Sports Spotlight: NFC’s Trey Fisher

Sports Spotlight: NFC’s Trey Fisher

Naturally, you would assume that someone like North Florida Christian quarterback Trey Fisher, who’s father is one of the best coaches in all of college football, would leave his fate up to nepotism. If you didn’t know him, you’d figure he would coast throughout life while lazily siphoning clout, accolades and success from his last name.

NFC assistant coach Eddy Arza doesn’t agree. He  said Fisher is as hardworking and dedicated as they come.

“Trey leads by example he never wants to take a break, always runs sprints full speed and never misses a practice. Even when he was sick he was at practice getting mental reps and helping teammates,” Eddy said.

Fisher spends the majority of his time involved in football-related activities. He studies film every day and when he’s not doing that he’s lifting weights, working on his agility or throwing to his receivers.

“I appreciate the daily grind of the game. I love the workouts, I love the morning film sessions, I love everything about the game,” Fisher said.

One of Fisher’s best friends, standout receiver and go-to target, Macho Arza, also spoke about his starting signal caller’s hard work and their relationship. He talked about how they make each other better.

“I believe we have a really tight connection off the field and that helps on the field a lot. We motivate each other. We want to be the best players in the country,” Macho said.

Hard work isn’t the only thing that makes him special according to Devin Rispress, head coach of Fisher’s 7 on 7 team, the Tallahassee RecordBreakerz. Rispress said Fisher’s football acumen separates him on the field.

“I’ve coached some great players in my career, but what separates Trey is his knowledge of the game. I have to be very sharp when coaching a player with [a football IQ] as great as Trey’s. He reminds me of Drew Brees in the way he delivers the ball and the way that he’s a field general. The similarities are consistent all the way down to the height,” Rispress said.

Brees is one of Fisher’s many idols in a list that includes great players his father has coached as well as players he’s coached against. He also learns from established professionals as well as up and coming collegiate stars.

“I pattern my game after pro guys like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Jameis [Winston] but I try to learn from the younger guys like [Deondre] Francois too,” Fisher said.

People around him said his competitive streak reaches more than just football. Macho Arza said he turns everything into a competition and that he loves winning.

“Oh no, he never stops! Trey wants to get every answer right, make the paper ball in the basket before anybody, all of that. He is the real definition of a competitor,” Macho said.

Fisher has also shown his coaches and teammates that he can be trusted in crunch-time situations. He’s led numerous comebacks for NFC and the RecordBreakerz.

“This past weekend (Feb. 21) in Myrtle Beach we were in an elimination game with six seconds to go on 3rd down. I looked at him to confirm the play and felt confident because I didn’t see any panic in him. He dropped back looked off the defense and threw a strike to Gadsden Country star receiver Sammy Carter to win the game with no time left,” Rispress said.

Workouts in the morning, afternoon and evening, a 7-on-7 practice and then an hour-long film session is a normal day for Fisher. Football is in his blood.

“The apple does not fall far from the tree. He’s a fierce competitor like his dad and he demands more of himself than me or coach Fisher,” Eddy said.

By Devin Craig, @DevinCraigFS on Twitter, Correspondent for Franchise Sports a local media organization covering Tallahassee sports.

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  1. To Commenter Jim: Why did you feel it necessary to demean another’s intelligence just because he/she didn’t know Trey Fisher’s father is Jimbo Fisher? For many of us, life does not revolve around local college football or any football for that matter. I am a TR reader who happened to read this story while killing time waiting for an airplane. Despite living in Tallahassee for the last 12 years, I too, did not automatically think “Jimbo,” as Fisher is a fairly common last name. That does not make me unintelligent. Why not extend grace to other people and help make the world a BETTER place, instead of being just one more negative voice demeaning other people in an already much too negative world?

  2. Please remove this article. Trey, just like Jimbo betrayed his school and ran crying to his daddy when the NFC staff made changes. He should be called Be-Trey-al!

  3. “Intelligence above the 4th grade” doesn’t automatically make someone aware of who Jimbo Fisher is or who is son is. Your response proves your intelligence is lacking. And yes NOT everyone follows FSU football…I do, but I’m not everyone.

  4. The writer assumes that the reader has some form of intelligence above the 4th grade. Most news articles are written at a 4th grade reading level.

    If you followed FSU at all you would know Jimbo’s family.

    Guess you do not fit in this category.

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