Northeast Re-Zoning Proposal Increases “Dwelling Units” from 16 to 247 at Bull Headley Intersection

Northeast Re-Zoning Proposal Increases “Dwelling Units” from 16 to 247 at Bull Headley Intersection

The proposed zoning change for 30.9 acres (see map at end of report) located near the intersection of Bull Headley Road and Bannerman Road will increase the number of “dwelling units” from 16 to 247. In addition, the change will allow for approximately 300,000 square feet of commercial space in buildings up to four stories high.

Listed below is a detailed matrix of proposed changes.

The analysis by the planning staff indicates that the proposal is consistent with all applicable policies of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

The vote by the Leon County Commission that adopted the zoning regulations for this parcel actually took place almost three years ago.

On May 26, 2015, the Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan was amended to change the Lake Protection (LP) category to create the Lake Protection Node (LPN) zoning district.

The amendment designated four nodes at intersections within the LP category, one of which is located at the Bannerman Road and Bull Headley Road intersection.

The amendment was done in response to the Leon County Commission’s strategic initiative to “develop solutions to promote sustainable growth inside the Lake Protection Zone.”

The planning staff notes that re-zoning aligns with the Leon County Commission’s  strategic priorities. These priorities include;

(1) Protect our water supply, conserve environmentally sensitive lands, safeguard the health of our natural ecosystems, and protect our water quality, including the Floridan Aquifer, from local and upstream pollution.

(2) Promote orderly growth which protects our environment, preserves our charm, maximizes public investment, and stimulates better and more sustainable economic returns.

(3) Sustain a culture of performance, and deliver effective, efficient services that exceed expectations and demonstrate value.

The proposed re-zoning will be taken up at the March 6th, 2018, Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Commission meeting. The meeting will be held at 6:00 P.M. on the second floor of the Renaissance Center.




10 Responses to "Northeast Re-Zoning Proposal Increases “Dwelling Units” from 16 to 247 at Bull Headley Intersection"

  1. Commissioners, County & City, CRA, seem to ALWAYS end up doing what is in the best interest of developers NOT residents. Developers know more ways they can line the pockets of any & all the people they need to. Those roads cannot & should not deal with more traffic AND schools need to be built BEFORE more homes (whether apts. Or subdivisions)

  2. The Reason people choose to live on the N / NE side is because of its green space and natural beauty. It was, at one time, marked as residential preservation. Unfortunately, developers get their hands in commissioners’ pockets & the greenspace disappears. Maybe we should invite the FBI to investigate the county commission also. Millennials don’t have to live on the north side. If someone wants an urban lifestyle or zero lot line, they can move to Southwood or move to the big city(Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, etc)

  3. This is some of the “in-fill” planning and zoning promotes as the new approach to development no matter how it might impact an established neighborhood. You folks out at Bannerman/Bull Headly Road need to marshall your forces and if necessary file a law suit to stop this .

  4. Tallahassee needs more of this. Way to small, we need to expand outward. All the negativity towards development needs to stop. Comparatively to other cities our size, the number of permits are atroiciously low. Not to mention Millennial needs new options to live on the north side of town and quite frankly there isn’t anything new. At this rate we will slowly lose every bit of young talent because we’re stuck in older times. Development increases population and creates many jobs which helps retain young professionals, which is what Tallahassee needs to go from a mid-major city to a major city.

  5. This may be an issue for a few folks who live over there near the development site but Snidely fails to see any relevance to most people.

  6. Has anyone considered the impact on Northside schools with all the housing being added here and in Ox Bottom. These schools are full. The School Board just approved 50 million to be spent on Southside schools. I hope the School Board was aware of the decisions made by the county.

    1. I am sure Superintendent Hanna is aware of the need to act. My expectation is he will wait 10 years until someone sues him. He has already taken that path on child support. Perhaps the school board will bring this up in an open discussion but the track record is Hanna can do what he wants, his rule and that of his associate superintendents based upon vengeance and intimidation is working. Silence to critics or you will be suspended, demoted and banished from the Hanna Kingdom formerly known as Leon County Schools.

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