Mid-Year Data Shows a Crime Decrease in Leon County with Property Crime Down, Violent Crime Up

Mid-Year Data Shows a Crime Decrease in Leon County with Property Crime Down, Violent Crime Up

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, mid-year data for 2017 shows that crime decreased by 9.4% in Leon County when compared to the same time period during 2016.

The overall decrease was driven by a 11.9% decrease in property crimes like burglary and larceny. The number of motor vehicle thefts fell from 598 in 2016 to 430 in 2017.

However, violent crime was up by 6.8%. This included increases in murders, from 5 to 7, and aggravated assaults.

The data also shows that Leon County has one of the lowest clearance rates per 100 offenses (17.3) in the state. The state average is 23.5.

The FDLE’s report shows the state’s crime, both violent and property related, dropped by 2.0%.

The report shows murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and larceny were all down in Florida. However, rape and motor vehicle theft were actually up. It also shows domestic violence fell.

Selected Leon County statistics for first six months 2017:

  • Rapes decreased by 10.6% from 132 offenses to 118. At the state level, rapes increased by 8.0%.
  • Robbery decreased by 1.0%, from 222 offenses to 220. At the state level, robbery was down by 4.6%.
  • Aggravated assaults increased by 12.7% from 663 offenses to 747. At the state level, aggravated assaults decreased by 1.1%.

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6 Responses to "Mid-Year Data Shows a Crime Decrease in Leon County with Property Crime Down, Violent Crime Up"

  1. Go to realtor.com and look at Tally real estate listings on the “Map” setting – then click on the “Crime” map overlay on the left side of the map. You’ll see that the highest crime areas are mostly in the Southwest side of Tallahassee, with general speading of high crime towards the south and central parts of the city. Therein resides a high density of Gillum’s voters – and he’s way too occupied with seeing all those Confederate flags “every day” on the back of the occasional pickup truck to do anything about the “lifestyle choices” of his voters.

    Please, Gov. Scott and the FBI – purposely make Tallahassee’s corruption cases into a fearsome example of what happens to corrupt elected officials, so all other FL municipality officials are scared to their bones to do anything even appearing corrupt. Then maybe Tallahassee can begin to scrape aside the remains of the rotten mess at City Hall and vote in some ethical, experienced officials who actually care about Tallahassee, instead of their own pockets.

    1. I don’t feel great about what you wrote, but I think “lifestyle choices” is the best way to get at the heart of our issues. While his voters do not have the same exact options as those who vote against him, they do have options. Good options. Options that American tax payers continually try to make available in the most convenient free/low cost way possible. Perpetually choosing the worst possible option is no one else’s fault anymore. His voters have to take control and responsibility for their own bad lifestyle choices. On the flip side, who is responsible when our tax dollars are continuously dropped on programs that produce the same bad results over and over again? Who has any idea of how to fix this pocket of poverty and crime that threatens our own lifestyles? I’m in the thick of the pocket– those people are my people. I have only one idea and that is boarding schools. Take the money we keep dumping in welfare, housing, and failing schools and redirect it to quality boarding schools. There’s no other way to change the culture of bad choices.

  2. Never forget the Florida Highway Patrol was sent in to provide some safety to the good citizens of Tallahassee forced to live under the war zone killing fields created, encouraged, and allowed to prosper under the failed administration of Mayor Andy.
    That and that alone will cause a drop in violent crime for as long as the. Florida Highway Patrol is here.
    So my Sheeple let your minds turn into jelly when votng for the Governor of The Great State of Florida.
    Mayor Andy has nothing to do with the drop in violent crime which Little
    Andy will try and take credit for.

    1. Do NOT let your minds turn into jelly is what I intended to tell you above…LOL…but you already knew that…I hope.

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