Gillum’s Forward Florida PAC Refunds 50% of September Contributions

Gillum’s Forward Florida PAC Refunds 50% of September Contributions

Tallahassee Reports has learned that gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s Forward Florida PAC has refunded 50% of the contributions raised in September 2017.  The Gillum affiliated PAC raised $6,000 in September.

Also, the $3,000 refund, was made to P&P Communications, a public relations firm which donated $5,000 to the PAC in September.

TR first reported Gillum’s business relationship with P&P Communications last month. Since that time, Gillum campaign officials informed the Tallahassee Democrat that “P&P Communications does leadership consulting and public relations work, and the Mayor has and is doing work in those areas.”

After campaign reports were completed in last month, media reports highlighted Gillum’s lack of fundraising during September.

On October 10, 2017, Politico reported that “Gillum’s fundraising woes continued in September” and wrote “Gillum raised $6,000 through his political committee, Forward Florida, of which $5,000 came from P&P Communications, a company in which Gillum is listed as a director.”

On October 11, 2017, the political committee, Forward Florida, refunded $3,000 to P&P Communications.

See Forward Florida contribution entries captured from website below.

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22 Responses to "Gillum’s Forward Florida PAC Refunds 50% of September Contributions"

  1. Lots of people here do not like Bill Proctor for lots of reasons. However I submit for your consideration Bill is the only non-usual suspect elected at this time. I feel Bill is 100% on the mark on his common sense Mayor Andy give up your snowballs chance (in #ell) at Governor and get your trifling @zz to work on the killings.
    Also Bill is 100% on the mark asking Governor Scott for some relief. Most likely from FDLE and the Florida National Guard to keep the peace here in Tallahassee.
    Quite likely after the FBI is through with our real usual suspects Bill will be the only elected official left standing. And Bill’s district will keep on electing him again and again.
    Furthermore Gwen Graham wont touch a “token” Afro American with Andy’s shady history. Yeah Andy technically “on paper only” was on Hillary’s Veep short list. But that was just political optics and never was really going to be approved by Hillary. Gwen Graham will stay far far away from Andy.

    1. Great points, Snydley. Whatever the aggregate reputation of Mr. Proctor, he is doing the right thing by at least trying to obtain additional resources from Gov. Scott and asking the “mayor” to re-focus his attention on Tallahassee’s crime problem. Mr. Proctor deserves credit for his efforts. It’s more than most of the COT commissioners and the “mayor” have done in the last several years – I guess lining their own wallets with crony development deals and awarding contracts to family-and friends-owned businesses takes the majority of their time and effort. Doesn’t leave much time (or taxpayer money) for actually doing the hard work of trying to reduce our crime rate.

      However, in the last week or so I realize it could be worse – at least Ms. Sequined Cowboy Hat Frederica Wilson is from Miami and not Tallahassee – she would doubtless get elected here (how sad is that?) Otherwise she would be an even worse Tallahassee embarassment than our “mayor” is.

  2. The reality is that Gillum has no name recognition outside of Leon County. Gwen Graham is going to be the Dem’s candidate, running against Adam Putnum. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Unless Gillum is maybe aiming for a Lt Gov job? Balance the ticket. Female and Afro-American.

  3. Commissioner Proctor just called on Gillum to suspend his campaign for Governor to focus on the violent crime epidemic in Tallahassee.

  4. Kiting and money laundering were my 1st thoughts. Not sure if a case of Hillary-itis will save his ass or not.He is betting it will. While I am hopeful, I am not 100% convinced the FBI can do the job fairly and with integrity when it comes to DemocRats.

  5. This is totally money laundering and subject to stiff prosicution, fines, and jail time for Republicans only.
    However local and Federal LEOS are totally powerless to enforce this against Democrats and almost break their necks to see who can look the other way the fastest.
    We understand FBI agents looking into local corruption you are unable to control the urges to look the other way.

  6. It is nice to know that the statewide electorate is not as naïve as the Leon County electorate has been for years.

  7. Gilliam shod have hired Rocky Hanna. After all Rocky received $75,000 from out of state LLC’s for a local race. Nobody questioned it. Sad but true. Notebooks to fundraisers.

  8. It is also funny how his campaign is paying P&P for rent for his campaign office? Over $2,000 a month in rent? That is crazy, that he is making money at the expense of peoples donations. DRAIN the swamp!

  9. I don’t get it. He is giving money back and forth to himself? Can some one explain why? Yes, I am serious.

    1. Classic example of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

      Without the $5K from P&P in September, Gillum’s PAC raised only $1,000. Now he needs most of it back to make ends meet.

      He hired a new finance director to make October a positive but over half way through the month things are looking worse not better.

      Over/under on Gillum dropping out is Thanksgiving which comes early this year. Then Soros will find another way to keep him on the payroll.

  10. Governor’s race crosses 2 time zones and 10 media markets. Matt Dixon at Politico reports that it will take $3M a week to get a statewide message out next year before the August primary.

    At that rate, Gillum won’t last 2 days.

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