City Reports a 14% Decrease in Leon County Crime, Status of Body Cameras and New Facility

City Reports a 14% Decrease in Leon County Crime, Status of Body Cameras and New Facility

At the City of Tallahassee annual retreat today, Chief Deleo reported that the number of crimes in Leon County in 2017 have decreased by approximately 13.7% when compared to data from 2016. The comparison period was January to November.

During this period, the number of crimes fell from 14,092 to 12,152. The decrease was led by a 15% decline in property crime and a 1.7% decrease in violent crime.

The lower property crime numbers were led by a 39% decrease in motor vehicle theft.

With respect to violent crime, a decrease in robberies and rape were the driving factors. However, murders were up, from 12 to 18 during the time period, and aggravated assaults were also up.

Other community safety updates:

On December 13, 2017, the City of Tallahassee and Tyler Technologies, Inc. finalized a contract for the implementation of a new Records Management System. The Tallahassee Police Department will work attentively with Tyler Technologies, Inc., Technology and Innovations and internal staff members to ensure project benchmarks are completed on schedule and the entire project is completed no later than January 31, 2019.

Tallahassee Police Department staff continue to work with Architects Design Group (ADG) in completing the spatial needs analysis for a new TPD facility. In December, representatives from ADG were on site conducting interviews and collecting information from sworn and non-sworn members about their respective work areas and future needs. The agency looks forward to receiving a report based upon their site assessment and interviews. This report will be vital for facility plans and assessing property for acquisition.

The Tallahassee Police Department continues moving forward with implementation of body-worn cameras.  On December 19, 2017, the Tallahassee Police Department was notified that their submitted departmental policy for the Body Worn Camera Grant (2017-BC-BX-0038) was approved by BJA.

Technology and Innovations has been developing a “My TPD” mobile application for phones. The “My TPD” app provides the police department the ability to send notifications to the public on ongoing significant incidents, alerts and road closures. In addition, there are quick links to TOPS, TPD Facebook, TPD Twitter, TPD on Nextdoor, Big Bend Crime Stoppers, TPD on Instagram, phone numbers to report an incident to the Consolidated Dispatch Agency and other links connect to City of Tallahassee websites.

One Response to "City Reports a 14% Decrease in Leon County Crime, Status of Body Cameras and New Facility"

  1. I know this falls on long-deaf ears in the COT, but:
    ( 1 ) Spend more money on hiring more police officers and retaining them with better salaries and benefits.
    ( 2 ) Spend more money and offer huge tax breaks to try to attract some industries to build facilities in the South Side. Offer them even more tax incentives and city grants to hire and train employees who live in the South Side.
    Give those South Side residents at least an opportunity at getting out of poverty and the ghetto gang lifestyle. Of course they’ll have to want that and spend effort on it, but the opportunity would be there.
    ( 3 ) Spend less on bloated salaries for COT elected officials and their chosen staffers.

    All that will go a very long way to help resolve our horrible crime problem.

    Like I said, no one at COT is interested in hearing how to do that, but at least I tried.

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