E-Mails: Gillum’s Tampa Meeting With Crist and Sink Originally Included Gwen Graham

E-Mails: Gillum’s Tampa Meeting With Crist and Sink Originally Included Gwen Graham

Emails requested by the FBI show that Mayor Gillum’s trip to Tampa in 2016 to meet with Charlie Crist and Alex Sink was originally set to include current gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham.

Gillum said the February 12th, 2016 trip, which TR first reported, addressed city business. However, new emails show that beginning in May 2015 there was a move by political insider Peter Leach and former gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink to set up a political meeting with Gillum and Gwen Graham.

On May 19th, 2015 Sink sent a message to Leach detailing the parameters of a meeting in Tampa.

Sink writes,  “my next to do is start building an invitation list and you will check gwen and andrew’s schedule and make the lunch arrangements. let’s target up to 15…look forward to working
with you on this!!”

The complete message recovered from the files provided to the FBI is listed below .


On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 9:54 AM, Alex Sink
<alexsink1440@gmail.com> wrote:

Peter, the best day for me is june 17 but i could also make the
16th work if we need to. we will target a group of about ten
people and i will start a list and pass it by you. my suggestion
for a place with a private dining area would be capital grille at
the international plaza…they have a very nice private room
upstairs, ocean prime also has a nice private room. the other
frequent lunch place for Democrats is Mise En Place which has
a good private room and the proprietess isi marianne ferenc who
is a strong Dem and does many events. it is located just near
downtown tampa.
my next to do is start building an invitation list and you will
check gwen and andrew’s schedule and make the lunch arrangements. let’s target up to 15…look forward to working with you on this!!


Ultimately, the schedules of Graham and Gillum were unable to come together and the meeting was delayed until 2016 and then only included Gillum.

At the beginning of 2016, Peter Leach reached out to Adam Corey with a sense of urgency, and asked for Gillum’s availability so he could “round up Alex Sink and Charlie.”


On Jan 15, 2016, at 11:57 AM, Peter Leach <pleach@sphome.com> wrote:
Adam, get the schedule for the Mayor asap so I can try to round
up Alex Sink and Charlie.
Peter H. Leach
Senior Vice President
Southport Financial Services, Inc.
5403 West Gray Street


After TR first reported about the trip, Gillum’s office told the local media the trip was related to city business.

“The mayor was invited by Peter Leach to a meeting at his office to learn about some of the work he was doing to advance wrap-around social services in schools and housing developments,” said Jamie Van Pelt, spokesman for the mayor. “While visiting Tampa the mayor also met with local political leaders before returning to Tallahassee.”

However, the latest batch of emails raises questions about the veracity of these comments from a Mayor’s office that has previously issued false statements regarding Gillum’s use of city resources for political purposes.

If the purpose of the trip was political, Gillum may have violated campaign finance laws by using “office account” resources for expenses.

In addition, city resources may have been used to pay for Dustin Daniels to accompany Gillum on the trip that was not related to city business.

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  1. Read this and more

    Report No. 2018-030
    November 2017 Audios General Report.

    Rocky Hanna is in charge and Leon Schools has 4 findings all important. Here is one.

    ? Leon County School District needed internal controls improvements to strengthen accountability

    Mr. Hanna please put as much effort into running a district as you did to writing false and misleading summaries in the Woody/Rocky Notebook!

  2. When trust and professional ethics are comprised a full accounting based upon the facts should take place. Whereas the Mayor and the current Superintendent have violated policy during any time of employment an immediate suspension is warranted. In the case of Mr. Hanna, filing false information in a notebook along with dating a teacher he supervised along with sexual contact of the woman on school property during the school day (self admitted by Mr. Hanna) an investigation by someone other than Kathleen Rodgers, who Mr. Hanna promptly promoted to an Assistant Superintendent without an interview, should take place.

  3. With all the negative info dug up on the Mayor, City Magr, etc., just how long must the taxpayers wait for this FBI investigation to conclude with some form of action to clean up this mess?? Seems as though this drags on and on until most are tired of trying to keep up with who has done what to whom.

  4. Mr. Wiplash,
    Your comment is most peculiar given the fact no off topic commentary was provided by any reader for this story. As a long time reader, first time responder, I will provide my real name rather than a pseudo name such as Snidley Whiplash. When topics intersect with facts, remaining silent for fear of criticism we become censors of information and thought. After much consideration I concluded that your comments are neither on topic nor do they help provide justice for those who work in fear of retaliation of telling the truth about the current Superintendent of Schools. I am sorry that you find fault with facts.

    1. When the School Board has your child / children under their care and control for a majority of the day, it does have a silencing effect on those who may wish to bring forth facts about bad practices, etc. Sometimes the comments section on TR is the only way an employee or parent can be safely heard. I personally don’t think it is a Jackie / Rocky issue, I think it has more to do with the “old” Tallahassee corruption that is everywhere around us. There are mindsets and ways of doing things that desperately need to change. We need people with a moral compass in decision making positions, regardless of their political leanings.

      1. What you folks are missing is Jackie Pons was planning to run for congress like Gwen Graham. Gwen wanted Jackie out. Her friend Rocky ( Leon graduate) droped a Book to FBI causing Mr. Pons to have to defend himself from a bookof lies. Gwen and her husband gave Rocky $2000.00 for his campaign. Gwen is as currupt as can be. She and Gilliam should be running mates.

  5. May I respectfully request we stay on topic of future articles and the person who keeps posting under different names please stop trying to weave the misdeeds of our local school board into every article?
    BTW I totally agree with the poster that the school board is and was dirty.
    But can we please just save it for the next local school board article which Steve posts?
    *Yeah I know I’m off topic here. And I know about free speech and all that…it’s just a request already.*

    1. I agree with you however, all of the comments being posted concerning Mr. Hanna are approved by the moderator. It appears that Mr. Hanna’s actions are worthy of comments and are woven into the topic being posted. Further, full investigation of Mr. Hanna is warranted

      1. Nice request for censorship. Are you asking for censorship of the truth on behalf of Mr Hanna? Freedom of the press and speech is a hallmark of our society unless like Mr. Hamas you are seeking to censor the truth.

  6. June 22, 2016 Leach stroked $10K to Forward Florida.
    3 weeks later Gillum was reimbursed $946 for travel from… Forward Florida.


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