Gary Yordon Registered as Honeywell City Lobbyist

Gary Yordon Registered as Honeywell City Lobbyist

Tallahassee Reports has learned that local public relations expert, campaign consultant, and lobbyist Gary Yordon has recently registered with the City of Tallahassee to represent the interests of city vendor Honeywell.

The registration, which was filed on June 16, 2017, states that Yordon will be lobbying on energy and performance contracting issues for Honeywell.

A review of the Tallahassee online checkbook shows that Honeywell has been paid approximately $785,000 over the last 12 months for energy related contracts.

The City of Tallahassee told Tallahassee Reports that one Honeywell contract is set to expire at the end of this year and may have to be re-bid. Tallahassee Reports is also aware of another contract involving Honeywell that is currently moving through the procurement process.

Mr. Yordon’s name was included in the most recent federal subpoena served on the City of Tallahassee dealing with the investigation of public corruption.

Also, Mr. Yordon has been paid as a campaign consultant for at least three of the current city commissioners and is a current city vendor for the TAPP program.

Honeywell has been a long time vendor for the City of Tallahassee and was in the news over the controversy surrounding the smart meter program and former Mayor John Marks.

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  1. I’m not sure how newsworthy this is. Afterall, the purpose of the registration rules is to identify who represents whom. As far as all the other stuff is concerned, we’ll have to see why all the hub-bub.

  2. Let’s all remember the Honeywell contracts of everyone’s favorite Smart Meters that haunted John Marks. Need to check records, but believe Gillum voted for all those Honeywell contracts back in the day. Can’t remember, but weren’t those sole source contracts worth around 50 Million.

    Also, several years ago Gary Yordon used Big Top Productions as one of his “other” companies that got city contracts. He used a PO box but that went back to Goverance as well. Go start looking at all the contracts as well as Candidate financial disclosures. It’s a good read.

  3. in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Thats Gil Ziffer. At least he has one eye. He is by far the best mayoral candidate this city can have. Given the rest of them are a bunch of community organizers with no real marketable skills in the real world. At lest Ziffer has run a business and acts like he respects taxpayers. I would lay of him. Owning a PR business is a good thing. And he was successful before he got into politics unlike these other morons.

    1. Ziffer isn’t as clean as you think. He was originally given that commission seat by his friends, which I believe should have been an election. Have you looked at his financial disclosure forms, from when he was running for office. It looks just like everyone else’s…. Gillum, Miller, etc. Its interesting to see who donated before they started to pay attention and start covering them up. And don’t forget the money his wife got for not paying attention and “tripping” on the sidewalk. Was it about $100k of taxpayers money and then they went on a 3 week vacation to Italy. No other normal citizen would have received that. They are all corrupt.

  4. HUMANITY is lacking or does not exist at all in the political landscape in Tallahassee and Leon County. In it’s place is – public relations – so misused and swayed, so irresponsibly, that humanity has been replaced by corruption, self serving elected officials, incompetent elected officials, corrupt elected officials. Attached to them are self serving public relations agents who also act as/campaign managers/campaign treasurers/lobbyists/receivers of no bid contracts,$100,000 payout settlements to themselves, etc., undermining truth and honesty to support their own self interests. It has ultimately landed us into the #1 highest crime rate slot in the state and under FBI investigation for corruption. What more does it take to finally say enough?

    When the citizen spoke at the city meeting last night asking for police protection to be added back into the budget for a local city park facility it was the epitome of exposing the city administrator’s across the board raises to himself and all his cronies months ago, and this is where the citizens have to pay for Rick Fernandez’s raise to himself. Ironically, the city manager exclaimed he would bring back, to the commissioners, a funding source at a later date. Police protection for citizens at a local park was cut out of the budget to accommodate the city manager’s out of line pay raise to himself. This is one example of many as to how and why we are number #1 in crime IN THE STATE!

    Seconds after Gary Yordan filed his papers to lobby for Honeywell the Tallahassee Democrat should have sent out a front page breaking news alert! Rather… we get a fluff piece by Tamaryn Waters recently on all the jobs Tallahassee will see soon. We get ridiculous columns in the Tallahassee Democrat by Gary Yordon! Did Ms. Waters do due diligence and research or was she given a press release by Gill Ziffer (the day before at Ziffer’s meeting at the Tallahassee Democrat where Ziffer announced his run for mayor) to just copy and paste PR propaganda by Ziffer disguised as an article? It should be noted that Gill Ziffer and his wife own a PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM! This is not watchdog journalism it is the crossover example of journalists becoming PR reps for corrupt elected officials and their public relations agents.

  5. That department head over at Honeyhole that signed off on the “Gary For Lobbyist” deal clearly has no clue what’s going on here in Tallahassee.
    Maybe Honeyhole did not throw too much money Gary’s way.
    If not then that soon to be punished department head at Honeyhole may still be able to keep her or his job.
    Can Gary still lobby for Honeyhole from Federal prison?

    *relax everyone I know it’s Honeywell.

  6. Gary Yordon stole from the May Company and now he steals from the taxpayers. Hm, I wonder how the Democrat will spin it when one of its columnist is indicted?

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