Citing Family Concerns, Embittered Individuals, City Commissioner Nancy Miller Bows Out of Campaign

Citing Family Concerns, Embittered Individuals, City Commissioner Nancy Miller Bows Out of Campaign

City Commissioner Nancy Miller, who was first elected in 2010 and had filed to run again in 2018, has decided not to seek re-election.

Miller, in an opinion piece published by the Tallahassee Democrat, wrote “given my husband’s health and other family considerations, I feel the time has come to enter a new stage of life.”

Miller also took a parting shot at what she called “a small group of embittered individuals.”

She wrote, “In recent months, the tone and tenor of public discourse, led by a small group of embittered individuals, has hit an all-time low. The name calling, the disrespect, the public antics, and the verbal assaults have made serving more difficult.”

There was no mention of the FBI investigation, the ethical cloud hanging over the city manager, or the crime problem that has plagued Leon County for the last four years.

Rather, Miller highlighted accomplishments during her tenure.

She wrote that “We’re a more walkable city, having added miles of sidewalks for safety and health. The airport has gained international status and is undergoing renovation. Our police force has grown by over 50 officers with a new focus on community engagement. Our energy source has expanded with a 60 MW solar farm. The list goes on.”

Ms. Miller was also an advocate for the public-private partnership that resulted in the The Edison Restaurant. The owner of the restaurant – Adam Corey- is a central figure in the ongoing federal investigation.

And while the FBI investigation has not mentioned Miller directly in the subpoenas served on city hall, a recent city audit was initiated after Tallahassee Reports confirmed that City Commissioner Nancy Miller’s husband, John Buss, approved approximately $420,402 in purchase orders for DPB & Associates, a company affiliated with his brother, Rich Buss.

Tallahassee Auditor Bert Fletcher found the appearance of a conflict of interest but no wrongdoing.

Also, Miller has been tied to the controversial process of awarding the city’s marketing contract for the TAPP program to campaign consultant and friend, Gary Yordon.

Other relevant actions by Miller included votes to support a property tax increase, an increase in the fire service fee, and a controversial move to hire Rick Fernandez as the city manager.

In the end, like other city elected officials during this time period, a complete evaluation of Miller’s tenure will have to wait until the federal investigation is completed.

11 Responses to "Citing Family Concerns, Embittered Individuals, City Commissioner Nancy Miller Bows Out of Campaign"

  1. I’ve known Nance for years and painted her house . You get to know someone when you paint their house and I enjoyed working with she and her husband.

    I once said to her. “I don’t always agree with you but I love the fact you lead with your heart” All my best, Sid

      1. Libertarian? I think not. Jeremy Matlow describes himself as a PROGRESSIVE. Haven’t we seen enough of this already?

  2. “…We’re a more walkable city, having added miles of sidewalks for safety and health….”

    We are a more walkable city. Ask Gil Ziffer. There is money in sidewalks and Nancy will approve it!

  3. Small group of embittered individuals? More like a growing tide of embittered individuals. Out with the old and in with the new! I might even consider moving back into the city if enough change is on the horizon! Then again, nah, enjoying the quiet country life.

  4. I am disappointed to see this, but I wish Commissioner Miller the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do next and good health to her husband. For me, I always found her willing to listen to anything I said, even if she did not always do everything I wanted. IMHO she has always had Tallahassee’s best interests in her heart and one cannot ask for more from a commissioner.

  5. Speaking for the entire small group of embittered individuals I have an easier way for Nancy to feel much better about herself.
    If Nancy could just find it in her “wealthy off the taxpayer heart” to pay each of us just one dollar it would only come to…let’s see now….carry the one…double check the math…it would total only $267,468.00.
    Watch your mailboxes my “small group of embittered individuals” we should all get our dollar before Christmas!!!
    Now if we could squeeze a dollar out of all our dirty usual suspects we might agree to call off that entire inconvenient FBI investigation thing.
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

  6. 1 down, 4 to go. Let’s not forget to hold Miller accountable for her high dollar payments received from the TAPP program which was conveniently overseen and paid by her current husband, John Buss.

    Then perhaps Governor Scott can relieve Major Gillum of his ‘duties’ based on his laundry list of wrong doings. That would be 2 down, 3 to go.

    Then the FBI presents their findings and one Commissioner with initials SM vacates that seat; that would be 3 down with 2 to go….

    It’s going in the right direction.

  7. One less SHYSTER to contend with! “Embittered Individuals” REALLY? Queen Nancy! Calling your $hit out is the BEST THING that could have Happened to you! Otherwise, we the Taxpayers would have to ENDURE another 4 years of the Miller/Buss Clan shenanigans! Your parting shots while you ABDICATE in the THRONE very UNCOUTH!

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