Picture Shows City Manager Fernandez in Lobbyist Football Skybox

Picture Shows City Manager Fernandez in Lobbyist Football Skybox

Tallahassee Reports has recovered a photograph of City Manager Rick Fernandez in the football skybox owned by Adam Corey. The picture was taken during the 2016 football season, and at the time, Adam Corey was the owner of the Edison and a registered city lobbyist.

The picture has been authenticated by sources who were present in the skybox at the time the picture was taken.

At the December 6, 2017 Tallahassee City Commission meeting, Commissioners wrestled with how to move forward with regards to the City Manager who had previously been placed on administrative leave.

Commissioner Scott Maddox said that Fernandez should be reinstated.

He argued for reinstatement on grounds of due process and complained about the lack of direct evidence related to Fernandez soliciting football tickets by saying,  “I don’t know if he went to the football game.”

However, sources told TR that City Commissioner Scott Maddox and Mayor Andrew Gillum were in the football skybox during the 2016 season with Fernandez and other city employees.

These employees included Kristina Fernandez – the daughter of City Manager Rick Fernandez, Mike Tadros – Director of Underground Utilities and Ellen Blair – Director of Human Services.

In August of 2017, Tallahassee Reports confirmed, through a number of sources, that City Manager Rick Fernandez received football tickets located in the “Old School” skybox from city lobbyist and Edison owner, Adam Corey.

Subsequently, the Tallahassee Democrat recovered text messages showing Fernandez requesting skybox football tickets.

The picture below, shows Fernandez in the football skybox with his daughter and Chef Art Smith.


9 Responses to "Picture Shows City Manager Fernandez in Lobbyist Football Skybox"

  1. They are all a bunch of lying rats…Maddox Gillum, Ziffer, the entire city commission and all their minions. They lie when they could just as easily tell the truth.

  2. Fernandez shows that corruption pays, city commissioners willing to pay and tax payers lose. Business as usual for the City of Tallahassee. #GoJoe2018

  3. My concern is that Fernandez will be able to keep his retirement income even if found guilty of a felony! This is his motivation to get a get out of jail card from city commissioners! Unconscionable! More theft of city assets!

  4. So Fernandez (x2), Gillum, Maddox, Blair – are all boxed up. Who else was Corey and Company paying off via this method? Surely there are more? This is just one snapshot.

    Resignation from the City with huge retirement benefits isn’t enough.

    Prosecute all to these wrong-doers to the fullest extent: Fire them, eliminate their retirement, and have them pay back the citizens – and concurrently review all dirty dealings that went through these public officials via paid-off deeds (like the Edison contract…) just for starters.


    1. I just hope it’s President Trump’s FBI we have working here in Tallahassee and not a bunch of deep state former POTUS’s “FBI WEASELS” working feverishly to exonerate their evil snake lefty liberal Tallahassee heroes which they are charged with investigating.

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