Local Media Ignores Conflict and Controversy at City Hall

Local Media Ignores Conflict and Controversy at City Hall

On Wednesday at city hall, public speakers used strong language to threaten and criticize city commissioners on different issues. There was even a tense moment between Commissioner Nancy Miller and Mayor Andrew Gillum.

However, the local media decided not to report on any of these actions.

Writing about public speakers addressing the controversial vacant city attorney position, Jeff Schweers of the Tallahassee Democrat used words like “eloquent” and “passionate”.

Schweers failed to note the critical comments by Lee Johnson, a local church official, who told the commissioners in his 3-minute speech that “it stinks up at that dais. There are some of you who are leaving, thank god you are.”

Johnson continued by insinuating there would be consequences if the commissioners did not “get it together.”

Commissioner Gill Ziffer responded to the comments during his turn to speak on the issue by saying, “I don’t take kindly to threats.”

See the video below:

The elected officials were also on edge over this issue.

When Commissioner Nancy Miller asked Mayor Andrew Gillum to wait until Commissioner Scott Maddox returned to the dais to vote on the city attorney issue, Gillum appeared to ignore her request.

Miller responded by saying, “would you like to see me leave, also…”

See the video below:

Also, not included in any local reporting was a controversial neighborhood issue over the expansion of an electric substation in a northeast neighborhood.

During the city commission discussion on the issue there were interruptions from the audience which resulted in Mayor Gillum asking for decorum.

On the neighborhood issue, resident and former reporter Lucy Morgan said to the city commission, ” I expected better of you all….we really thought that you were better neighbors..”

In addition, Peter Butzin, of Common Cause, criticized the city commission – specifically Commissioners Ziffer and Maddox – for the lack of teeth in an adopted ethics ordinance.

Seldom is there so much controversy and interaction between citizens and commissioners at a public meeting over so many different issues.

Most citizens in Tallahassee will never know it happened.

9 Responses to "Local Media Ignores Conflict and Controversy at City Hall"

  1. What local media lol. There is none except this TR for it to be done. Gillum is flipping along with PCS and others like Marks did before him. Two mayors two informants, how proud we are for having crooks and snitches for mayors. Dobson moving to big firm for better resources to try to save Maddox. Chuck Hobbs jockeying for position between bar suspensions and other corrupt behavior. ANY other lawyer would have been disbarred. Check his AVVO rating and bar history. The TD props him up with statements of his lies about the discipline from people like the “Capitol Curmudeon” who likes to say he has African American friends.

  2. MrsMorrie’s comment might also be considered libelous and if truth of statement is her defense then certainly needlessly defamatory. I certainly would pursue whatever recourse available were I Mr. Sims, regardless of other transgressions committed.

  3. Stanley Sims, it’s could to see you here (and not within 1000 feet of a school). My company does contract work for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I’ve heard all about you.

  4. The search for a city attorney has turned into an unnecessarily contentious event. Some would like to see a comprehensive, intellectually honest search. In the past, in my opinion, the city has undertaken a token search, just to appoint someone from within the organization. If the internal candidate is the best possible candidate, fine, but if the search is not comprehensive nor intellectually honest, I am not sure that the internal candidate is the best. However, I am of the opinion that the city’s past efforts have not been sufficient to achieve the best outcome.
    Many of the speakers at last week’s commission meeting argued that the internal candidate was qualified for the job. Perhaps she is; I have met her only once and do not know her qualifications. Is she the best candidate? If the city performs a truncated, pro forma search as it did recently, I am not sure that she is the best candidate. I would only be satisfied that she is with a comprehensive, intellectually honest search. However, I am not sure that we can get that now, and I am not sure that I will ever know.
    Given the contentiousness, accusations, and blame for the current search, in the end, I hope we get something positive from it. Otherwise, the internal candidate will begin under a cloud of suspicion and, if the internal choice turns out to be the incorrect choice, with a constituency of her own, it may not be correctable in the future. But that’s just how one person sees it.

  5. We all need to be aware of what just reared it’s snippy head at the meeting with regards to Nancy Miller. It would seem Nancy is finally over her Obama love projections she had with Mayor Andy. As evidenced by her snippy remarks to her formerly beloved Mayor Andy who did not want to wait for Scottie to come back from the potty.
    At least she is over her Obama love transfer to “kinda looks like BHO” Mayor Andy.
    This is significant for a liberal.

  6. It stinks up on 277 North Magnolia Drive.
    Started to smell during the last years of Knight-Ridder ownership, before they self-destructed. Now, under the Evil Empire known as Gannett, its stench is worse than a drive down Hwy 27 past the dump with your windows cracked.

  7. Hell has no FURY & FIRE like SCORN Citizens of Tallahassee & Leon County! Enough of talking, take matters in your hands at the Voting Booths! VOTE all INCUMBENTS OUT 2018 and do leave INCUMBENTS in their SAFE seats now VOTE them OUT in 2020! All are hoping you will have a change of heart in 2020. If not CITIZENS, expect SAME ole dirty dealings from SHYSTERS to continue at taxpayers EXPENSE! Zebras never change their stripes!

  8. The real reason City Commissioner Scott Maddox is wanting staff to dumb down the qualifications of the two positions (City Manager and City Attorney) is to help Reese Goad who is lacking a required Master’s Degree, responsible for a million dollar overpayment to the County, several former City employees have filed lawsuits; caused us to spend millions of dollars on Smartmeters that didn’t work; has received approximately $100,000 base salary rise in FOUR years totaling $200,000 a year without a MASTERS Degree; Scott will vote for Ms. Jackson, he just had to lower the bar for his friend to qualify. F.B.I. Please hurry up… Our city is dying!

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