City Commission Approves FDOT Funds for Weems Road Extension

City Commission Approves FDOT Funds for Weems Road Extension

At the last City Commission elected leaders approved a resolution authorizing the Mayor of Tallahassee to execute an agreement with FDOT for $1 million in funds for the Weems Road extension.

The project is intended to relieve congestion at the state-maintained intersection of Capital Circle NE and Mahan Drive.

The road improvement will allow those travelling north on Weems road to cross over Mahan and travel to Capital Circle NE via the extension which is located behind the retail center that includes Academy Sports and Publix.

Utilizing state funds will save the City of Tallahassee $1 million in construction costs. FDOT has already notified the City of their intent to fund this project through a grant from the Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP).

Construction is set to begin July 2018 and projected to be completed in the fall of 2019.

3 Responses to "City Commission Approves FDOT Funds for Weems Road Extension"

  1. As a transportation planner for 30 years, I don’t see this as a solution. All it will do is move the problem, and open some land for future development. And Weems traffic will increase on a two laned road. So all the traffic going onto weems will go thru the roundabout which will become over capacity and breakdown. I drive CCNE and Mahan every day and I never see any buses; that would be a start. No easy solution.

  2. I guess this means all the real estate deals to line insiders pockets have been done and monies collected……………..

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