Amid Federal Investigation of City, Former Mayor John Marks Registers as a City Lobbyist

Amid Federal Investigation of City, Former Mayor John Marks Registers as a City Lobbyist

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the law firm owned by former City of Tallahassee Mayor John Marks, Marks and Marks, LLC., has recently registered to lobby the City of Tallahassee.

The individual listed as the lobbyist on the city website is John R. Marks.

The Marks law firm is registered to represent Boodskapper LLC, a start-up technology company based in Dallas,  Texas.

From their website:

“The public sector, including cities, states, government agencies and utilities have unique needs. Boodskapper’s Artificial Intelligence Service Agent (ASA™) can provide interactive customer response wherever and whenever it is needed.”

The registration comes amid an FBI probe which includes two subpoenas seeking emails and communications associated with companies and individuals during a period that overlaps the last two years of Mayor Marks’ final term as mayor.

The subpoenas asked for communications between a number of individuals and companies and any “officer of the Tallahassee City Commission” since April 2012.

Marks final term ended in late 2014.

Also, Mayor Marks served as the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Chair while he was Mayor after April 2012. During this period Marks voted with seven other CRA members to approve funding for the Edison restaurant.

Since that vote the Edison and one of the restaurant owners, Adam Corey, has become a focus of the ongoing FBI probe.

12 Responses to "Amid Federal Investigation of City, Former Mayor John Marks Registers as a City Lobbyist"

  1. I told you a long time ago, Marks will not be touched in this investigation. He has all the info on the others. He is the parrot in the room.

  2. Also I often find myself hopefull there may be language in COT documents that spells out retirement benifits as not being a right to those who disgrace and bring dishonor to their employer.
    Yes including any deferred comp.

  3. A voice from the future:

    “I was so confident the allegations were false I confidently registered to do business with the CRA even after the FBI probe,” Marks said during testimony today.

    “Do you think I would be foolish enough to have done that if I had any knowledge of impropriety,” he added.

    He isn’t thirsty for more CRA money, he is laying the back story for his defense.

  4. John Mark is thirsty! No other game in town. You would have thought his friend, former partner (Harold knowles)demised to be a wake up call, but no! Keeping himself relevant keeps his thirst quench!

    1. Demise…what is his demise….I wasn’t aware that the alleged allegations have been found to be true…get a life and Gabriel why don’t you use your full name…what are you afraid are a real COWARD…get a job or maybe you have one and fear the repercussions..COWARD..COWARDand like many others you a jealou, envious NOBODY…

      1. Wake up smell the coffee! He will do time! Much of it! Rather be an ‘alleged COWARD’ than an ‘alleged money launder, briber, or conspiring to commit said crimes that lead to his DEMISE!

        1. Basic logic that ol’ Harold is likely singing like a choir as part of a plea deal. If he has damaging info on the Honeywell/Smart Meters or Deferred Comp schemes, he has lots of leverage.
          That’s “crystal” clear!

        2. I’ve often felt from following the timeline that Knowles in the middle Georgia investigation “sang like a canary” giving up much of the dirt that made it clear to the FBI they needed to open the Tallahassee investigation.
          Honest Tallahassee/Leon County citizens may owe Knowles a big thank you for giving up the dirt on his Tallahassee “friends” to try and save his butt.

          To Chrystle Little there are many legitimate reasons one may choose not to use a real name. Some may work for a local government being investigated and would be foolish to put their real names out here.
          I do not feel that a real/fake name should de-legitimise another person’s thoughts. Good for you if you feel you should use your real name.

          1. Snydeley, I sincerely hope your theory about Mr. Knowles’ is correct and he suddenly found a conscience and a very sharp memory once the FBI started grilling him in Georgia. Placing a hot seat under the posterior of a suspect (along with hinting that his-her cooperation may lead to a lighter sentence) is a classic law enforcement method of obtaining solid information about any other suspects you’re interested in.

            As I’ve said before here, my hope is that the FBI’s evidence is so plentiful and iron-clad on the COT corruption that serious punishment is handed to all those found guilty. Hopefully that will be enough to keep any future COT and Leon County officials in line with the law, the City and County Charters, and the voters. I also hope the case may be big enough to finally get the state of FL to pay attention, and write clear and strict legislation on what legal restrictions all Florida City and County officials must follow. Violating a Florida state regulation or law as well as a city law or city charter regulation would allow the state to prosecute when needed. For all I know, maybe those state laws are already on the books – but if so, they sure aren’t having much effect here in Tallahassee.

          2. Ms Little emotional rants due to family relationship with the knowles camp. If comments focus on anyone else, she would have kept her fragile emotions in check! And on the subject of last names, why did she elect to use her maiden name than her married name? Because it’s was an option to do so!

      2. Harold Knowles was asked by the town of Gretna to step down as their city attorney…which he did. He resigned, after pressure, as general counsel of the FAMU Foundation and then was fired by the Leon County Commission. As a complete demise…not just yet but a lot of damage done for just ‘allegations’.

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