E-Mails: Mayor Gillum’s Office Referred Business to Adam Corey

E-Mails: Mayor Gillum’s Office Referred Business to Adam Corey

E-mails requested by the FBI show that a business executive inquiring about a meeting with Mayor Gillum was referred to lobbyist Adam Corey by Gillum’s Chief of Staff, Dustin Daniels.

On January 27th, 2015, Bing Xu, who was affiliated with the Sunshine State EB-5 Regional Center (SSRC), asked Dustin Daniels about a possible meeting with Mayor Gillum.

The SSRC was created to provide an investment vehicle for qualified foreigners seeking to obtain permanent residency.

See email below.


Instead of setting up a meeting, Daniels met with Xu and then referred him to city lobbyist, Adam Corey. Corey is a close friend and business associate of Mayor Gillum.

Daniels wrote, “As promised, I have copied Mr. Adam Corey, a local government relations consultant and business owner. I think after our conversation, he would be a great person to connect with on your scope of work locally and around the country. I will leave it to you to follow up with Mr. Corey to determine a time to meet.”

See email below.


The relationship between Mayor Gillum and Adam Corey has been well documented. Corey served as as Gillum’s treasurer during his 2014 mayoral campaign.

Since then, Corey has become a frequent travel companion of Mayor Gillum on trips that have been hidden from public view until discovered through record requests.

On some of the trips, Mr. Daniels accompanied Gillum and Corey.

The email chain further documents the level of access that Mr. Corey enjoyed with Mayor Gillum’s office as a city vendor and a city lobbyist.

Corey has been a central figure in the current federal investigation into the City of Tallahassee.

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  1. He was clearly steering business to Adam. It happens a lot in politics behind the scenes, but for a public employee on taxpayers dime to just send that e-mail using his work email sends a signal that Dustin has terrible judgment. Adam Corey cant help with anything “around the country”. He is a minor gnat of a player, propped up by a few local investors who have fallen prey to his restaurant scams. He has also been propped up for a while by GOP mega-donor close to Charlie Crist who made his $$ in Iraq transporting oil. He’s been the Corey sugardaddy for years. Its gonna be interesting to see who goes down on this.

    This just shows that not only is the office corrupt, but they are stupid.

    1. Using work email also removes the intent element for so many crimes….he did not intend to cover up anything, evidenced by his using work email.

  2. Bing is irrelevant. Unless you ask former Mayor Marks and Dean Minardi. This all fits with a pattern of cronyism and corruption.. While you are at it, have a look at the usual suspects and their minions on the local non-profits.

    This is all corrupt BS. Vote them ALL out.

  3. I don’t think there’s any wrong doing or corruption here. Mr. Xu needed connections and capital for an ambitious project which would’ve (perhaps still will) been a big boon to city. Before all these reports it would’ve been natural to refer Adam Corey as a local business person who could help him better than the mayor’s office. I mean I suppose they could’ve said no help for a multimillion dollar eb5 project can be found in this city from local government why don’t you figure out everything on your own. But honestly I’m glad they didn’t.

  4. This article doesn’t mention what business this referral email actually led to? Googled the SSCR and it seems like the Center connects with local American business leaders all the time. If the mayor’s office was sending business opportunities to Mr. Corey, that would be totally unethical, or maybe illegal. But with the info you are providing, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    1. Fair point, but then why did Bing want to meet with the mayor as opposed to the Chamber, etc. to find local business leaders? If Bing did have a legitimate reason to meet with the mayor, then why was he referred to someone in the private sector who also happens to be a registered lobbyist for the city? Smells fishy.

      1. Joe – I know Mr. Xu and he met with everybody. And the Chamber though filled with good people that help a lot of local businesses by design is primarily for the promotion of current members and paying sponsors not outside ventures; the mayor knows a lot of people why shouldn’t a resident like Mr. Xu go to him for advice if he thinks his project is in the city’s interests as well as his own?

  5. Very disturbing that the mayor is directing business to his friend, lobbyist, campaign treasurer, recipient of over $2 million in city funds for a business, etc…This is illegal and the mayor should resign immediately!

    Also, it i a misuse of his position and illegal for the mayor to use his staff to secure Corey an invite to a meeting in Qatar which has no benefit to the citizens and taxpayers.

    All the energy that has been misdirected by Gillum on Corey is disturbing on so many levels. I believe there are four other commissioners who need to request an agenda item for the next meeting for Gillum to resign.

  6. It amazes me that in a town full of state government employees, that so many think this type of activity is OK yet if they did something similar they would be fired!

  7. The Democrat just reported (11/10/17) on Mayor Gillum’s Trip with Corey to Qatar; although none of the other Commissioners were aware of this trip? But this was City business with the SAME Lobbyist? With the concurrent release of these emails and documents a lot more is about to be revealed.

    Hello FBI? Hello Governor Scott? It is time to release (terminate) this person from his ‘duties’, in my opinion. Help our City recover and allow us to move on, please? The sooner the better.

    It is important to concurrently also specifically check on Mayor Gillum’s staff and entourage that travels with him – at tax payer’s or other’s (?) expense. For instance, Gillum’s trip to Washington, D.C. (July 2015) to include a visit to see Gwen Graham – although her office was (inconveniently?) located in City Hall in Tallahassee at the time – with his staffers (paid) and his family…..; what other City business was being conducted….; this is important because it demonstrates the financial benefits obtained by these employees – a component reviewed for prosecution.

    Also, a specific public record request to the City for any and all trips taken out of the USA by ALL City staff in the last 6 years while conducting ANY city business will produce most interesting results; including (other department staff) trips to China, Indonesia and side trips to Japan, etc.

    Tallahassee deserves better than this.

    1. Great points Major!
      Pray for the FBI to provide us some relief.
      Governor Scott would be a fool to get involved in today’s “media created PC world”.
      In case anyone has not noticed Scott and Gillum have different shades of skin.
      Mr. Scott will never become Senator Scott if he steps in this pile of stink which the good citizenry of Tallahassee created by knowingly electing the criminal scion of criminal formal Mayor Marks.
      Yes Sir the FBI is our only hope.

      1. Excellent point. Scott should steer clear of this one lest Floridians begin releasing Scott’s skeletons from the closet. I don’t know of any new skeletons, but the old ones are scary enough. Look at Roy Moore’s situation in Alabama. He’s been a public figure for 40 years and now these new accusations have come out of nowhere (not really, but you get my point.) Mayor Andy is doing no worse than other city/state/fed officials. The poor FBI is overworked, to say the least, and the federal issues trump (no pun intended) little ol’ Tallahassee’s possible corruption. The best we can do is to continue supporting Tallahassee Reports and the private citizens who care enough to dig up this information for us. We will have to stay vigilant, spread truth only, and encourage others to vote responsibly.

    2. What business would a Tallahassee city official have in Qatar? I have been there in the military. There is NOTHING there that has anything to do with our city. Just good golf…

  8. If you you would like read interesting information please request all texts, emails and phone records between Rocky Hanna and Woody Hikderbrandt for the last 4 years. The most recent texts over the last 12 months from Woody to Rocky and to School Board members will be eye opening.

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