Seven Months Later, Interim City Manager Still Investigating Football Ticket Scandal

Seven Months Later, Interim City Manager Still Investigating Football Ticket Scandal

Seven months after Tallahassee Reports broke the story about City Manager Rick Fernandez soliciting $500 football tickets from city lobbyist and city vendor Adam Corey, the interim city manager, Reece Goad, is still investigating allegations that other city employees also used tickets provided by Corey.

City Manager Rick Fernadez eventually resigned his position because of the scandal.

Tallahassee Reports has previously published a story about the city’s head of Human Resources, Ellen Blair, receiving football tickets that provided access to Corey’s football skybox on multiple occasions.

TR also reported that Mayor Gillum’s Chief of Staff, Dustin Daniels, received tickets from Corey.

On November 11, 2017 the City’s Independent Ethics Board received a complaint about city employees receiving football tickets and noted at their November meeting that the matter, as per Board Bylaws require, was reported to the “Acting City Manager for determination of action to be taken, if any.”

Tallahassee Reports recently submitted a records request seeking documents associated with the investigation. The City’s response indicated that the matter “is still under investigation”, and therefore, the request is exempt from public records.

This means that more than three months after the complaint, the interim city manager has been unable to identify the city employees that received the $500 football tickets that provided access to Adam Corey’s exclusive football skybox.

TR will continue to investigate.

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  1. Per this $100 comment: check into the ‘gifts’ Fernandez would give out each Christmas to his city of Tallahassee Partners in crime; these exceeded that $100 limit on a regular and on-going basis. Get that list FBI – you’ll find more COT senior and ‘leadership’ employees than you care to interview.

  2. Well Steve..I was just going by the October 30, 2017 article in Tall Dem that stated City employees can’t accept gifts of $100 or more from vendors, contractors, etc..that is why I questioned value..

  3. What a waste of time! Who determined the value of the ticket to be $500? We are talking about an FSU game, right? Almost laughable! Mr. Fernandez should have resigned because he lied about receiving the tickets but not because of the value of them..For example, 6 months ago I paid $250 each for concert tickets..the week of concert realized couldn’t go..I got $25 for each ticket..the value is what someone is willing to pay! If Mr. Fernandez reached out to Mr. Corey a few days before a game to get tickets and he had some..clearly not much value to them..People were giving tickets away to games because nobody wanted them..get it?

  4. The COT cabal are all united in a mutually cooperative and protective effort to both maintain and cover up their corrupt deals, money-laundering schemes, and circular family-payola setups. They’ve been doing this for years and finally (so long overdue!) have attracted the serious attentions of the FBI. I hope the FBI’s efforts here in Tallahassee yield huge results that far exceed their wildest expectations, and the harshness of the prison sentences scares the living buzz out of every unethical municipal official in Florida for many years to come. You never know when that next high-roller developer seeking your “approval” for a project might be an undercover lawman . . .

  5. Wow little Reece Goad the Toad thinks he’s like his idol Muller up in Washington DC taking forever and a day working on Muller’s bogus Russian collusion illusion. Except in little Reece Goad’s case this shizz really happened.
    Hello little Reece Goad the Toad…TR recently ran a photo of some of your peeps in ‘da sky-box with that local chef dude…did ya see that little Reece Goad the Toad?

    1. Wow…U believe that Trump is not corrupted, but the the Mayor is…Now thats funny…Maybe u.can be McGruff the crime dog, and flush out the crime.Hahahah

  6. The reason that the Tall. Democrat doesn’t run these stories is that The City of Tallahassee spends funds on Tallahassee Democrat subscriptions and advertising with also with a wide array of associated media outlets. They are all on speed dial. Take the TAPP program as an example and look at all the money solely for adds, billboards, banners, tv and radio, – then work backwards on who/how these funds were directed from went through. You will be back to the usual subjects. You will be amazed at how many ‘Public Service Announcements’ – PSA’s are run for ‘free’ for the City because the radio/tv have to run govt and non-profit adds….; can you say Utility Marketing, this is how COT herds the sheeple. How much of CoT advertising dollars (I mean tax payer’s $) goes through Tallahassee Reports?

    FBI – it is all directed by design.

  7. You can be sure the Tallahassee Democrat would never pursue this matter. They’re just the lapdog for the City of Tallahassee government.

    1. The Tallahassee Democrat is worse than a lapdog for city government. The have refused to print or follow the ethics violations of Rocky Hanna. They recently ran a report on school resources officers and failed to state that Hanna and the School Board cut 50% of the school resource officers from elementary schools when he hired 6 associate superintendents. Further, they printed Hannah’s notebook verbatim without fact checking. They are unethical. Thank goodness for Steve Stewart!

    2. If you subscribe to the Fake Newsocrat, you’re just validating their proclivity for biased reporting.
      And your hard-earned money is going right into the pockets of corporate execs 868 miles away in McLean, Virginia.

  8. I am sure he will be wrapped up with the others in the FBI investigation. It would not surprise me if Corey was cooperating with the FBI and implicated all the corrupt city officials.

  9. At least they’re still investigating. The Leon County School Board spent $600,000 and found out that Rocky Hanna concocted the whole notebook which is an ethics violation worse they never went after him for ethics violations.

  10. Goad and company have been really hoping and praying this issue had been forgotten and went away. And it’s just growing on him….

    Perhaps you will also find other Public Record requests emplaced for this exact same information; including all text messages. That public record request is for the past 6 years, btw….;

    This is the poster child for the FBI to see how the: 1) CoT Legal Department – Cassandra Jackson; 2) the Ethics Department – Julie Meadow-Keene, 3) the Human Resource Department via Ellen Blair; 4) the Police Administration via Cynthia Barber and 5) the Major’s office keep this covered up. Where is CoT’s Miss-Communication’s Department Faris? She has been very, very quiet on these issues?

    They are all in lock step….; tap dancing around the implications of their actions.

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