Ox Bottom Manor, Moore Pond Neighborhoods Launch Legal Challenge Against New Development

Ox Bottom Manor, Moore Pond Neighborhoods Launch Legal Challenge Against New Development

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the neighborhood associations for Ox Bottom Manor and Moore Pond have filed a petition to challenge the Brookside Village residential development which was recently approved by the Leon County Development Review Committee.

The Brookside Village development is a proposed 61-lot single-family detached residential subdivision on the upland portion of the 35 +/- acre parcel with environmentally sensitive areas being contained within a conservation easement. Lot sizes range from 0.14 acres to 0.42 acres, with two larger lots of 2.00 acres and 2.19 acres being proposed adjacent to Heartland Circle.

However, one of the arguments put forth by the petitioners is that the proposed density is not compatible with the bordering neighborhoods. The filing notes that the density of Brookside Village is 3.3 times higher than Ox Bottom Manor and 14 times higher than Moore Pond.

And this is where the debate begins.

The Development Review Committee (DRC) calculated the density as being more compatible with nearby neighborhoods.

The DRC concluded that “the density of the proposed development is 1.73 dwelling units per acre, which is comparable with adjacent Ox Bottom Gardens and Ox Bottom Manor, 2.13 and 1.10 dwelling units per acre, respectively. It is also within the allowable range for the Residential Preservation land use category which allows up to 6 dwelling units per acre within the category.”

However, the development is laid out in a way that the homes are all built on approximately 16 acres. The DRC calculated the density using using the fulls size of the parcel. See picture below.

The neighborhoods do not think this calculation is correct, and therefore, argue the plan is not consistent with the Leon County Comprehensive Plan.

The issue will be decided by an administrative law judge provided by the State of Florida Division of Administrative Hearings.




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  1. This is exactly the kind of monstrosity they are trying to construct on the old Tony’s Garden Patch property – Lake Hall Rd., west of Thomasville Rd. Drive back there and weep, if you care about the environment, animals etc. etc. Not only is this very incompatible with surrounding neighborhoods, it is zoned LAKE PROTECTION. They totally removed EVERY single tree on at least 10 of the acres, right down by the lake. How on earth can anyone think this is good for the lake??? They started moving dirt around MONTHS ago, but little else has been done. We’re thinking they’ve run into obstacles when the inspectors come out and realize exactly what a mess the geniuses in the govt. approved. Too late. Sorry for the rant – yes, I live in the area, and have to drive by this mess every day.

      1. Good find. (ugly buildings) This is the same guy who claimed to be run off the road / harassed as a cyclist by a TPD Officer, I think. He should be golden. When I googled him, Vince Long’s photo came up.

  2. The trend to higher density is as a result of infrastructure costs required by government. More salable units per acre the greater the chance for a profitable venture. The only problem is placement in the middle of previously subdivided areas which leads to the mess such as this one! Part of the problem is understanding how potential buyers of crammed together residences buy such places to begin with ? Who, in their right mind, wants to live 8″ (thickness of a double stud wall) away from some clown playing boom box music at 2:00 am in the morning ??? Not this party , so I vote with my feet and pocket book and avoid that problem to begin with ! Which would deter developers from planning this type of development to start with .

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