Witness Three in FBI Document: “Maddox was in charge of Governance”

Witness Three in FBI Document: “Maddox was in charge of Governance”

Listed below is information provided to the FBI by “Witness Three” used to document that City Commissioner Scott Maddox was in charge of Governance, Inc. even though he publicly claimed he sold his interest in the lobbying firm to Paige Carter-Smith to avoid conflicts of interest.

From page 13 of the search warrant:

In September, 2017, the FBI interviewed a witness (hereafter “WITNESS THREE”) who was employed by GOVERNANCE from approximately 2006 to 2014.

WITNESS THREE advised that MADDOX was in charge of GOVERNANCE throughout WITNESS THREE’s employment at GOVERNANCE, to include the time period whereby MADDOX was a Tallahassee City Commissioner.

WITNESS THREE advised that GOVERNANCE sold its political influence and local government experience, largely through MADDOX’s political connections in Tallahassee and other parts of Florida.

WITNESS THREE had not seen CARTER-SMITH represent a client, recruit a new client, or go to the City Commission podium on behalf of a client while employed at GOVERNANCE.

WITNESS THREE advised that CARTER-SMITH did not have a viable firm without MADDOX and that CARTER-SMITH did whatever MADDOX wanted.

WITNESS THREE was ultimately fired from GOVERNANCE by MADDOX in 2014.

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  1. WASTE PRO – oh they’re involved too; let’s just hope this isn’t a game of Reduce (charges), Reuse (the Usual Suspects), Recycle (Bribe Money) – at our Citizen’s continual expense.

    What an assortment of thieves the City of Tallahassee HAD. FBI look at the contracting and procurement – and how this aspect was directed to be handled. Hence LEGAL’s Assistance.

  2. Brazen CHIEF of “pay to play” schemes in State of Florida notably Tallahassee needs to be FIRED immediately! What are they waiting for her be officially INDICATED before they mustered enough of CHUTZPAH! DIA silence sends message of COMPLICITY of her no SHAME in her game! Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce on radio SILENCE as well! Any other Citizens would have been thrown under the BUS and kicked to the CURBSIDE for WASTE PRO to collect!

  3. So why hasn’t carter-smith been fired fron from the DIA? Who does the hiring and firing? There is plenty of information to do so and if not, at least suspend her without pay until this is over. These peoples ties should be cut immediately from all of these posts they have been “appointed” to while getting paid to criminally double and triple dip on our money illegally.

    1. I will never understand why so many in the position to ask such questions of lefty liberals let them get away with those non-answers.
      And why do they put up with the lefty liberal art form of spin-pivot and redirect the subject away from whatever the subject of the question was?

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