Mayor Gillum’s Office Buys Facebook Ads to Promote Controversial GDP Claim

Mayor Gillum’s Office Buys Facebook Ads to Promote Controversial GDP Claim

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, is spending city funds to promote a controversial claim about Tallahassee’s local economy.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the Tallahassee GDP per capita grew faster than in any of the other 21 MSA’s in the state of Florida in 2016.

However, further analysis showed that the recovery efforts from Hurricane Hermine, propelled by millions of dollars in insurance claims, was the major driver of GDP growth during 2016.

Local leaders have ignored this fact and have instead pointed to the growth in GDP as an indication of a major change in the Tallahassee economy.

And now the Mayor of Tallahassee is promoting this claim using facebook ads.

The ad says, “The numbers don’t lie! Tallahassee has the fastest-growing economy per capita in Florida.”

See image below.


8 Responses to "Mayor Gillum’s Office Buys Facebook Ads to Promote Controversial GDP Claim"

  1. 350k a year in public funds now goes to archive text messages on every city phone, thanks to Erwin Jackson’s temper tantrum after getting a zoning request denied 3 years ago. No one seems outraged by that. Why might that be?

  2. Upon checking to see who/how this purchase was funded (aside from tax payer’s money that is) and you will most likely see Alison Faris (COT Communications Director) authorizing payment; the same Faris who hired Eddie Kring. The same Kring of Fernandez and the Edison (Corey) Discount fame. See how this works – FBI? They know they are peddling falsehoods and continue to do so – but it’s all about the marketing. Goad should be directed by the Commission to cease this bogus show. Malfeasance, it is.

  3. Oh, good grief! The funny thing is that other media outlets across Florida and the U.S. show Tallahassee way down the list in regards to economic growth. All you have to do is a Google search on “fastest growing economy in Florida.” I would imagine that the claims made by our local folks will quickly be dismissed by everyone outside of Tallahassee.

    I don’t know when the federal indictments are coming, but that would start to bring an end to all this foolishness.

  4. Spending city funds to promote himself as a candidate for Governor?
    No that’s what he wants us to think so he can prove us wrong.
    What we need to think about is just how he’s spending that $100K Soros gave him.
    Watch for funds going to our lefty”usual suspects” from his campaign funds…that’s what Is gonna be “laundered” back to Gillum in a 50/50 split or the best deal Gillum can make.

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