Tallahassee City Commissioner Gill Ziffer Endorses Gwen Graham for Governor

Tallahassee City Commissioner Gill Ziffer Endorses Gwen Graham for Governor

This should help with the Tallahassee City Commission dysfunction.

Today, City Commissioner and Florida League of Cities President Gil Ziffer issued a press release endorsing Gwen Graham in the race for the Democratic nomination for Florida governor.

Ziffer said that “Gwen knows that local elected officials understand their communities best,” and noted her defense of home rule.

The endorsement comes from a colleague of another candidate in the race, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Ziffer has previously attributed some of the dysfunction of city commission activities to the fact that Gillum is spending a lot of time running for governor.

“We have become way too dysfunctional and if any of you have been to or watched our commission meetings, you can tell we’re not getting along real well right now,” Ziffer told several dozen Democrats during a community meeting.

Ziffer recently dropped out of the race for Tallahassee mayor and decided to end his career as an elected city official.

Ziffer joins Leon County Commissioners John Dailey, Kristin Dozier and Leon Soil and Water Commissioner Tabitha Frazier in endorsing Graham.

5 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commissioner Gill Ziffer Endorses Gwen Graham for Governor"

  1. I agree that it is upsetting how Mrs. Graham acted in this matter. It seems as though she was trying to help the then-principal who also was the principal at her children’s school at the expense of another woman who may have been a victim of sexual harassment. As far as making the affidavit public, one merely needs to conduct a google search to see it. I have come to know this woman as an administrator and do not believe her intent was anything more than what she stated which was that she wanted to protect her job. Sadly she has been the subject of public comments and complaints that seem out of proportion to the issues at at hand and would be difficult for anyone to experience. Speaking as a parent, she is one of the more honest and caring administrators in the district. Perhaps some of the dissatisfaction with her is that she stands up for children and that at times conflicts with the district’s agenda.

  2. It would definitely look bad to endorse a city mayor who is soon to be in federal prison. Ziffer really had no choice but to endorse Graham.

  3. Mr. Ziffer who was the bulldog for Mr. Maddox in the superintendent’s race why does anyone really care who you endorse or what you said?

    I lost all respect for Gwen Graham when I found out that she designed the settlement of the teacher transfer out of Leon High when she called off her relationship with Rocky Hanna. When she calls the relationship off which was unethical because Hanna was her immediate supervisor and evaluated her as a teacher, not to mention the transfer itself was against the regular collectively bargain transfer policy. Readers please write into Leon County Schools to make public the affidavit which details the things that Mr Hannah did to her. Endorsing someone who was a mastermind of a teacher transfer when the principal got upset because she wouldn’t date him anymore, no thank you.

  4. Major Villum is with The Snide on this one (except for that sidewalk scam); GREAT way to tell former Mayor Gillum he really stinks – good job Mr. Ziffer.

    Thank goodness the speaking podium for the commoners was moved to the back today so we don’t have to be in the same general area with these thieves….; after these lame duck Commissioners leave and get locked up – we can move the podium back to where it’s suppose to be.

  5. Damm Gilbert, just when I was set to hate you forever, you go and make me happy by jabbing a pointy stick in Andy’s eye with your support of Gwen.
    OK I’m gonna allow you to keep that sidewalk scam money.
    This is totally worth the $100,000.00 you scammed the city out of!!!!

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