E-Mails: Paige Carter-Smith, Governance Tied to City’s Recycling Bid Process

E-Mails: Paige Carter-Smith, Governance Tied to City’s Recycling Bid Process

Documents provided to the FBI show that Paige Carter-Smith was copied on several city emails dealing with the City’s “Request for Proposals/Recyclable Materials Processing Services” which was ultimately awarded to Marpan Recycling in February 2013.

Ms. Carter-Smith was the only non-bidder copied on the email. The email address used by Carter-Smith was “paige@govinc.net” which is an email associated with Governance, a government consulting firm.

Governance was owned by City Commissioner Scott Maddox until it was sold to Carter-Smith in 2010.

This year a federal grand jury issued subpoenas in June seeking documents involving the City of Tallahassee and the Community Redevelopment Agency’s interactions with local business people and their firms.

The grand jury issued another subpoena in September seeking communications to and from Maddox and his close friend Paige Carter-Smith, executive director of the Downtown Improvement Authority.

The email below shows that Edwin Rodriguez, the city’s Purchasing Supervisor, sent out an email that was copied to bidders that included Marpan Recycling, Republic Services, Kessler Consulting and Pratt Industries.

The email “paige@govinc.net” was included with the bidders.

Ms. Carter-Smith was included on three other emails that were sent between January 16, 2013 and February 6, 2013.

At the time of some of the emails, Carter-Smith was acting as the aide to Commissioner Scott Maddox, who was elected in November of 2012.

The emails do not reveal why Carter-Smith was included in the communications and she was a not a registered lobbyist with the city at the time.

Commissioner Scott Maddox was absent when the city commission voted to award the contract to Marpan Recycling, who was determined to be the top ranked respondent.

However, after negotiations between city staff and Marpan, Maddox voted with the other four members of the city commission, in September of 2013, to authorize the City Manager to execute a 10-year agreement (with two optional 5-year contract extensions) with Marpan Recycling, LLC.



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  1. At the voting booth: REJECT all city commission incumbents.
    At the stores: REJECT their mouthpiece – the Tallahassee Democrap.

    That is the best way to forge a better Tallahassee.

  2. My question is… why does PCS get city emails to multiple email accounts? There was one email where she received an email from Gillums aide to her governance account and to another personal account (guessing its her Hotmail account). Or when she sends an email to Gillum, she cc’d herself to a different email account. Seen this on several emails… hmmm???

    1. Also noticed that Allie Fleming was doing the same thing. Sending the email and the. Cc herself to a different email… I wonder if that’s to keep Maddox in the loop without including him on the emails and escaping public records issues. Hmmm…

  3. I dislike being so cynical, but by this point, I believe that ANY business or project involving the COT is tainted with graft, kickbacks, or corruption to one degree or another.

    As the sheer amount and frequency of corruption in COT government is revealed, they’ve robbed me of the choice to be anything BUT cynical about them.

    So please COT officials – stop with your useless “Letters to the Citizens” insisting you can “be trusted”. Save it for the Jury and Judge.

  4. It’s so hard to contemplate that the City’s recycling program could possibly be anything but the warm fuzzy feel good thing that was initially rolled out and still being promoted to the good citizens of town. Now we must consider the horror that kickbacks, campaign contributions, and other sordid graft and corruption was already built in to the warm fuzzy feel good all about saving the planet, redeeming our selves from ourselves, and going green recycling program.
    Next are we going to be totally shocked and horrified to find out that our solar farm out there by the airport [within sight of that historical Marks/Knowles graft and corruption airport fence] is also tainted with kickbacks, campaign contributions, and other sordid graft and corruption?
    We should have elected some more honest thieves, criminals, and well you know “liberals” to run our fair city.
    What were we thinking?

  5. Paige Carter-Smith was representing another bidder on the city’s recycling contract. Her being on that email had nothing to do with Marpan Recycling. Your article saying that she is “tied to the city’s recycling contract” is misleading and not true. She was tied to the bid, not the awarded contract.

      1. She is correct. Her defensiveness is expected. She has very deep ties to Marpan. (and the city utility citizens board)

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