Senator Bill Montford on Gillum’s Criticism: “Bush League”

Senator Bill Montford on Gillum’s Criticism: “Bush League”

Senator Bill Montford made it clear -through his votes on two amendments – that he does not support arming teachers with guns or de-certifying teacher unions.

However, that was not enough for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

The two amendments Montford supported were not adopted and he was faced with supporting two bills that provided significant financial help to schools, but also contained two measures he was against.

On the school safety plan, Montford voted in support of $400 million for security measures and mental health programs and some gun control regulations, despite the provisions that addressed arming some teachers with guns.

“When you go to the safety bill, do we go back to where we are and not address mental health issues? Do children go back in August to schools that are not hardened? Do we let children go back to an environment that are not safe? I don’t think so,” Montford told the Tallahassee Democrat.

On the education bill, Montford chose the ability of school districts to get control of money for construction and building maintenance over his objections to a provision that requires a labor union to sign up 50 percent of teachers in a bargaining unit as dues-paying members or lose its certification.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is running for governor of Florida, was quick to criticize Montford’s votes.

Gillum told the Tallahassee Democrat,  “I was very disappointed by both his votes yesterday.”

Montford responded.

Montford told Tallahassee Democrat reporter, James Call, that “[T}o be able to criticize someone for a vote if they do not understand or have not read it is bush league.”

Referring to Gillum, Montford added: “I stay out of his business. He best stay out of mine.”

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  1. Gillum should spend more time doing repairs to his rental houses he owns in Tallahassee, which are not suitable for a animal to inhabit, much less the tenants who live there.

  2. Gillum just pocketed another $100K from Collective Future and refunded $10K to FBI investigated Governance, Inc.

  3. Andrew is conducting his amateurish and unschooled campaign for governor with a marked trail of untrue and fantasized statements. He is trying to play cards at a bigger table where he is simply not qualified. I hope he burns through tons of his own money and Soros’ also. The more money Dims waste on failed campaigns, the better. The good news is that Gwen Graham is not exactly hitting it out of the ballpark either as a Dim candidate – all good news. America doesn’t need for Florida to turn into another Dim-led California, which is long overdue for the present suit filed by the Trump DOJ.

    1. I’d submit the same description was given to Trump when he was handily eliminating each and every other conservative candidate for president. He had no political experience and many said he was out of his league. Not saying Andy is a complete deuchebag like Trump, but with other democratic candidates in the race, the same kind of unexpected results could happen. Everyone should stay vigilant, and understand Trump changed the game on all of us. No longer does experience or integrity define elected officials. At bar, Andy is on the side with the NRA. Strange times we live in.

      1. Dream on! Florida will have a republican governor! Some of the truth about Andy will come out soon. Wait for the FBI bombshell about to fall. Hang on Andy, the waters are about to get rough.

      2. I respect your viewpoint (aside from the middle-school insult) but equating Trump with Gillum is completely inaccurate. Mr. Trump had a long and accomplished career as an extremely successful businessman in the private sector where (unlike politics) you actually have to get things done in order to succeed and your continued survival depends on performance, not empty talk and political posturing. In fact, Mr. Trump’s real-world experience helps him run rings around many seasoned Washington politicians – he is several steps ahead of them in any dealing, and he doesn’t play by the only set of rules they know.

        In stark contrast, Andy Gillum came fresh from college into political office and has no real-world experience or record of accomplishment in an actual job. In the political world, you can make speeches, point fingers of blame and talk about issues endlessly while never actually accomplishing much. Many Washington politicians have been doing exactly that for years.

        Call Mr. Trump what you wish (you obviously did, as the mainstream media has been doing since he declared his candidacy for president, hasn’t helped them any, either), he has accomplished more actual measured goals in his first year than any president has in history, including the 2nd highest accomplished president in his 1st year, Ronald Reagan. Andy Gillum has no real-world record of any success, unless you view being mayor of a city with the highest violent crime rate, among the highest in taxes, and ranked among the lowest economic growth in all of Florida a “success”. I hope his days as mayor are numbered, and the FBI are the ones in charge of those numbers.

  4. This is why we should not allow career politicians such as Gillum in government. He has no life experience whatsoever to know what is going on. Senator Montford is a lifelong educator with credentials that are worthy of praise. Andy’s claim to fame is the picture of him and the undercover FBI agents in New York.

  5. Gillum should pray that he could be half the man and leader that Bill Montford has been. Bill has always been a supporter of the people and common sense. He cared for his community and cared for our children. Gillum only cared about his agenda. He never had a real job. His run for governor is an embarassment to our community.

  6. Montford added: “I stay out of his business. He best stay out of mine.”

    Taken out of context this is bullying or a possible threat. It’s sad that we have fallen to this level.

  7. Andy should STFU. He’s not worthy of shining Montford’s shoes.
    He should spend more time documenting those “big ‘ol Confederate flags” he allegedly sees every day on Thomasville Road.

    1. Sweet sweet words there News Maven.
      News Maven for Mayor!!
      I would vote 3 or 4 times for you if I could!!

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