Interim City Manager Reese Goad Admits to Family Hires at City of Tallahassee

Interim City Manager Reese Goad Admits to Family Hires at City of Tallahassee

A recent lawsuit by long-time city employee Patricia McCray, alleges, among other things, that upper management at the City of Tallahassee hired family members for city jobs.

McCray, who worked for the city for 19 years before being laid off, was the assistant to former City Manager Rick Fernandez

McCray’s allegations about the family hires has been confirmed by city management.

Interim City Manager Reese Goad admitted to a Tallahassee Democrat reporter that he supported the hires of his brother-in law and the daughter of former City Manager Rick Fernandez.

However, Goad said that the hires did not violate city policy. The Tallahassee Democrat confirmed that both were initially hired as temporary workers.

TR has previously reported that the hiring of City Commissioner Nancy Miller’s step-son was initially for a temporary position.

Temporary positions are seldom advertised to a broad category of people by the City, and in a number of instances, this approach -which often results in a permanent job – has benefited family members and those close to upper management.

Tallahassee Reports has previously reported that the City of Tallahassee’s Technology and Innovation Department, headed by Jonathan Kilpatrick, employs the step-son of City Commissioner Nancy Miller and the daughter of City Manager Rick Fernandez.

In addition, TR verified that Kilpatrick’s wife works with the City of Tallahassee and his daughter, Cowan Kilpatrick Duggar, was recently hired in the city’s Gas Administration Department. Sources verified that Kilpatrick’s daughter was hired in a temporary position.

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  1. Someone needs to asked City Commissioner Scott Maddox, “Why is he dumbing down the qualifications for a guy with a track record like this?” Tallahassee Democrat or the Tallahassee Reports won’t write about who Reese Gold made a million dollar over payment of our taxpayers dollars and when it was brought to his attention… He tried to cover it up by withholding the information from the City Commissioners, and their are how many lawsuits that are ready filed… With more to come. Together we Stand, and The F.B.I. Will make them all FALL!

    1. Stanley Sims, it’s could to see you here (and not within 1000 feet of a school). My company does contract work for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I’ve heard all about you.

    2. Stanley Sims is a Crisis Actor


      When they say permanent job they aren’t saying the position they were initially hired for turned permanent. They worked part-time and then was hired into a posted full-time position most likely elsewhere and definitely not directly under their family member.

  2. Former City Manager Anita Favors Thompson’s son was hired as the director of the Dade Street Community Center while she was still the city manager. He is a convicted felon. He seems like the kind of mentor we would want for children in high crime neighborhoods.

  3. I don’t see the big deal..TONS of places hire family members..the state, the county, private businesses..As long as they do not directly report to family, shouldn’t be a conflict!

    1. Should family members have to compete for an advertised position or placed in a non-competitive temporary position which eventually becomes permanent?

  4. Goad not only admitted to having family hired, he basically required an employee to hire these people as a condition of their continued employment.

    A public record request for all employees with the City, who have a relative also employed by COT wil truly amaze you.

    And it doesn’t stop there, look at the sorority ‘sisters’, specifically the AKAs and what positions they hold at COT and how they were hired – then match this with their actual credentials.

    Entitlement; coupled with arrogance with no shortage of incompetence via COT – just another layer for the FBI to dive into. Good on Ms. McCray: The truth crushed the ground will rise again.

  5. Don’t worry Citizens of Tallahassee and Leon County their day is coming sooner than you know! Be patient, indictments like you have never envision before to shake the foundation of the City of Tallahassee and Leon County! Just because Rocky Hannah escaped the consequences, do not believe for one second the FEDs to allow sitting elected officials in the capital City of Tallahassee and Leon County to go unpunished! There will be a domino effect including appointed interim officials! Few are lucky they are leaving on their own accord and not in hand cuffs! What has been going on in the dark now is surfacing to the light for all to see and know!

  6. Meanwhile, Richardson “can’t see the cloud” over the city, Maddox is ok with hiring from within, and Gillum is Gillum.

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