Superintendent Hanna Apologizes for Remarks

Superintendent Hanna Apologizes for Remarks


Leon County Republican Party Chairman Evan Power’s statement on Superintendent Hanna’s apology:

I appreciate Superintendent Rocky Hanna taking time to reflect on his inappropriate and divisive remarks on Saturday and offering an apology.  I hope he will also take the time to review the actual guardian program not just the partisan talking points.  The program is not about arming teachers, but training those faculty members outside of classroom instructors at the same level as law enforcement so they can assist in keeping our children safe.  I agree with Superintendent Hanna that the safety of school children should be our first priority. 


Original Story

The following statement was released by Superintendent Rocky Hanna through Leon County Schools:

Now that the emotion from this past Saturday’s march with our students is over, I’ve had a chance to reflect on the remarks I made during the rally. I would like to apologize for some of the language I used to convey my feelings about arming school employees.

Throughout my career I have never worried about being politically correct and sometimes my passion for an issue, or cause, clouds my better judgment and choice of words.

There are leaders on both sides of this important issue and as superintendent I must remain respectful of other points of view. I know at the end of the day we are all in agreement something must be done to ensure that what happened in Parkland never happens again. In the future, I will be sensitive of the opinions of others and deliver my message accordingly.

Again, I would like to sincerely apologize if I offended anyone with my remarks—I care deeply for our kids and want to do my very best to protect them.  

We continue to keep the families and all those impacted by the senseless acts at Stoneman Douglas in our thoughts and prayers.

The statement comes after a number of people expressed outrage over Hanna’s comments which included coarse language and an all or nothing approach to the school safety issue.

At one point Hanna – who was opposed to the school safety bill passed by the Florida Legislature and signed by Governor Scott – said if you are against us …”get the hell out of the way.”

He referred to legislators as “idiots” and asked that the supporters of the gun safety bill be voted out.

Many people took to social media to express there feelings.

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  1. How many times are we gonna let that idiot apologize for saying or doing something stupid before we demand his resignation? Rocky’s a disgrace, he should not be in charge of educating our children. If you find yourself asking what is wrong with our kids today… that bald headed Sacajawea is exhibit A!

  2. Take a big note: He expressed his real feelings then tried to cover them up. Typical liberal democrat who needs to be voted out of office.

  3. “We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans.” Dr. Voddie Baucham

    It’s particularly disappointing when the guy most perceived as the somewhat party-neutral candidate turns out to be a partisan hack reading Democrat talking point, seemingly incapable of objectively assessing the situation, and ignoring what could improve the safety of kids in Leon County Schools. Most of the opponents of this law have NO IDEA WHAT IT DOES.

  4. But y’all let the president get a pass for his juvenile and offensive statements? I’m so confused by this fake outrage over some foul language. He’s only following the leader. You’re asking for a resignation for foul language??? Laughable. When 45 resigns, then we can talk about integrity and resignations. I don’t even know that I agree with Hanna, but I know he isn’t doing or saying anything unlike the ilk in DC. Show me how he’s any different.

  5. We have all done and said things we later regretted. However, he knew what kind of event he was going to, and he knew he would be speaking. I am in no way perfect and I too have made mistakes. But in this case, he had time to prepare and come up with a “speech” that could have brought the two sides together. He knew he had to keep himself in check. I think this just showed his true colors and now we know. I won’t be supporting him again.

  6. Too late Rocky. I supported you when you ran for Superintendent believing you were a man of integrity. You definitely had more integrity than the previous superintendent at the time. As of now, you will not receive a vote from me ever again! If all you can do is scream obscenities when you are on stage then you are no better than any other liberal leftist who does the same when they need a spotlight.

    1. Rocky is a a bully, surrounded by Alan Cox who runs his pool/lifeguard business and training for marathons during the day, Gillian Gregory who plays favorites and understanding nothing about curriculum and a cast or reemployed retreads.

    1. Listen to his vulgar ill-informed rant. His entire rant shows that he is an out of control man, filled with hate. He was wearing a Leon Schools shirt, defacto representing Leon Schools. Rocky Hanna is a bully. He committed numerous ethics violation with his notebook and this latest tirade. School board members where are you?

      1. Here’s where the school board members are; one is too busy worried about recess and kindergarten and first grade students not getting grades, we have another that’s dating an assistant superintendent another that is used to P card for purchases on a trip of a personal nature and two others that probably don’t stay awake during meetings. The entire school board and superintendent should be removed by the governor.

        We have declining graduation rates, high school principals that place all kids in advanced classes that are next to take State end-of-course tests , we have a superintendent who’s the bully, we have a superintendent who has broken numerous ethics violations with no consequences, we can tell you where the school board isn’t; in charge.

  7. When the Superintendent of Schools uses vulgar and demeaning language we can only hope that school board members send a letter to the Governor that condems this language and his actions at the recent rally. Rocky Hanna is a dark mark on our community. His associate superintendents further empower his juvenile behavior when they do not document his voting and put downs. I urge anyone with any information about Rocky Hanna’s unethical behavior since his days at Godby High to come forward.

    1. No one can come forward because there is no one to come forward to. He handpicked the school board attorney who is there to watch his back over the backs of the board members and any employees of the district.

  8. Children got excused absences from school to protest at the capitol but were counted absent if they chose to attend noon Good Friday church services.

  9. Superintendent Rocky Hanna, who oversees the Leon School District has broken the public trust. The vulgar language he used to try and incite and inflame a public protest while wearing a Leon Schools shirt is a new low for any Superintendent anywhere in the country. As as community we should protest his vulgar immature bantering by keeping our children out of school until he resigns. I call upon school members to sign a decleration sanctioning his behavior, then forwarding it to the Governor for immediate review.

    His language and behavior are a breech of ethic policies. We should not allow our community to be defined or represented by Rocky Hanna.

  10. What is wrong with the school board? Are they not embarrassed by the superintendent’s actions and words? This is how he operates day to day but only those involved in the ramifications of his actions know and most are employees with no options and completely powerless. The board needs to step up and protect the employees. Are they also being held hostage by Rocky? How far will he go before he is called to answer for his actions? Within two weeks of being sworn in he began his vendetta against those who crossed him and it has been downhill ever sense. What will it take to stop him?
    If a student had behaved the way he did on the steps of the capital for all the nation to see and hear they would have been expelled. Is he not held to the same standards???

  11. I do not think the School Board has the authority to do anything but comment or ask the Board attorney to investigate him as they have done before. Hanna is an elected official. Gov. Scott can and should intervene. This why we need an appointed superintendent. Then, the school board could fire him.

  12. While wearing a shirt with the LCS logo Rocky Hanna spewed vulgar obscenities at legislators. When the Superintendent is wearing an LCS shirt his actions must be held to the same standard as any other employee. The school board must immediately suspend him for his abuse of power, vulgar language and bullying behavior. School board members, to do nothing is an endorsement of his behavior.

    1. I just watched the video. Rocky Hanna is wearing a Leon County Schools shirt with the official Leon County Schools logo on it. This says it all. If the school board does not act to remove him with an immediate suspension than the governor should do that. No elected officials should be allowed to use the barbaric vulgar language that spewed from him.Mr. Hanna you are ill-mannered, ill-tempered, ill-prepared. If the school board decides not to act, I can only hope that the governor will.

      I’ve asked my children if you enter their classroom to stand up and walk out in protest of your vulgar language. Perhaps every teacher and administrator should stand up and walk out of school on Monday in protest of your language as well.

  13. The only reason you’re Superintendent at all is because you and your lawyer friend manufactured bogus allegations against Pons. Then you used the ensuing FBI investigation against him as the main element of your campaign. Youre a hothead and slowly self destructing. You’re a bum and everybody is finally starting to realize it.

  14. When damaging irresponsible comments have been made the true measure of person come under a spotlight. As the leader of the school system you should resign. The vile that spewed from you cannot be forgiven, we demand action from our school board. Your offensive language and lack of knowledge on the isues is a violation of the public trust.

  15. Rocky,
    Your apology is as offensive as your past actions. The school board should suspend you pending an investigation into your recent actions. Your language was offensive and abusive.

    Your actions call into question your professional ethics and your psychological fitness as defined as the integration and optimization of mental, emotional, and behavioral abilities and capacities as superintendent. The entire community was embarrassed by your words. The only good thing that came out of your “speech” is the good citizens of Tallahassee now see the offensive vengeance that rages within you and your decision making.

  16. Rocky, calling legislators idiots comes from your heart. Your words and actions are offensive. You have made disparaging comments bout students throughout your uneventful carreer. You belittle people at every opportunity. If you cared so much for children, you would have paid child support without having to be sued.

  17. Rocky
    Do you apologize for not paying child support for 10 years although you were aware you fathered a child? Do you apilogize for the ethics violations misleading parents during graduation speeches, “having no children of my own” Do you apologize for your notebook costing taxpayers $600, 000 chasing ghosts you created down a non existent rabbit holes? Do you apoligize for political acts of vengance demoting staff, non renewing staff , rehiring DROP completors and promoting 5 associate superintendents, the elementary director and others without any interview process? Do you apologize for your many ethics violations? If you are sincere with your apology please resign. The school board should suspend you pending an investigation.

  18. The superintendent of any school system should be a person who is able to think before speaking in public. A leader who makes an honest apology should be able to apologize “for” offending, not apologize “if” I offended! Period!

  19. Rocky, if you have an ounce of integrity, call a press conference on the steps of the Capitol and make your complete apology in front of the same cameras. Anything less is a hollow, meaningless charade. As with all liberals, you throw honesty to the wind and make a public appearance kowtowing to your base. Then, you follow it up with a quiet correction that you know most people will never hear. If this is not who you are, then do as I say and prove it!

  20. Over the last few months we have read so many comments about Supt. Hanna. in TR and the Democrat. It seems he may be a spoiled brat. He seems to have been caught in a moment where the true Rocky came out. Can we believe him? His actions over the next year will show us the true politician that he is. His comment in the Democrat that he does not want to spend tax payer dollars chasing ghosts seems to be counter to the $600.000 spend by the school board chasing the ghosts in the book Hanna sent to the FBI. Maybe the FBI should tell us if Hanna is or is not a ghost writer. We are waiting FBI.

  21. Rocky Hanna: Yet one more example of why the government school system should be abolished. Folks, if you can, get your kids out of the system — privately educate them, home school them, even “un-school” them, just get them out of the government indoctrination system.

  22. He told me once and got my vote once, but he’ll never get it again! I will max out my campaign contribution to any one that runs against him!

  23. Hanna heard from some of his Democrat buddies (future $$ donors) obviously that he was not going about “taking that next step” to bigger political office correctly. Surround yourself with enough partisan demagoguery & remarks offending more than 1/2 of the population are what you get. This town has so many Dem operative political hacks in office a chart would be helpful to see which one was inbred with the other, etc.

    1. Yes that was some nasty stuff that came out the mouth of little Rocky.
      Too late for “I’m sorry”.
      At this point Rocky it’s like trying to push a +urd back up into your Hanna Hole!

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