Jackson Files Florida Bar Complaint Against City Commissioner Scott Maddox

Jackson Files Florida Bar Complaint Against City Commissioner Scott Maddox

Dr. Erwin Jackson has filed a complaint against City Commissioner Scott Maddox with The Florida Bar.

The complaint alleges Maddox violated his professional obligations in two cases in which he was involved. Most recently, in 2016, Maddox gave false testimony under oath in a lawsuit filed by Dr. Jackson.

Similarly, in 2014, the complaint alleges that Maddox gave false testimony under oath in an ethics complaint filed against him by Dr. Jackson.

In each instance, the complaint alleges that Maddox committed the crime of perjury and violated his professional obligations as a member of The Florida Bar.

In both instances, the complaint alleges that the false statements are related to Maddox’s relationship with Governance, Inc.

The complaint cites parts of the FBI search warrant from the United States District Court for the Northern District of
Florida filed to obtain records related to Maddox in the ongoing investigation of city hall.

The complaint also includes the assessment of  FBI Special Agent Evan Hurley that “Maddox lied under oath in a deposition” in a 2016 lawsuit filed by Jackson.

The complaint references a summary of statements given by Maddox under oath to an investigator with the Florida Commission on Ethics.

The statements were in references to his business ties to Governance, Inc. while he was serving on the Tallahassee City Commission.

The complaint concludes by saying Maddox’s “conduct showed a total disregard for the judicial process. Under oath in two proceedings, Maddox gave misleading and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process.”

7 Responses to "Jackson Files Florida Bar Complaint Against City Commissioner Scott Maddox"

  1. Thank you, Dr. Jackson! Your dedication and perseverance are extraordinary and commendable.

    Maddox and his complicit COT cabal have operated their personal little racketeering schemes here in Tallahassee for so long, they have the mistaken impression they’re somehow immune to any prosecution. I’m glad they’re finding out they indeed can be indicted and prosecuted – their prison time may well be very stark reality for years to come.

  2. Thank you for all your help dr. Jackson. But you’re going to need more brooms to sweep the dirt and the corruption out of the utility departments of appointed people that are overpaid I still feel bad for the 47 employees that got hacked for no reason.

  3. In ‘lil Scooter’s defense he thought Hillary was gonna take the White House and the graft + corruption would be allowed to continue unabated for the next 4 to 8 years.
    That’s why Erwin was able to catch ‘lil Scooter dirty.
    Great job Dr. Jackson
    Thank you Steve and Tallahassee Reports

  4. Deer Leon County School Board Members,
    This is what real investigation looks like. The fact that you were manipulated by Rocky Hanna and Woody Hildebrandt and you have never publicly questioned or sanctioned them for costing the school district $600,000 while putting together a notebook full of half-truths, misleading statements and perpetrated for the purpose of vengeance for Hanna being removed as a principal let’s all of us know the type of personal and professional Integrity that you all have.

  5. Dr. Jackson and Tallahassee Reports are my heros! Steadfast in your pursuit of exposing the antiquated political run games in Tallahassee. Appreciate and respect! Keep up the great work!

  6. Scott Maddox said I was lying about his ownership of Governance Inc in 2014 and 2016! Sorry Scott, the FBI has concluded that you still own Governance and are receiving bribes and are selling your votes in exchange for cash payments to Governance. Scott I guess you will now complain that the FBI is also lying!

    No more lying Scott. Admit your guilt and that of your associates and business associates. Just go away with your special special friend Paige and serve your time!

    Lock em up!

    Dr. Erwin Jackson
    Tallahassee Truth Teller

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