Tallahassee Police Chief Reports 14.3% Decline in Crime Rate for 2017

Tallahassee Police Chief Reports 14.3% Decline in Crime Rate for 2017

At the last city commission meeting, Tallahassee Police Chief DeLeo reported that the 2017 Leon County crime rate decreased 14.3% when compared to the rate in 2016.

The 2017 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) incorporates the Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office into a comprehensive overview of  the community.

The 2017 UCR reported decreases in both Violent Crime (10.8%) and Property Crime (14.8%).

Overall, for reported Index Offenses there was an increase in clearance rates for 2017 (18.7%) compared to 2016 (15.9%).

The comparison of state-wide UCR 2017 rates will be made available by FDLE later this year.

Chief DeLeo also reported on the status of safety cameras that were installed in high crime areas.

DeLeo told elected officials that the safety cameras placed within the Bond community continue to be operational and have not been altered from their initial installation locations. DeLeo said the Tallahassee Police Department continues to receive positive feedback from many residents within the Bond Community.

DeLeo concluded his report by summarizing the City/County Focus Subjects (CCFS) Top 10 program which was started in August 2017, with a total of seven subjects. The CCFS has since had a total of 29 subjects placed on the list.

DeLeo reported that 17 of the subjects were designated and investigated by TPD, 12 were designated and investigated by LCSO,  and 10 Focus subjects have been arrested and two have warrants.

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  1. UCR only tracks 7 crimes. So lets have some fun with “burglary.” During a home game while everyone is away from the hotel a burglar kicks in the doors of 5 rooms. Each room is rented by a different person and something is stolen from each of them. Give each individual their own case number and report and you have 5 burglaries to report to the UCR. Next time, pull one case number and write one report with five separate victims listed. You now have one burglary to report to the UCR and have reduced crime by 80%.

  2. It’s very difficult to believe any “rates or statistical” reporting of crime, utility rates, or whatever from the rat’s nest of corruption AKA The City of Tallahassee government.
    I would give this latest propaganda attempt a 13.52% chance of being factual and accurate.
    Lies, Damn lies, and Statistics.

  3. Politics. Can’t forget that the ‘mayor’ is running for governor. Don’t arrest as many people and it looks as if crime rate is down when it’s not.

    1. Correct, Mr. Thompson – how can the criminals vote for Gillum when they’re stuck in jail? Same applies to illegals (they are NOT “immigrants”) for the Democrats – how can illegals vote for liberals when they’re in jail or stuck on foreign soil behind some stupid border wall? When the illegals and criminals are free to roam, Democrats can bus them (with faked IDs and voter registrations) to the polls and steal elections. The strategy is simple: If you can’t get law-abiding American citizens to vote for your liberal candidates, the Dems have to replace American voters with new (illegal) ones. Whatever gets the job done, right and wrong are irrelevant obstacles – that’s the Democrat way.

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