Leon County Moves Forward with Climate Action Plan

Leon County Moves Forward with Climate Action Plan

Led by a passionate plea from Leon County Commissioner John Dailey, the Board of County Commissioners accepted the annual status update on the County’s plan for sustainability at their last meeting of the year and directed staff to work with Sustainable Tallahassee and the Sierra Club on a community-wide climate action plan.

The Board chose not to move forward on a citizens request to commit to powering county operations with 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Commissioner Dailey, after a presentation by County staff and after listening to several speakers, said on conservation, “we are not doing enough, we need to be bolder.”

County Commissioner John Dailey

He then provided examples of how he wanted the county to be more aggressive.

On solar power Dailey said, “there is no reason why every square inch of every county facility shouldn’t have solar on top. If its just money issues, that is priorities and we should set down and figure out how to do it.”

On electric vehicles, Dailey said “there is no reason why we shouldn’t have electric vehicle charging stations at every county facility.”

And Dailey challenged the academic community to think out side the box and to partner with local government in testing innovative energy projects.

Before Dailey spoke, the County staff addressed the idea of powering county operations with 100% renewable energy. The idea comes from the the United States Conference of Mayors which supports cities establishing a community-wide target of powering their communities with 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2035.

The County staff reported that a preliminary analysis indicated that there are certain aspects of the goal that pose considerable challenges for Leon County, and in addition, the costs would reach over $50 million at current prices. Furthermore, the staff reported that the investment would result in a negative return.

The staff concluded that while “100% renewables by 2035” is a highly aspirational target, Leon County Government has very little direct control in achieving the target since the County does not run a utility.

Given these limitations, the Board decided to move forward with plans and goals and not to accept the fixed targets with a defined end date.

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  1. Opinions conform to tactics:
    Dismiss clear evidence, such as sea level rise, as only a natural cycle
    Discredit science, such as any of five IPCC reports since established in 1988 (to say nothing of Eunice Foote, who discovered heat trapping property of CO2) > https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/lady-scientist-helped-revolutionize-climate-science-didnt-get-credit-180961291/
    Deride fellow humans, e.g., “snowflake” (OK, attack your fellow citizens!)
    Deflect/derail – suggesting proposed response to global warming is poor governance by inferring poor governance is uniquely linked to “persons of color” (Is open racism the new “normal?”)
    Disrespect – CRAP
    Distrust – suggesting others dissemble; “they’ll make you change out your utilities”
    Tell me if I’m wrong. I can tune to several “talk” stations for instruction in this Dialect; where bullies shout down those who might offer valuable discourse . . .
    Autocracy – 1
    Representative Governance – 0

  2. It’s all connected to UN Agenda 21 and eventually Agenda 30 even worse which posits, among other things, removing inequality among countries. It’s also about changing consumption patterns, in other words, they’ll make you change out your utilities and force you to use only so much.

    This is a blueprint for the destruction of US sovereignty and the enslavement of Americans. Beware!

    1. Absolutely correct, Mr. Anderson. Anyone who knows anything about Earth’s history knows that the planet has gone through many periods of “global warming” AND cooling, ice ages and warming trends that occurred over thousands/millions of years.
      Most of that happened long before Man ever lit his first fire.
      Just as Earth’s oceans rose and receded over the same time periods – most people don’t know that the American West was a gigantic ocean (The Tethys Sea) for million of years, now it’s mainly rocks and Saguero cactus. Change? – you bet.

      So – if the Earth is “warming” or “cooling”, it is doing only what it’s done for millions/billions of years before Man ever came along (and will long after). The climate evidence is far from conclusive and whatever Man is doing is hardly swaying the titanic forces that control Earth’s constantly changing climate. “Climate change” is an Earth constant process that is beyond Man’s power to affect, despite the screechings of the UN and the American Left.

  3. This is an important step in the right direction. Great job Leon County.

    Don’t confuse the misguided, corrupt and illegal actions of the City of Tallahassee with Leon County, please.

    Perhaps offer constructive critique and insight of specific programs and contribute to a proactive and workable solution?

  4. Well, I guess if you and me …as Tallahassee citizens would allow Mayor Marks to make a sweetheart deal with Honeywell for smart water meters…at a cost of $45,000,000…then why not appease the environmentalists with a feel good plan…and spend another $50,000,000 or more…even if its not economically feasable or cost effective…after all we’re an All American city (and County too now)…and we have our pride… Leon County taxpayers will be chomping at the bit to support your boondoggles (fraudulent as they may be)…just tell us how much more property taxes our retirees need to pay, or maybe hold off on hiring the next 2 dozen LEO’s…we dont have any crime around the county anyway, or just go ahead and raise City utility rates so all of us can be a bigger stakeholder in Florida’s most corrupt local government…But…don’t misunderstand me….I Love Tallahassee!

    1. Good post Vernon. You are so right about it all being about their “feelings”. No matter that it makes no economic sense whatsoever.
      It has been my observation that the type of all about my feelings citizens on a national and local basis are more gleefully led down the feel good path of economic nonsense when they have a person of color at the helm of the Nation or local government. Marks, Obama, Gillum, Kilpatrick in Detroit are a few examples that come to mind without any research or putting much thought into the subject.
      This is pretty much a typical liberal common trait Nationwide. My observation is not meant to be divisive but rather a key to understanding why our local Tallahassee liberal voters vote the way they do and then support the in your face corruption and nonsense they gleefully support.
      Local and National support for economic feel good nonsense takes away resources that could be used to lift up minorities and provide jobs to all of the disadvantaged citizens who want to work on a National and local level.
      That’s what the selfish mostly wealthy liberal “government is here to make me feel good” citizens among us do to keep minorities and the disadvantaged in their second class status while they get to feel good – warm, wealthy, and safe – over some pie in the sky economic nonsense.
      Yes in this case we do have snowflake John Dailey leading the charge to economic nonsense in the County which likely will not push all the right buttons to make our local liberal voters line up like lemmings behind snowflake Dailey the way they got behind Marks and Gillum before the FBI found out how dirty Marks and Gillum were.
      Good effort there snowflake Dailey but you are just not what our our local liberal voters are looking for to lead them down their beloved path of economic nonsense.

      1. Great Points all, Snidely. Tallahassee (sadly) has fallen into that category of liberal-run governments that defy practicality, common sense and the Laws of Economics in favor of “sounds good and gives me warm fuzzy feelings” pablum that liberals love to embrace. Textbook example: California “Governor Moonbeam” Jerry Brown.

        What I often say to liberals when debating the Liberal vs. Conservative way of governing, is “Show me some empirical evidence of ONE liberal or Leftist-governed city, state, or country that is succeeding, or has succeeded in the past.” Not one can be named, all are failing or have failed.
        • In America, every liberal-run city or state is bankrupt or in a deficit, with rampant crime and/or corruption and a poor quality of life for many of their citizens. American Examples: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Illinois, California
        • World Examples: Venezuela, Mexico, other countries of south America, North Korea, Cuba, the former Soviet Union. (Although China can loosely be described as “working”, their iron-fist political oppression and jailing/killing of countless citizens for advocating Democracy cannot be called a “success”).

        Tallahassee’s one saving grace is that it sits smack in the middle of a very Conservative region, and many regional citizens are decidely pro-Conservative in their lives and politics. But until Tallahassee’s demographics change it’s voting patterns, we are stuck with a pro-liberal, pro-crime and pro-corruption liberal city government. As Winston Churchhill observed : “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

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