Rick Minor to Run for City Commission Again

Rick Minor to Run for City Commission Again

Rick Minor, the Chief Executive Officer of the Big Bend’s nonprofit food bank, announced Thursday that he will run for Seat 3 on the Tallahassee City Commission.

The seat is currently occupied by Commissioner Nancy Miller. However, Miller recently announced she would not seek re-election.

Two others have filed so far to become candidates for Seat 3: Bill Schack, the food services director at the city’s homeless shelter and Jeremy Matlow, the owner of Gaines Street Pies.

Minor’s announcement was first reported by WCTV.

Minor has announced his intentions to run for a seat on the City Commission two previous times but ultimately withdrew.

In February, 2014, Minor announced he would run for City Commission Seat 2, the position that was vacated by Commissioner Andrew Gillum, who ran for Mayor.

But in April of 2014 he withdrew citing family obligations.

In June 2015, Minor announced he would run for the City Commission seat then held by Scott Maddox. Maddox had filed to run for Leon County Schools Superintendent.

However, after Maddox dropped out of the Superintendent race and re-entered the City Commission race, Minor withdrew.

Minor told the Tallahassee Democrat, “I’ve known Scott for many years and he has an impressive record of accomplishment at City Hall. He’s serving us well in the commission, so I support his re-election and I encourage Tallahassee voters to do the same.”

Minor has significant ties to the City of Tallahassee. In addition to serving as chief of staff under Tallahassee Mayor John Marks from 2010 to 2014, Minor was hired as a consultant by the city as coordinator of the All-America City campaign.

On his current candidacy, Minor told WCTV that “people want a Commissioner who is dedicated, reasonable and effective, and I’m going to be that type of Commissioner.”

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  1. Take a look at where his money comes from. CORRUPT. He and Scott Maddox are CLOSE buddies. He knew all about those things and went along with them all the while. He is guilty of his own sneaky money grubbing. He graduated from HARVARD. Go back to where you cam from. He takes a HUGE salary from 2nd Harvest, which is supposed to feed the less fortunate. His Fatness doesn’t know what is means to be deprived. What a sick situation. Go hide and horde your money – we don’t want your bespectacled ass. BTW, those glasses look stupid.

  2. Sorry, but Mr. Minor lost any vote of mine when his name came up as former chief of staff to Mayor Marks – that ended it right there. Seems I recall Mayor Marks was investigated something like 3 times by the FBI when he was mayor? Two words, Mr. Mayor: “Smart Meters”.
    Another reason Minor goes over the transom (for me as a voter) is his seeming admiration of Scott Maddox. He has a long history of suspect shell-game residences in his district, as well as suspect real estate deals that involved COT business.
    No – I’ll not have another long-term insider in the COT if I can help it by my voting pattern. We need ALL new people with proven credentials and ethics.

    In a way, it’s like Washington – the long-term insiders there seem to think Americans will go back to voting for Establishment R’s or D’s after Trump is gone, but it will never be the same again (I hope). Trump proved that an absolute Outsider can not only run against the Washington Machine and win, but succeed in office even while they try to destroy him. So Washington will never (hopefully) have voters going back to their old ways – and getting shafted again by Washington Insiders. I sincerely hope Tallahassee voters will learn the same about it’s own Insiders, and reject them.

      1. Was Rick Minor Mayor Mark’s aide who embargoed emails and hid from the other commissioners that Mayor Marks had gone to China?

        1. And I’m pretty sure Little Rickey invented the “Citizen Cutoff Button” and gleefully watched Mayor Marks activate it whenever a citizen asked a question the Mayor Marks did not want to answer!!!
          Kind of had a Waylon Smithers/Mr. Burnes type of relationship.

  3. How about a real platform that includes an amnesty period for self reporting COT individuals with knowledge of embedded corruption practices within the City of Tallahassee? Include self reporting all additional forms of income, such as businesses owned, rentals, construction, investments, non-profits – such as Churches where they are making money or performing extensive travel, etc.

    This declaration is supposedly required by COT to be declared – and is not done; and is a portion of the root of this run away corrupt freight train. Have employees include family connections.

    Reflect on the root of each one of these publicly presented illegal and immoral issues; and this is a commonality – along with entitlement, lack of ethics, non-accountability and greed….

    Here’s a platform to attempt to regain confidence in City government. With all seriously:

    Give ALL City employees a one week true amnesty period (and require a response) to both self-report and to report on their Co-workers conflict of interests and unethical activities. NOT this: report it to your COT supervisor, become a COT whistleblower, take it to the (non) COT Ethics Department deal Department – and then the issue or the person goes away. Publish the finding of this amnesty; and not through the COT auditors office or treasurers Office. Nor an ‘independent’ COT hired firm from Panama City…..

    Mr.Schack and/or Mr. Minor and/or Mr. Matlow – do this and you would have my vote. Set up a website to receive and view and respond to all communications in an open and transparent manner and eliminate rhetoric from your vocabulary; You Sir and/or Madam – would be elected.

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