Dr. Jackson Files Ethics Complaint Over Mayor Gillum’s Trip to New York

Dr. Jackson Files Ethics Complaint Over Mayor Gillum’s Trip to New York

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Dr. Erwin Jackson has filed an ethics complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics over Mayor Andrew Gillum’s recently revealed trip to New York.

The complaint alleges that Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum may have violated the Florida Code of Ethics by accepting gifts from a city lobbyist, a city vendor, or someone seeking to do business with the city in the form of (1) a trip to New York, (2) a ticket to a professional baseball game, (3) a ticket to a Broadway show, (4) a boat tour of the Statue of Liberty, and (5) having some or all of these same gifts provided to his brother.

Mayor Andrew Gillum has refused to answer any questions about the logistics of the trip.

Dr. Jackson told TR that “since Andrew is not talking, filing an ethics complaint with the state is the only way get answers to questions that the public has the right to know.”

The New York trip was first reported by WCTV reporter Mariel Carbone. WCTV obtained a picture of Gillum, Adam Corey, and Mike Miller on a boat in New York harbor with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that the Mayors Office released a statement that said Gillum “was in New York on the last day of a business trip for his previous employer, the People for the American Way Foundation, and was invited by Corey to see the Statue of Liberty.”

TR later reported that a person named Michael Miller reserved and paid for rooms at the Millennium Hilton in New York City from August 10th through 12th. The other two presumed undercover FBI agents were also on the trip.

TR also reported that sources verified that the trip included a New York Mets game and a viewing of the Broadway show Hamilton.

Dr. Jackson has previously filed a complaint against Tallahassee City Manager Rick Fernandez.

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  1. In yesterday’s Preston Scott radio show, Erwin was interviewed in-studio. He made the claim that on the trip to NYC in a Lear jet, Gillum was handed money by the alleged FBI informat Mike Miller.

    We need to know if that is true.

  2. What do the COT folks under FBI investigation, NFL players taking a knee, disrespecting the nation, and the Harry Weinstein scandal all have in common? All the people involved do not live in the real world. Their annual earnings are far removed from the majority of Americans, allowing a lifestyle built on fantasy. I really don’t give a damn about how hard they had it growing up, how hard they worked to get where they are. What matters is now; who you are now; how you live your life now.
    There is not another country on earth where politicians, professional sports players or Hollywood moguls can go, do what they do here and make the money they do. So if you think America sucks, go live somewhere else. All of you are using your money, your fame and your power to enrich yourselves. You do nothing to improve what you declare are wrongs. See how good you can have living and working without the USA.
    Politicians are become more blatant with their corruption, telling voters what they want to hear and failing to live up to campaign promises once elected. They become indignit when questioned as if they are the kings and we are the peasants. They say they misspeak when they lie and even change the definition of words to suit their narrative. And when they do fall from grace, their peers applaud all the years of service to their country. Lately we have seen a resurgence of voters that want elected officials with integrity and a real desire to represent and assist their constituents. So you see, in the end, we are going to decide if they get re-elected. Not a good time for incumbents. ?
    The NFL has drafted more thugs in recent years but pretend to be appalled when a player beats a woman, gets a DUI, fails a drug test, shoots and kills someone. The bad behavior and poor choices didn’t start when they joined the National Felon League. They take a knee but say they aren’t disrespecting the flag. Right. Well we aren’t disrespecting them by cancelling TV football packages, burning jerseys and season tickets and tuning out the NFL and ESPN. We are practing free speech, calling you out on calling us racists, and in the end, it is us, the fans, that will have an effect on your salary ?
    Hollywood stars and moguls make millions off movies depicting violence to the extreme with guns, military vehicles and other weapons of destruction and then preach gun control to the rest of us. They make heroes out of men that can’t control themselves, women who extract deadly revenge for “being done wrong”, and demented cyborgs. Everything actors do is scripted, someone else writes their words, pay their bills, control their schedules and dictate their entire lives. Nothing is done with spontaneity – every movement and appearance is tied to the press and the fans. They travel the world on private planes, drive fuel guzzling vehicles or are driven around in limos then tell us we need to reduce our carbon footprints. They more often than not drink too much, do drugs, and love to flaunt their sex lives. Movie attendance is way down because we are tired of their better than thou attitudes and poor film performances. But animated films are doing great. Because we decide where to spend our movie money or even if we want to see your sorry movies. Again, in the end it is our dollars that eventually dictate your salaries. ?
    Are there exceptions in these groups? Sure there are but you don’t see them or hear from them because their accomplices, the mainstream media, are too busy trying to win favor with the crooked politicians, less than stellar behaving athletes, and the Hollywood crowd that may throw them a few crumbs; front seats at a press conference or exclusive “stories”; tickets to a game or other sporting events; a little blow, a little honey, exclusive photos for the right price.
    Pretty disgusting group if you ask me. Wake up people, be your own person, do the right thing for your friends and neighbors. The Andrew Gillums, Scott Maddoxes, Kaepernicks, Reid’s, Suggs, Afflecks, Fallons, Fallons, and Weinsteins don’t give a damn about you, me or anyone else – they are nothing more than self centered, greedy, and disgusting. It’s time they all paid the piper.

    1. Good post J Danger. I hope the FBI does their job here. I have no faith in our voter base ever changing for the better without a strong in their face 8itch slap wake up call from some degrading trials for the “usual suspects” and some real jail time punishment for the “usual suspects”.
      I feel that if we get satisfaction from the FBI it will change enough of our lefty liberal criminal loving voter base so that we will get some honest politicians and leadership for a change.
      Thank you Dr. Jackson

  3. Speaking of wasting tax dollars why is it that nobody seems to upset and investigating Rocky Hanna for costing taxpayers almost $600,000 for the investigation that he was “given documents” later he admitted he gathered the documents and wrote the knowingly misleading summaries.

  4. Dr. Erwin Jackson,
    Thank you! Thank you for all you do.
    I appreciate all your efforts and wish you the very best.
    You are speaking for so many of us who haven’t the time or knowledge to do the research you are doing.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. When will someone tell this man to sit his ass down somewhere. He have filed many times on different people and haven’t won one yet. When will they get tired of this man. He mad because no one want to vote for him

      1. Mr. MarkB, no I am my own man, not Pierre Smith, but it is true, this man has lost every election that he has ever tried to run in… and is a sore LOSER!

  6. It’s simple. Mr. Servedio: If the mayor (or any COT official) has done nothing wrong, then there’s nothing to find, no matter how many complaints, serious questioning, or investigations he may encounter. So if Mr. Gillum has nothing to hide, he should actually WELCOME citizen inquiries and complaint filings, because they all would exonerate him from any wrongdoing, and thus elevate his reputation for ethics and honesty.
    So far the mayor’s refusal to answer any questions about his New York trip isn’t helping his “ethics and honesty” aspect.

    1. And who, Mike, is paying for these “citizen inquiries and complaint filings..”….?? You and I are, along with the other fine citizens of this city, each and everytime Dr. Jackson has something to prove… stop wasting our money Dr. Jackson… you have proven nothing..again

      1. Mr. Servedio, If it’s taxpayer money and costs you’re concerned about, that’s exactly the main reason that filing complaints and questions on COT officials is occuring. Citizens are rightly asking pointed questions about more than a decade of suspect land and development arrangements involving COT officials and their associates (seems the same names keep popping up as “associates”) in CRA projects and other various development projects.
        Along with the development and land deals, there also appears to be a rather unusual circular arrangement of various COT officials’ close relatives or associates receiving large city contracts – all this involves many hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and in some cases millions of dollars over time. It defies common sense to think Tallahassee citizens would NOT question all the above COT uses of taxpayer dollars.
        So you’re correct to be concerned about taxpayer dollars, as are Dr. Jackson and many other Tallahassee citizens. Evidently the FBI is also concerned enough to be investigating COT officials, spending a considerable amount of time and effort looking into the COT use of taxpayer dollars.
        I for one am more than happy to pay the required fees for filing complaints, official questions, and FOIA requests to get answers to citizens’ concerns. And we will see from those and/or the FBI investigations exactly what is or is not proven – hopefully in a court of law with all evidence and testimony presented.

      2. James you must think it’s just by accident that the FBI flew Scott to Vegas to buy him a mini stripper! And now FBI asked for 150,000 emails from Scott and Gary Yordon because these agents need some late night reading! Sure they are!

  7. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

    Dr. Jackson is a good man.

  8. Erwin please look into ethics violations by Rocky Hanna.Is it a violation to date a teacher you were supervising and evaluating? Please review multiple issues in Leon Schools from the appointment of 5 out of 6 associate superintendent positions without advertising the positions. Political payback?

  9. Really Mr. Servedio, have you ever put forth a motion or request to this City Commission? I have on several occasions, always told by Assistant City Managers decisions on my requests we’re set prior to the Commission meeting. When do you suppose those discussions took place? And how did these managers know the decisions prior to the Commission voting on it? The corruption in the City of Tallahassee is a malignant tumor that if not removed will choke this city into bankruptcy. Think it can’t happen here. That’s what Detroit, Chicago and many other once prosperous and now blighted communities thought. Keep em in the run Doc.

  10. Here goes this man, Dr. Erwin Jackson, once again.. and again… trying to trump something up on our local elected officials… just because he cannot get elected himself… Dr. Jackson, you are tired.. we are tired of hearing from you… please retire and MOVE AWAY!!!

    1. And good morning to you Mr. Mayor.
      How on God’s green earth did you ever choose the name James Servedio?
      Hint hint you should use a cartoon name like me if you choose to remain anonymous.

    2. I agree Mayor Gillium has been a loving, kind,and respectable
      Role model in Our community his compassion for all the pass lost lives in the community…when few had nothing to say he always our Voice AND that’s a triple threat for anyone to speak out on what nobody wants to acknowledge and for that reason he Will be slayed by idle words, rumors, and whatever else the trump up?seems to be the American Way now…Well look at America’s Role model ???

    3. Mr. Servedio,
      Please explain how Adam Corey won the contract to operate the Edison? Is it because he is a great restaurateur? 101/Mint Lounge and Tequila Tribe ring a bell? Please do some basic research.

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