Leon Schools Announces Planned Construction Projects

Leon Schools Announces Planned Construction Projects

At the March 27th, 2018 Leon County School Board meeting, officials will report on construction projects that are in the pipeline for the next 12-months.

The report is in accordance with policy 6321 that requires the superintendent to report to the Board semi-annually at a regular meeting the status of all construction projects planned to be performed in the next twelve (12) months.

Listed below is a table of the projects with the school, project description and cost, if available.

TR has previously reported on the major construction initiatives slated for Rickards and Fairview. The report below includes those items.

Other major items include $3.6 million in new construction and renovations at Chaires. Approximately $2.7 million in work at Springwood and $2.5 million in projects at W.T. Moore.

Superintendent Hanna told TR that the W.T. Moore projects will prepare the school for the student growth projected to arrive from the Canopy development in Welaunee plantation.


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  1. Nice knowing what projects are planned, however, how many and which will have RFPs? We all recall Pons policy of breaking down multi million dollar contract into small increments not requiring an rfp – with a district as small as our, rfps should be done for any amount $25k and larger

  2. Where are the improvements for school safety at every school? Mr. Hanna made it clear at his rally at the capital this past weekend that no employee will carry a gun on campus to protect students. However, he and the school board have one or two employees with concealed weapons at every board meeting to protect them.

    1. What do you recommend for improving school safety? Metal detectors might help keep guns out without bringing guns in. Retired vets on patrol outside schools? Random police presence in school? Scheduled police presence? Teaching staff hand to hand combat? Voluntary range practice in case we do have to eventually move to arm staff? Clear backpacks?

      We have the conversation started, so I think the issue is ripe for coming up with a viable solution. Aside from the media spectacle and crazies trying to get rid of the 2nd, we need real solutions to consider.

      1. Great point Pretty Petty! If we could get a group of parents,grandparents, and law enforcement along with school staff together, maybe we could have some conversation. I would be happy to come forward and participate.

        1. I’m thinking retired military is the way to go. Maybe some would even volunteer. There are retired attorneys now acting as mediators who work for free just to help out the court system. Maybe we have some vets that are still capable…

          One thing we all have to be ready for: everyone will not be satisfied no matter what option is chosen. We have to accept that and move forward anyway. We have to at least try. I didn’t read the new law, but if we opted out of arming staff, must we have LE, or can we find another cheaper solution?

  3. Please ask for all contracts given to anyone affiliated with a company that contributed to Rocky Hanna’s campaign. Interview those on the contract approval process, ask what type of message Mr. Hanna sent about who got what contract.

    1. Maybe the FBI will investigate the local school system one day. Right now the FBI is overwhelmed with the unexpected huge amount of corruption related Tallahassee’s city government.

      1. The FBI could investigate the school district at the same time, and technically that investigation is still open, right? There is low hanging fruit, they just need to look at the right tree. Devoting a bit of gumshoe detective work would reap rewards. Its never the crime, its always the cover-up. How awesome would it be for our city if they could help our kids too and address the problems in one fell swoop. It would be the change Tallahassee needs.

        1. Not so technically, Rocky Hanna admitted he made up everything in his notebook while having no knowledge of any wrongdoing going. He admitted he authored misleading summaries of every section in the notebook. Rocky Hanna willingly and with full knowledge broke Leon County School Board policies. Our elected School Board refuses to hold him accountable for making willful false statements costing tax payers $600,000.

          Hanna’s buddy Mr. Weldon gave him campaign contributions and suddenly his company has a construction contract.

          Rocky brought back his buddies after the completed a lucrative retirement program – although he campaigned and said he would not – he did. He promoted his crownies to associate superintendents positions with raises without any interview process. Does anybody believe a thing he says?

          1. If the superintendent used the resources of the federal government to help him get elected then that is wrong, and they (gov’t) likely won’t be happy about it. Nobody likes to be used. But its a harder case to prove I would think. Establish a pattern, show some clear evidence.

        2. Mimi, Rocky Hanna admitted to the school board attorney Hank Coxe – the former President of the Florida bar- that he had NO knowledge of any wrongdoing and that he wrote the summaries in the notebook. Hank Coxe investigates the matter and concluded Rocky had NO knoweledge of anything that he presented as factual in his notebook. Case closed. Rocky Hanna lied and he admitted it! He broke school board ethics policies. He lied to parents for years during graduation speeches repeating several times saying ” not having any children of my own…”, he lied to federal and state officials about the allegations in the notebook and he purposely authored misleading summaries in the notebook.

          1. So are you saying that the superintendent used the gov’t just like he appeared to use Gwen Graham, some women he dated, Woody H. and maybe a well known lawyer you don’t yet know about? If he has a pattern of using people to their disadvantage and he doesn’t truly have the “whistleblower” mindset as he told the voters, then maybe there is more to support your argument. He doesn’t seem to be a real whistleblower to me, I can tell by how he launches personal attacks on naive people who try to bring evidence of wrongdoing to him trusting he will do something about it (read an article today in the Dem for an example). And I agree Hank Coxe is respected and has great credibility, many in Tallahassee may not be aware, and his findings mean something.

          2. Mimi
            Rocky admited he lied and made up the content in the notebook with no first hand knowledge of any wrongdoing. He dated at least one teacher he supervised and evaluated. He has made disparaging remarks about students of poverty. He has cut the school resource officer program, he is cutting reading supplemental programs. He hired 5 associates superintendents without any interview process. He demoted and non-renewed staff that had proven track records of success in our school system in acts of vengeance.
            The simple truth is the truth.

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