Leon GOP Chair to Hanna: What about educational choice & tax reform rallies?

Leon GOP Chair to Hanna: What about educational choice & tax reform rallies?

Evan Power, the Leon GOP Chair, has published an open letter to Superintendent Rocky Hanna concerning the use of school resources to bus certain student representatives to a rally at the Capitol related to the Parkland school shooting.

In the letter, Power asked if Hanna would do the same for an issue he did not agree with.

“Will you also allow students to be excused and use school transportation in the future to attend a rally for educational choice, tax reform, or labor union transparency? In short is this a new policy or just a one-time effort to support an idea that you politically agree with,” wrote Power.

WCTV recently reported that Superintendent Hanna supported tougher gun laws.

“How does a kid get an AR 15 and just walk in and start shooting and killing people?” Hanna said. “At what point are we going to have the courage to talk about sensible gun control? What does it take?”

Hanna told the Tallahassee Democrat Monday that he is “not endorsing the rally. I’m endorsing our students’ right to participate.”

“Educators need to educate kids on all different types of party platforms and agendas, and they choose for themselves which ideas they support and which ideas they reject,” Hanna said.

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  1. So, Joan Baez was unintentionally correct: here we are in steaming corrupt Swampville.

    Someone in crazy California apparently verified those Communist goals, though they are still not available in the on-line Congressional Records. He found the pages on micro-film at California State U at San Jose, Clark library, Federal Document Depository floor, microfilm J 11 .R5; Congressional Record vol109; 88th congress, 1st session; reel 12 contained appendix pages A1-A2842 covering 1963 January 9 through 1963 May 7…including the material quoted by Skousen. Herlong said he asked for it to be entered at the urging of Mrs. Patricia Nordman, former publisher of the De Land Courier. I am glad the Stuarts are upholding that journalistic tradition.

  2. I doubt the school board will do anything to Hanna. His unmitigated gall thumbing his nose show all of us who he is. If the school board will not act perhaps the Florida Department of Education should investigate but then again the Florida Department of Education allowed Shelly Bell to game the accountabity system and she got a promotion. Or did Shelly get a promotion because Ricky Bell hid his affidavit from the authorities that would have short circuited Hanna’s notebook?

  3. They do not teach civics, home economics or compulsary ROTC anymore in our high schools. As a result , we have young adults that know absolutely nothing about formation of our government or how it works or really it”s true purpose. We have young women that think chicken was born at Publex on a foam tray and would not have the slightest idea how to take a live bird, kill it , de-feather it, gut it and even cook it. We have young men with no military training what so ever that do not know which end of a rifle the bullet comes out of and these folks are called the future “”leaders of our country”” ??

  4. Read the Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963:
    “17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”
    Well done, Commies!
    While rational people of both parties try to be decent individuals, our enemy has worked tirelessly to achieve their goals; the downfall of western civilization. They start with the children who don’t know better and are not taught any better. Ever hear of a class teaching kids about the Constitution? I haven’t.

  5. As a group of Leon County School administrators we are pleading with someone from the community to file suit against the superintendent for wrongful use of school funding sending students to a single political event. Our hearts go out to the families and students throughout this country that have lost loved ones , but we cannot use our tax dollars for a superintendent’s political agenda.

    The superintendent cut a 80% of school resource officers from our elementary schools this year. We ask for community action against the superintendent. We work in a culture where fear and intimidation rules. The superintendent has demoted some of us, he has not rehired our colleagues, he is on a mission to dismantle public education in Leon County. We’ve been told we don’t have money for reading interventions and math interventions but the superintendent uses our tax dollars to further his own political agenda.

  6. Interesting how silent our school board has been over all the things going on in our schools. I am sure they are aware of our concerns and comments. They are Mr. Hanna’s puppet. The Board has a public meeting next Tuesday. Maybe TR and the Democrap could be there to see if they even care to discuss the events over the last month.

  7. The School Board of Leon County Bylaws and Policies #8645 Use of School Buses, Prohibited Uses: Buses may not be used for religious services, instruction, or ceremonies, commercial (for profit) activities, or politically related events. Note that it doesn’t state “political events,” it states ‘politically related events.” So regardless of what it’s called, it’s at the least a “politically related event.” Guess Rocky doesn’t have to abide by the Bylaws and Policies.

    I would appreciate the reimbursement of my tax payer share of the cost.

    Our hearts and prayers go to the families and friends of this tragedy but gun control that won’t work is not the way.

  8. These men supported your right to bear arms:

    These men opposed it:

  9. Instead of putting together possible long term solutions Hanna opts for a knee jerk headline. As a current Leon County School administrator I am ashamed of the way the Superintendent acts, his past actions and his off color comments about students of color and poverty. Mr. Superintendent either mature quickly or resign and please for the good of the school system take your hand picked non-interviewed appointed associate superintendents with you. And please take the rehired DROP staff with you as well. Bad messgae sent and revieved. If you supported Hanna you were promoted and rehired. Non supported staff demoted and not rehired.

  10. It is remarkable how these trips to Tallahassee by all these schools – students excused, buses arranged etc., etc. was so quickly put together. And these kids all seem to have the same narrative. I would not be surprised if this was orchestrated by the Dems; they are pretty desperate these days. What a convenient tragedy to have right when the goods are coming out about Hillary, Obama & top members of his DOJ & FBI.

  11. Hanna is setting up LCS to be sued. If a student wants to go to any rally or event at the Capitol, then he or she must be afforded the same opportunity and be excused from school. If not, the lawsuits will fly. Bad precedence, Rocky!

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Anhaica.
      The first thing I said when I heard that Hanna excused students ONLY if they attended that specific rally, was:
      “I’d SUE, based on the fact that if I’m being forced to attend a rally for a political issue I don’t agree with. if I’m a student and I want to attend a counter-rally acroos the street promoting the 2nd Amendment, am I then UN-excused from school because I don’t attend the “correct” rally?”
      In other words, Mr. Hanna is COERCING students into attending rallies of HIS personal choice.
      That is discrimination of the first order! I hope the Leon GOP files a lawsuit based on that, and also the illegal use of school buses and-or resources to coerce students into attending Hanna’s rally. You broke several laws, Rocky – and now I hope the lawsuits fly.

    1. Last week Gillian Gregory told the high school principals Rocky did not believe in computer assisted instruction they had to buy their own reading supplemental interventions but Rocky does believe in using tax dollars for rallies when only high performing students can attend. Gregory and Hanna are eletists who do not care about all students.

  12. Is this the same Rocky Hanna that refused to meet with the U S Sec. Of Education because she was part of the Trump team and supported school choice. Cannot have it both ways Mr. Hanna and make us believe you care.

    1. Good point there Alex! While I agree with the article above from TR as worded in every respect. I was pleased to see that Evan Power – in his open letter – did address Rocky Hannah’s total disrespect which Rocky bestowed upon the U S Sec. Of Education when she visited Tallahassee.
      Rocky rudely snubbed her and was a total tool to the “Butt Hurt Hillary did not win wrong headed liberals” for the entire time of her visit. And this woman controls all Federal education funding disbursements to our Leon County Schools.
      So I was pleased to see that the Tallahassee Democrat did report on that aspect of what Evan Power had to say about Rocky rudely snubbing her in Evans open letter. It is related to Evans questions of why Rocky will support this and provide no support for pro life or other conservative values our local conservative students may want to engage in.
      No disrespect intended and it may be that just you, me, and Evan care about this. But it really seems several otherwise conservative local folks have preferred to dance around Rocky’s total disrespect to the U S Sec. Of Education.
      Of course we are all concerned over Florida’s recent school massacre. I am glad Evan Power chose to also address Rocky Hanna’s total disrespect to the U S Sec. Of Education in Evan’s open letter on the recent school shooting. Because it is related to what is wrong with the liberal leadership in both Tallahassee government and our local schools.

  13. WHO is paying for the gas and the drivers these buses are using? Leon County taxpayers? Is that even legal?
    I heard the buses coming up from MSD are not school buses, but nice charters. Who is paying for them?
    And who appointed these kids as experts on gun laws?
    Our civilization and culture have been flipped by the progressives!
    1958: Father Knows Best
    2018: Young Skulls Full of Mush Know Best

    1. Legal? You are talking about Rocky who dated a teacher he supervised, had her transferred with a monetary settlement, sent a notebook to state and federal authorities later admitting he had NO knowledge of any wrongdoing… When I taught at Leon we all knew he would show up late and go home to nap. This man is unethical. He does not care about ethics and accountabity.

  14. This is where so much indoctrination flourishes. In addition, it plays into the local media perfectly. There are student who are not being allowed to voice their opposing views – purposely. We send our children to public schools to be lorded over using censorship directed from the top. What should we expect of liberals? They value the opportunity to use these heartbroken kids to push their own agenda more than they value the kids that should be protected each and every day. These kids do not even know why we have the 2nd Amendment. They have been programmed to believe laws against guns will solve the problem of mass shootings. I am still waiting on one person to share with these kids what new gun laws would have prevented any mass shootings.
    What they do need to know is current gun laws are not being enforced. The National background entry process is not being followed – just look at the church shooter in Texas whose name was never entered into the national database of former military members who should not be legally allowed to purchase guns. Then we find out that is way down the list of priorities for the military. And of course no one is going to be held responsible for failing the folks in Texas.
    Who will tell them suicide is the leading cause of gun-related deaths across the country in recent years? These kids also need to know the “See something say something” program failed them as the FBI for whatever reason decided not to follow procedure when receiving very particular information regarding the shooter. They need to know the Florida Department of Children & Families failed them by allowing the shooter, a kid with real issues to continue on a destructive path; local law enforcement failed them when no one thought 39 visits to the shooters home over the years was not noteworthy, not a reason to follow-up. They need to know their School Board failed them as they allow guns to protect those in banks but not those in schools.
    The one common thread we can see in all the failures that lead to the murder of 17 innocent people is all the agencies that failed Parkland, Florida on February 14 are government agencies. And these kids are being led to believe that more government oversight and laws in the answer and too many of them believe it because they are not being told the truth….please!
    While I offer prayers for these families enduring so much pain, I will not allow a government that continually fails to protect our most precious resources as they protect their agencies and worldly goods with guns to take away my right to protect my children and my neighbors from those who are hell bent on harming us.



    1. If Charlie and JD set up a gun safety class at Talon directed towards teens, would Rocky sign off on a bus to get them there and back?

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