Sale of Governance to Paige Carter-Smith Executed with Handwritten Contract

Sale of Governance to Paige Carter-Smith Executed with Handwritten Contract

The sale of the lobbying and consulting firm, Governance Inc., from Scott Maddox to Paige Carter-Smith is a central focus of the FBI investigation.

The recently released FBI probable cause search warrant alleges that Maddox maintained control of Governance even after the sale to Carter-Smith.

Tallahassee Reports has obtained a copy of the contract which was turned over to the Florida Commission on Ethics during an ethics complaint investigation.

The handwritten contract shows that the business was sold for a $100,000 under the following terms:

Any or all carry over losses will remain with seller.

Said consideration shall be paid in full no later than seven years from execution of this agreement.

The contract was signed by Scott Maddox and Paige Carter-Smith on March 12, 2010.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that Carter-Smith paid Maddox $106,000 for contractual work in 2011 and 2012 — more than she paid him for the entire company. Maddox said he stopped working for Carter-Smith before he filed qualifying papers to run for the City Commission in 2012.



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  1. I’m not an attorney, but I would guess a handwritten bill of sale is as valid as any other. However, all of the attorneys I know take a little more care in preparing legal documents. I’ve never known one to hand me a handwritten document to sign.

  2. We are supposed to believe this was written by a trained college graduate jurist and believe that it was signed on that date, even though it was not notarized? Lordy, lordy they do really believe we voters are stupid because we voted them into so many different offices for so many different years. Maybe we are??

  3. If I was Esq Dobson I would be have made a verbal non-recorded sugestion Scotty write up such a bogus document about a week ago.
    Make a poor copy like the one pictured above and flush the original.
    That’s what Esq Whiplash would have made Scotty do.

  4. Major, when you make a statement,” Tadros burned up a huge amount of City funds unchecked”, where is your proof? Put some facts out there to back it up! Sick of people stating there opinions as facts!! Just like that clown Erwin, he gets his “facts” from disgruntled EX enployees and states that as fact! Steve pulled a public records request on Tadros yesterday, so let’s see what he states! At least he backs up his statements with proof instead of fake news!

  5. A very simple question: couldn’t the date on this contract be bogus and just recently generated and then back dated?

    A lot of different ways to prove this.

    Tadros was Fernandez’s right hand man and burned up a huge amount of City funds unchecked. More to that story.

  6. This is a pitiful contract regarding a bill of sale especially by an attorney. But, look how the Democratic Party of Florida was mismanaged by Scott Maddox, so more evidence of mismanagement in his personal business if not outright fraud. He did not want to get a legitimate contract by an attorney because it is a ruse and there was no sale.

    The (bogus)sale was for $100,000, but payments to Maddox from Governance totaled approx $500,000 that we know of, so how is that to be explained?

    The energy directed to this recent scandal among many draws energy away from citizens on so many levels…that it is so sad to see the players involved, so self absorbed with themselves that they will not resign. Have their egos overtaken their conscience and duty to the public?

    This was no bill of sale, in my opinion, just a piece of paper to cover themselves. I believe the FBI will see through this; hence, the warrants. They fool no one, but themselves.

  7. Check out the indictments in Allentown, PA! They are ahead of us in the process but the illegal activities of the corrupt politicians sound awfully similar to what is going on here.

  8. If it is intent to commit a crime you are looking for – see the notebook from Rocky Hanna sent to federal authorities. Time for Hanna to be charged for providing knowingly false information. Oh and guess what…according to an affidavit he did it based upon the advice of his attorney. Feds can get a two for one special.

  9. I am not at all surprised by these facts nor the “contract” signed off by these two. When you have been the Pied Piper for so long, (and it is allowed by those who vote), you certainly whistle a different tune. I think there are going to be more songbirds that will out-tweet him.

  10. Rules, laws, guidelines have not traditionally applied to the insiders. This is actually, pretty darn funny. Hand-written contract?!? I get the impression this was drafted in kind of a hurry. I wonder why? Steve, connect some dots here…you know this chain of events better than anyone else because you have been covering all of this…What was going on in March 2010 in the world of Maddox, the City, etc.?

    1. Preston this false hand written document resulted fro an ethics complaint I filed claiming Scott Maddox was a city commissioner and lobbying for Waste Pro. This document was written to show the ethics commission that Scott did not own Governance. If this investigation would have subpoenaed back records the Scott Maddox crime family would have been exposed years ago!

  11. It looks like this contract was written in a hurry as a means to give Maddox some deniability, but it’s not working. All this does is confirm Smith’s intent to join the conspiracy with Maddox to shakedown city vendors.

    Stanley also has a good point in the previous post…How can the CEO of the DIA (a taxpayer funded entity) own a lobbying firm where city vendors pay her firm big money to get city contracts…from her?? Am I missing something?

  12. Darn
    I was hopeful it would have been written on an Andrews or Governors Club napkin
    With questionable stains on it of course !!!!!

  13. Okay I have a question… Paige is a City employee who has a lobbying firm, formally owned by a current City Commmissioner, and primary clients are individuals who has business with the City My question is… Is the lawful and not a conflict? I believe this is way outside the guidelines.

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