Erwin Jackson Residency Lawsuit Provided FBI with Info about Governance

Erwin Jackson Residency Lawsuit Provided FBI with Info about Governance

Back in September 2016, Dr. Erwin Jackson filed a lawsuit concerning the residency of City Commissioner Scott Maddox. The filing claimed Maddox was ineligible for the City Commission because he did not live in the City of Tallahassee.

Ultimately, Jackson lost the court case. However, it now appears that questions answered by Maddox in that case about his relationship with Governance, Inc. are part of the FBI investigation into corruption.

From pages 12-14 of FBI search warrant:

E. Maddox’s False Statements Concerning his Relationship with Governance

On November 30,2016, MADDOX gave sworn deposition testimony concerning a civil lawsuit whereby the complainant challenged MADDOX’s status as a resident of
Tallahassee. During that deposition, MADDOX was asked the following questions and gave the following answers:

Q: Do you have any other business interest or dealings with Governance Services, LLC?
A: Repeat the question. I’m sorry.

Q: Sure. You have mentioned paying rent, the law firm pays rent for the Adams Street properties to Governance Services, LLC. Other than that do you have any business relationship, you or your law firm, with Governance Services, LLC?
A: I’m not sure whether we represented them on anything. I don’t know.

Q: What about Governance, Inc.? Are you familiar with Governance,Inc.?
A: Yes.

Q: Who owns Governance, Inc.?
A: Paige Carter Smith.

Q: Do you or your family or your businesses have any relationship with Governance, Inc.?
A: I don’t know what that relationship would be.

In September, 2017, the FBI interviewed a witness (hereafter “WITNESS THREE”) who was employed by GOVERNANCE from approximately 2006 to 2014.

WITNESS THREE advised that MADDOX was in charge of GOVERNANCE throughout WITNESS THREE’s employment at GOVERNANCE, to include the time period whereby MADDOX was a Tallahassee City Commissioner.

WITNESS THREE advised that GOVERNANCE sold its political influence and local government experience, largely through MADDOX’s political connections in Tallahassee and other parts of Florida.

WITNESS THREE had not seen CARTER-SMITH represent a client, recruit a new client, or go to the City Commission podium on behalf of a client while employed at GOVERNANCE.

WITNESS THREE advised that CARTER-SMITH did not have a viable firm without MADDOX and that CARTER-SMITH did whatever MADDOX wanted.

WITNESS THREE was ultimately fired from GOVERNANCE by MADDOX in 2014.

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  1. The 21-page affidavit obtained by the Democrat details Maddox and Carter-Smith’s dealings with undercover FBI agents relating to a vote by the Tallahassee City Commission in connection with a ride-sharing company, presumably Uber. According to the Democrat: The FBI investigation centers around “Governance, Inc. ,” a company Maddox owned but later claimed to sell to Carter-Smith sometime between 2010 and 2012. However, according to the federal affidavit, “Maddox continued to control Governance and profit from its activities, to include lobbying activities in the City of Tallahassee, for years after the 2012 election. ” Maddox, an attorney and former chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, was first elected to the city commission in 1993 and became mayor in 1997.

  2. No doubt perjury charges should be added thanks to Mr. Jackson’s civil suit. Also, I wonder if the FBI would be able to include criminal charges for Maddox not living in his district even though Maddox prevailed in the civil suit?

    1. Hope,
      You certainly call it the way it should be. But wait….; there’s more. Excuse me for stating the obvious…..

      This calls into direct question the validity of all of these tainted and bought votes cast by Maddox and any/all other Commissioners that were demonstrably on the take?

      How and who can demonstrate the trickle down economics of these votes and then hold them accountable?
      Only the FBI. If Jackson had prevailed and demonstrated Maddox lied about his residency – it would certainly be less of an issue. But Maddox lied under oath.

      And this is just one slimy commissioner’s actions.

      The real questions are: 1) How long have these actions been occurring (since Maddox entered into his initial ‘Public Service’ ?); 2) What actions and votes were impacted (most likely all?); 3) What has been the financial impacts on the City (Substantial?); 4) Who/how will re-evaluate AND CORRECT this debacle (FBI – amended Jackson complaint?). Stay tuned.

    1. With a lot of help from Steve Stewart and Tallahassee Reports. Now everyone donate to his nonprofit organization! Thanks.

    1. One thing is certain for this residency-challenged con man: 1050 Big Joe Rd. in Monticello is definitely not in his district.

      1. The Jefferson Correctional Institute located at 1050 Big Joe RD over there in Monticello will be a nice scenic drive in the country for his girlfriend to go over to hook up from time to time.
        His wifey will likely find an honest man and sell all of his various residences located here, there, and everywhere soon after the trial and cut off her visitation before running off with the honest man.
        Maybe all the usual suspects will also be sent over there to the Jefferson Correctional Institute. Hopefully they will have learned their lesson and not give the warden any trouble with fighting and having drones dropping hack saw blades, cell phones, and what-not down into the exercise yard.

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