Leon County Commission Approves $390K for Cascades Amphitheater Weatherization Plan

Leon County Commission Approves $390K for Cascades Amphitheater Weatherization Plan

The Leon County Commission voted to approve a plan to weatherize the amphitheater stage at Cascades Park and to mitigate the sound level to ease adjacent neighborhood concerns. The improvements would be funded with a portion of the money received from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement.

The Board has allocated $586,692 for the weatherization project, with the improvements estimated at $390,000. The remaining, an estimated $190,000, would be reallocated towards the County’s strategic initiative for placing solar on County buildings.

The commission may alternatively vote to reallocate the balance for the amphitheater project to a budget discussion item for implementation of the strategic initiative for solar on County facilities.

Cascades Park and the amphitheater are owned and operated by the City of Tallahassee, which has final approval on any improvements to these properties. The weatherization initiative was initially approved by the Board in early 2016; however, other projects, now off the table, impeded moving forward with the project.

The weatherization modifications would shield the stage and performance areas from rain and water but would not provide protected seating for attendees. The proposed design plan maintains the view from the park to the State Capitol.

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  1. Keep in mind that the original, natural Cascades was a waterfall flowing into a sinkhole.
    The expenditure of just barely $400,000 is merely an historic tribute to the endless flow into the Cascades Sinkhole. It is entirely appropriate, which is why the funds are called an “appropriation!”
    I enjoy The Cascades every day, and very much appreciate the efforts to keep the flow of fun on tap. It is a huge success and improves the value of Tallahassee immensely.
    Seriously, Cascades Park is a jewel in a perfect setting.
    It is worth every penny and dollar it costs.

  2. Hard to believe that a project of this size and so high profile did not have a sound study performed while in the design phase. Of course we all should have gone to the early meetings and demanded that it face the other way toward downtown. The stage would be up high and dry. The only wet areas would be seating down low.

  3. The ignorance and political partisanship contained in these comments is abysmal and disappointing. The amphitheater is pointed in the direction it is because of the terrain and if it were turned around the sound would bounce off the buildings. Only a SMALL HANDFUL of neighbors complain about the noise. The VAST MAJORITY of us love the park and the events, and even the train. The land was a TOXIC WASTE site before, fenced off and over-grown. The park is a gem and WELL WORTH the money spent. Some people need to pull their head out of their attitudes, look around and enjoy some of the beautiful things in our city, even if they are not perfect or by your party.

  4. The price tag on this thing just keeps growing and growing. This is how all projects in this county are handled. The staff lies about how low the cost is to get it started and then they incrementally add on and add on. Most of the people who benefit from this do not even pay taxes here.

  5. I am sure that the music played is better than the roar of a train….not sure why Tallahassee is even getting any Horizon money. The only ones that were really effected were Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay….but the politicians get involved and take their cuts to prove they are doing something for the people…

  6. I used to work at The Edison. I have seen so many concerts get so much water on the stage while performing. Not water falling naturally, but run off from the roof and sidewalk. The back area needs to be water free with so much electrical equipment back there. If it’s not dry, it’s not safe. The neighborhood folks have been complaining for years about the noise level. It’s time something is done about it. I think there should be a fee charged to businesses that benefit from the concerts etc there. A running Amphitheatre adds dramatically to the bottom line…..or at least the top line. I guess it depends on what one calls profit if it makes it to the bottom.

  7. During the design stage, an option was considered to have the shell direct noise in the opposite direction away from the neighborhood. It would be compared to the St Augustine amphitheater which directs noise away from its neighborhoods and toward water areas. Contacted after the Tallahassee design was changed, St Augustine directors of their amphitheater were perplexed as to why Tallahassee changed the sound direction toward its neighbors. It still remains a mystery –

  8. Seriously? How dare the city build something that makes people want to live here, not move away when they graduate. Why even have street lamps? Or police? You’re just mad because the mayor is not republican.

      1. You are so right that Gillum is an ultra liberal backed by the evil Soros!! Can’t imagine any straight thinking person voting for a candidate who is backed by the worst of the worst and is a big supporter of sanctuary cities and entire states, just for starters!

  9. The unnecessary portion of Cascades Park, meaning all amenities except the storm water mitigation part, costs over $500,000 per year just for maintenance.

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