Tallahassee Democrat Crops Pic for Andrew Gillum, But Humiliates Scott Maddox

Tallahassee Democrat Crops Pic for Andrew Gillum, But Humiliates Scott Maddox

Two embarrassing pictures of local politicians on trips with undercover FBI agents were treated differently by the Gannett owned Tallahassee Democrat.

Consider this.

The picture of City Commissioner Scott Maddox in Las Vegas with FBI agents and a midget stripper was published in its entirety on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat on September 21, 2017 for all to see.

What followed were months of  jokes, zingers and public humiliation for Mr. Maddox and his family.

In contrast, a picture of Mayor Andrew Gillum – which sources say could be embarrassing to Gillum – in New York City with Adam Corey and undercover FBI agents was cropped and placed on page 5A on January 18, 2018 after a negotiation which resulted in some level of cover for Mr. Gillum, in an otherwise sensitive situation.

Shouldn’t sensitivity be a two-way street?

The Maddox picture could have easily been cropped to leave out the “dwarf entertainer” -which has very little news value – and still included the FBI undercover agents, Maddox, and J.T. Burnette – a city vendor and figure in the FBI investigation.

However, it was not.

The inconsistent actions by the Tallahassee Democrat seems to be in violation of several of the “Principles of Ethical Conduct for Gannett journalists” as outlined by the parent company.

The Gannett “Principles” state, in part, that:

We will be honest in the way we gather, report and present news — with relevancy, persistence, context, thoroughness, balance and fairness in mind.

We will explain to audiences our journalistic processes to promote transparency and engagement.

We will maintain an impartial, arm’s-length relationship with anyone seeking to influence the news.

We will not alter photos, video or audio to misrepresent events or mislead audiences.

It is time for the leadership at the Tallahassee Democrat to explain the “journalistic process” that lead to an altered photo for one local politician and humiliation for another.

16 Responses to "Tallahassee Democrat Crops Pic for Andrew Gillum, But Humiliates Scott Maddox"

  1. All media sources are biased, including yours. News at 10. You folks just throw a hissy fit when it’s not biased to support your personal agenda.

    1. Seriously? Deal with the topic. Are you ok with the publisher of the Tallahassee Democrat negotiating an interview with the Mayor in return for favorable media coverage?

      1. Honestly, I suspected all along this is how business was conducted among for profit firms. The democrat is not a public entity and shouldn’t be held to any higher standards than other news outlets. If the mayor negotiated a deal, he was protecting his own interests, much like the president does regularly with much more fanfare and embarrassment. All politicians will do this, do you agree? Would I prefer to have the unbiased facts? Sure. But I don’t get them anywhere else, so…

        This website does a great job of presenting facts, but it too leans conservative. I like it, most of the readers seem to like it, but it’s still a conservative outlet that regularly blasts anything contrary to conservative norms. The democrat is just that, a democratic leaning outlet that sympathizes more with a liberal agenda. Maybe Maddox needs one of Trump’s negotiators on his squad??

        Reminiscent of minority suspects’ mugshots being shown versus other suspects’ school pictures, no?

        If their narrative is pro-Gillum, we will see more of this from the democrat as this governor’s race heats up. I hope this site will keep giving us the rest of the story.

        1. Forget Trump’s negotiators. I want Dozier’s negotiators who got the TD to mass market her home and help her complete the bribe!

  2. So I am out of Florida – many miles away – and I get drawn into a political discussion a few weeks ago about how absolutely ridiculous hometown politics can be. Of course, it’s tough to top the Tally story…. So – I start to try to briefly explain the Tally Follies and I stop and say – Hey – wait it minute – just do a quick google search for M-a-d-d-o-x + m-i-d-g-e-t; BA-DA-Boom – it’s the top hit on google with the picture! What an honor!

    So – the place falls quiet at first as they take in the info; then hysterical laughter proceeds and it takes a couple minutes for folks to pick themselves up off the floor. Tally certainly does have a unique brand. The branding Gillum has unapologetically presented for Tally town (in New York on a boat with Corey, etc.) should be equally and accurately portrayed via the Tallahassee Democrat. And it will be – by other sources other than TD – upon the FBI’s findings coming to light.

    The damage, embarrassment, immoral and illegal actions that this City Commission (singly, jointly and unified) has thrust on our community during its tenure is unparalleled.

    Has anyone secured MaddoxMidget.com yet?

  3. Might want to ask gillum about the shredding of many of his personal and official records at a facility out by Bradfordville Blues Club.

  4. Well done, Anhaica.

    If you believe the local rag adheres to their so-called ethical policy, you were probably disappointed this morning when the Easter Bunny didn’t leave you anything.
    And you can dispose of that tooth you left under your pillow ages ago.

  5. I have not subscribed to the Tallahassee Democrat in a couple decades. I haven’t missed anything and saved lots of money!

  6. How about 54 stories from the Democrat about Jackie Pons and they NEVER fact checked a word that Rocky Hanna gave them. P. S. Hanna LIED. He admitted he lied to Hank Coxe the attorney for the school board. P.S.S. Ricky Bell had a conversation with Rocky Hanna and he provided an affidavidat that proves Hanna made the whole notebook up. Hanna rehired Ricky Bell and promotes his wife. Welcome to a community that is provided one side misleading information from the Tallahassee Democrat.

  7. I will be very interested in their explanation, if there is one. If they don’t respond, its because they realize they their political agenda will be exposed.

    1. Dr. Jackson:
      Please post a link to this photo. I’ve heard what got cropped out of the Gillum photo was an AR-15!

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