Local Democrat Activist Calls for Mayor Gillum, City Manager Fernandez to Resign

Local Democrat Activist Calls for Mayor Gillum, City Manager Fernandez to Resign

It is one thing when a Republican leader calls for a Democratic mayor to resign, but quite another when a long-time Democrat party leader asks a Democratic mayor to resign.

And that is what happened here in Tallahassee after more questionable activities at city hall surfaced yesterday.Ausman1

Jon Ausman, who chaired the Leon Democrat Executive Committee for 20 years and was the longest-serving member of the Democratic National Committee in Florida history, posted a comment on Facebook calling for the resignation of Tallahassee City Manager Rick Fernandez and Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Ausman said,  “For 22+ years I worked at the FDOT. I never forgot that the public owned: the desk I used; the desk’s contents; the computer assigned to me; and, the computer’s contents. Mr. Fernandez appears to have disgraced himself by forgetting this fact. He should now resign.”

With regards to Mayor Gillum, Ausman said:

The Mayor also forgot this fact. His staff willfully mislead the public about his NYC trip and his staff has yet to be disciplined. I doubt he will discipline the City Manager.

The Mayor also apparently forgot he has served 14 years in office and Tallahassee has had the highest crime rate in Florida for the last three years. He is directly responsible for allowing such to happen on his watch. If he wants to run for Governor he should resign his office now so we can have a full time Mayor addressing the City’s needs.

The comment was posted on a Tallahassee Democrat opinion piece questioning City Manager Rick Fernandez’s truthfulness and the city’s handling of public records requests.

46 Responses to "Local Democrat Activist Calls for Mayor Gillum, City Manager Fernandez to Resign"

  1. You have the right answers but are missing the key player in all of the reorg and turmoil that is going on with the city…Reese Goad. Is running the ship and sitting back enjoying the big hole in the boat that he created and is on a life boat paddling away as the ship sinks. He is responsible and awaiting his time to try and take over the government. a protégé of Rick Fernandez and still running the utilities. ergo the great raises and promotions to the utilities while the rest of City offices who need additional staffing, and equipment is expected to do more with less as the utilities continue to thrive. Check the salary differences and his education level

  2. He has failed in every endeavor. This is his watch in public service that he pimped for and was elected. Well done and said Mr. Ausman. Too many public employees who feel they are entitled and powerful. Gillum has lost on crime, emergency response and corruption to which he appears to play a part. He needs to go and go now. Yup and he’s black too. Nothing to do with it. Walt McNeil is black and has never said or used the race card, he just does a great job. McNeil is a proven winner and success. Chuck Hobbs the crook of a lawyer who has been disciplined by the bar numerous times while bilking black clients (public record at the FL bar) always uses I’m black and it’s racism. GILLUM! take a hike.

  3. “It is one thing when a Republican leader calls for a Democratic mayor to resign, but quite another when a long-time Democrat party leader asks a Democratic mayor to resign.” Please, Ausman’s track record speaks for itself. He cares only about himself and has openly admitted that when people sought local office, the first thing he asked them was whether they would support his re-election as chairman. His op-eds published by the Democratic have also highlighted his opposition to Home Rule.

  4. Nancy Miller should be tossed out too for her activities with TAPP while being paid through (her husband) John Buss; as well as firing Cynthia Barber, whose claim to fame is her being promoted over Tallahassee Police, Fire and Consolidated Dispatch and Emergency Response (and Parks) with absolutely no experience in them; and under Barber’s incompetent ‘Leadership’ time period the Tallahassee Violent Crimes spirals out of control. Of course, Maddox too; but the FBI has plans for him. Who else accepted football tickets….

  5. Larry and the rest who are posting, the real problem here is a mix of COT employees, their cohorts, buddies, political BS, CRA, liars, Mayor and others. The entire bunch needs to be fired, shipped out, lambasted and go home with the tail between the legs. This is white, black,women and men.
    I have a problem with the entire crowd that calls themselves the city representatives.

    Let’s see what the FBI has to say.

    BTW, Ric Fernandez you are a poor liar about those tickets. Going forward, don’t text your requests unless you want them published.

    Thanks everyone for your honest comments!

    1. Doesn’t everyone have a motive? Erwin’s is to get get Ely Rosario elected as a City Commissioner and then further rig zoning, property taxes and fire/Stormwater fees in his favor.

  6. Larry
    I’m not gonna go into a rant, I’m only going to say, you sir, are what’s wrong with this country. It’s clear you re a racist, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. People have sit back for many years now while blacks have continued to play the race card. That card has played out. It seems as long as you can make your point it’s ok, it not ok to disagree with you.

  7. I figure it this way if they had no problem putting Rick Scott in office and all he did was help his friends and his self get richer.No one had a problem where he company was getting money from the state and all he told y’all was it wasn’t his account it was his wife account.I knew when Mayor Gilliam said he was running it was going to be some stuff.I don’t ever want to use the race card,because it shows everyday. People figure if you don’t say it it’s not racists that is to make them feel better. I figure it couldn’t do no worse at Governor then Rick Scott did. Because he hasn’t done anything worth talking about but the hurricanes.He only did that because he trying to run for something else.One last thing what does crime have to do with Gilliam because the crime was bad before he got in office and it will be that way when he leaves office. We can talk about how people can fix thing but sit back ourselves and do nothing!!!!

  8. The mayor is doing an excellent job but it’s so much corruption in that county jail to the captain all the way down to the intake nurse they have a network going on they need to look into that boat size at Tallahassee is a great City

    1. Update,I just talked to the intake nurse. They have shut down the network that was going on. Said they will get back to me with boat size. Progress being made,no more network.

  9. I seems Andrew is a black man and you white people has so much hate for yourself your fellow man and kin. You feel white people is the answer for everything, Rick Scott; defrauded Medicare, Trump is a liar and you white people know’s that but you embrace them, your slogan black man go back to Africa which many never been there but why is the white man trying to go there and take over, black didn’t mess up this country the white man did and still is, President Obama tried to fix what he could but you hateful white folk stopped all of his progress, Trump a lowlife signing everything Obama started and getting credit for it.blacks made this country what it is, I spent thirty four years in the military while you white folk ran and hid you’re teaching your kod’s how too get killed by bothering people they don’t know because half of you are rasist what have blacks or Spanish people did to you to have that much hate for them , remember they are the hero’s they die for the country while whites find excuses not to go to the military, I hope you could find yourself because you’re the one’s lost.

    1. Larry sounds like a young overweight white leftist tapping the keys in his tighty whiteys down in his Mom’s basement where the unemployed in serious need of a shower and some deoderant slob yells up to his Mom for some more comfort food mac & cheese. But just in case he is not the Larry described above “I thank you for your 36 years of service to my country Sir”.
      Ususlly when leftists play their very last card its the race card. Get some prosessional help Larry.

      1. And if that “prosessional” help does not make you normal you may want to try some “professional” help!
        There ya go.

    2. Larry, spewing vitriol ignorant racial hate is not the focus of this subject. It’s not about how ‘black’ Delusional Andy is, but his competency as the Mayor and the corruption with an increasing explosive crime rate on his ‘elected’ watch! Stop trolling negativity on this post and smell the ‘coffee’!

  10. I’m not in the city but I read some of the comments…..Why are they calling him Andy? Do you not have a mind of your own or are you showing that you are a wanna be Trump?…. The comment would be more effective and show that you have some substance in what you say if you would say Andrew……..Just a thought

    1. Good point ther Ralph.
      I’ve actually been working on the subject and determined some adjectives used in the appropriate way will help the public better understand the true situation we are up against.
      Here are just a few and I encourage other readers to add theit own as a public service.
      Dirty Mayor Andy
      Un American Mayor Andy
      Lying Mayor Andy
      These are all I have time for now and am looking to the public to post more. Again as a public service to help our citizens understand what we are fighting for.

    2. Just a thought: Andy is a nickname for Andrew, who I’m sure enjoys your unconditional support.

      AndyG needs all he can get.

      George Soros only sent him $100k.

  11. Local TV stations wctv and wtxl are still providing cover and downplaying our usual suspects by not running related breaking news or downplaying the few they do run. Likely related to TAPP advertizing contracts and maybe friendship with our nefarious usual suspects.
    Local newspaper The Democrat has begun somewhat of a hatchet job on Mayor Andy and anyone else who may be related to their current hatchet job story. All the usual suspects are trying to stay away from Mayor Andy for that reason.
    Local nrwspaper The Democrt likely motivated by a strong support of Gwen Graham. And to a much lesser extent by knowing that Mayor Andy is circling the bowl.

    1. As Peter so pointed out in the floridapolitics.com link above, once Gillum is out, Gwen can go full-throttle on schmoozing up for the black vote. A big deal for her.
      Looking forward to Corcoran officially announcing. He’s actually made a big difference in this state, in terms of keeping the pork barrel low. Unlike lobbyist Gwen, who, while moderately liberal, has accomplished little, and bailed on her seat when the going got tough.

      At least she seems more honest than the usual illiberal.

  12. Tallahassee would be better off if he resigned from both- running for Governor and Mayor.

    He’s a corrupt and incompetent. Total empty suit.

  13. Tallahassee definitely needs to ‘drain our own swamp’… starting with the mayor and on down. BRAVO to the Democrats who called him and his buddy, Fernandez out! I do not want him for our governor! No thank you. !

  14. With a $400K mortgage, an immediate line of credit and no more PFAW Soros income, Gillum can ill afford to resign as Mayor!

    1. Not really…George Soros will never let Andy go hungry. Ever. He has never been the “Mayor” in action, only in title. During his entire term he has: worked for PFTAW-Foundation (lol); worked for the Florida Dem party as a state-wide candidate recruiter; worked for Hillary Clinton as a campaign surrogate; announced and run for Governor. He has never worked a real job like the rest of us. It shows. Right now, the panic is setting in because some of the people around him are seeing the real Andrew through the records and reports. His campaign for Governor is over, he just will not admit it because it gives credence to what he is busy trying to deny. This community must send each and every Commissioner out of office and start over with a new senior staff, new “ethics” officer armed with authority and true integrity. This is it, folks. Your one chance to end this corruption…you get two election cycles to sweep them all out. Disclaimer: I do not think Curtis Richardson is part of the corruption in any way, shape, or form. But, he is already backing an insider for City Attorney. Enough.

      1. I completely agree, Preston – we Tallahassee voters need to realize that the present set of COT officials must GO, all of them. And let’s try to ensure that any long-entrenched city staffers, attorneys, or other positions who may also be implicated in the embedded corruption will go along with them, or will be “freed to look for new opportunities” by new COT officials. We also need VERY restrictive rules on former COT officials (or staff) doing any “business” or lobbying with the city – and they also would be subject to the rulings of a new, powerful Ethics Officer or Board.

        We can’t have any remnants of the old culture or their influence remaining in COT Government. We must totally clean house and start over with new (strictly vetted!) officials under very strict and clear policies-rules. And as you point out, we need an independent Ethics Officer (or Board) who can flag any suspect conduct or projects. And perhaps the Ethics Officer-Board should also have the power to “hold” any COT actions-projects until all provisions of the Ethics Policy are applied to it and reviewed – and made part of Public Record.

        Further, Tallahassee needs some Recall policy set into the City Charter that allows ANY City Official (including Mayor, City Manager, et al) to be recalled-removed from office at ANY time, if misconduct or violation of City Policies is serious or repetitive (Once is probably enough, Twice you are out automatically). All COT officials (and staffers) need to know their position may be revoked at any moment if they misuse their office or don’t strictly follow the clear Ethics Policies and rules. Lobbyists and business associates should also be barred from any city business if their actions are questionable or they fail to follow Ethics Policies.

        (Speaking for my own opinion only) I’d rather have VERY strict and clear policies and rules for our elected officials than ambiguous, arcane guidelines that allow lots of legal gymnastics for officials to use when their conduct in office is questionable. No more should location of residences, any land “deals”, family businesses-contracts or lobbyists-cronies be hidden in a wall of words and legalese that allow “interpretation” of the rules.

        Most important, Tallahassee desperately needs candidates for office who really CARE about this city, it’s quality of life, and it’s future. If a candidate is only focused on COT as a stepping stone and/or doesn’t have a real Personal stake (not a $$$ stake) in our City, how can they truly serve as a City Official?

        1. Mike, your personal opinions and the other points are very fruitful! A clean sweep of incumbents in both election cycles critical! Your opinions are refreshing and spot on! Congrats!

    1. And that was written last summer, by the leading authority in coverage of Florida politics.
      And oh, how stupid the three commenters at the bottom look now.
      The last, desperate hope of a crook: play the race card.

  15. Like Mr. Ausman I also served the State. In my case I served for 36 years. I am also a retired Navy Chief, highly decorated I add humbly, where I served for 36 years in the Navy mirroring the amount of time I served the State of Florida. I never forgot the key word here: SERVICE. Our current City leadership has totally forgotten and/or ignored the true meaning of SERVICE. Service means SERVING THOSE WHO ELECTED YOU. Service does NOT MEAN SERVING YOUR OWN SELFISH INTERESTS. There are good Democrats. Mr. Ausman is one. Many more good Democrats need to step forward and hold these bad Democrats to account. The future of our city of Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, is at stake.

  16. And a lot of people may have missed Preston Scott telling us this morning Dr. Jackson is also a Democrat.
    More Democrats like Jon and Erwin please!!!!

  17. Please look into Rocky Hanna who willfully mislead authorities through a notebook he comped, authored summaries of each section then submitted to local news outlets and law enforcement, first not g authorship as “Concerned Citizens of The United States” then admitting he was one of two main authors. Mr. Hanna admitted that he had no first hand knowledge of any wrongdoing. Is this an example of willful intent to mislead?

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