. Regular voter: Nothing is anonymous at the City. Where do you suggest employees go? Retaliation in reporting is REAL. I went to the (now retired) auditor, I went to colleagues who had more status than I did, I went to Equity department (which is incestuously run by a director loyal to certain factions and can be the single biggest mistake an employee can make). In my case, I visited the financial crimes investigators at FDLE on my lunch hour on one occasion. I have no idea if that helped anything. In an effort to dissuade the unhappy ones of us from talking, there were records of when our cars entered and left the parking garage which were compared to how long it took us to cross the street and “badge in” at the back door. Not everyone was watched like this, just some of us (and I know my colleagues were watched like this, but I have no proof that I was). There was an almost-implemented proposal to make us “badge in” with thumbprints. That’s when I quit. But if you tell me where employees could safely go, I’ll spread the word to my friends still inside. I would submit that a few of us screamed into the wind the best we could for as long as we could.

    1. I understand your frustration from working within the system and believing that all will be protected for exercising their right to complain and file grievances at the workplace. I’m sorry that it ended badly.
      In my government experience I have seen a lot of grievance filers and complainers and none of them ever had a happy ending.
      That’s why we do need to pile on here and drive the stake thru the monster’s heart to obtain justice for all the Karen’s and others who believed the system would work for them. Rather than sadly working against them to cheat them out of a full retirement for telling the truth. Thank you for having the courage to fight the monsters and I wish you well good lady.

  7. Hey, Snydley: I’m as far left as it is possible to get, and I squander nothing, money or otherwise. It undermines your legitimate sense of outrage at the mafia-esque high-handedness to make silly side attacks like “lefties squander money.” You absolutely don’t have to pile on here: Miller and Yordan abuse power and cover it up. I’m sorry to say that isn’t partisan. I fought for good government on the inside, as hard as I could, directing the TAPP program for over three years (until I was harassed and bullied out by Miller (/Buss), Yordan, and Cynthia Barber. I’ve given a legal, sworn deposition on same. Just stick to the facts and fewer people will write you off as a right-wing nut job with an ax to grind (and I have no idea if that describes you, that’s not my point).

  8. My question is why city employees are not more active in reporting political pressure from commissioners. I fully understand their need to protect their jobs, but they could bo it anonymously. Shame on all city employees who see corruption, but do nothing.

    1. Fear of losing their jobs because anonymity lasts only so long. I know because I have received their email for years. I have had a Commissioner try to have me fired and I have been threatened with legal action by another. It’s why I have been talking about this stuff for years, even before TR existed. Now, with great investigative reporting by TR and the commitment of someone like Dr. Erwin Jackson people are being informed and citizens have a voice. It is why the ethics referendum passed by such a huge margin. But the City had protection all the way up the chain. Most of the workers downtown want to do their job. Look around – the private sector is not exactly bustling here. The City is very intentional in making it difficult for business to come here. It limites places for City workers to find jobs. The subpoenas have allowed workers to come forth which is why this thing has slowed way down. Dozens and dozens have come forward and that is why there have been new subpoenas. The light is beginning to shine.

  9. It’s Time for new leadership on the City Commission. Please check out and support my Campaign to remove Nancy Miller from OUR City Government.

  10. When the lights come on…if there are roaches in your house, they will quickly scatter…to try and find another hiding place. Anyone know a good exterminator?

  11. Well all of the “usual suspects” really have nowhere to go. Because if they stole enough taxpayer funds to start a new life in some Arabian country – where we can not extradite them from – they likely have already squandered their ill-gotten-gain on stupid things lefty liberals like to purchase.
    So we really don’t need to worry about pulling their passports or locking them up early to prevent them from fleeing the country.
    I mean it’s almost like they did not know thieving BHO is no longer president and the current administration will not put up with our “usual suspect’s” thieving ways.

    1. You my dear sir have the nerve the current President is being investigated of having ties to Russia. Former President Obama has more class than you and the current President. No wrong doing tied to President Obama. The current President is totally unfit to be President. And you sir is totally blindsided of the facts.

      1. Tom…do you best to stay on point here. Your redirection is a constant reminder of how illiberals handle things when it goes wrong. No accountability, just projection and redirection. The City (note capitalization meaning the which really means the people who run it – elected and senior leadership) is a cesspool. The FBI has been overwhelmed with people coming forward uncovering. We could well see each “leadership” Mayor the city has ever had being investigated at one time. Oh, and since you went there, and as a matter of fact the “President” is not being investigated. You are wrong. Additionally, there is not been one single piece of evidence of any crime at all. Let’s add the wasted tax dollars on this nonsensical witch hunt.

  12. Hey Killearn Estates wondering why your board of directors including former city finance director Pihillip Inglese decided not to finally remedy the lakes problem and pollution being dumped into your lakes and parks with the Department of Environmental Protection? Look no further than the people mentioned and TAPP, John Buss and Commissioners. They paid a million to prevent their responsibility to you as citizens property values and the environment. By the way what assurances or measures are they taking to protect the environment your property and values with this new golf course DEAL? None! These people have sold you down the river along with Tallahassee as a whole while claiming they care about our community and environment. Please wake up and stop listening to those paid to talk!

      1. And give me a call at the Killearn Hones Association office any time I will be glad to answer any questions you have about the Killearn Board !!

    1. Call me if you won’t to ask question, I will be glad to talk with you ! John Paul Bailey President Killearn Homes Association .

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