Tallahassee Chamber Takes Position on Proposed Children’s Services Tax Process

Tallahassee Chamber Takes Position on Proposed Children’s Services Tax Process

On Tuesday, the Leon County Commission voted unanimously to move forward with a public hearing in June on a proposal to create a children’s services council.

It appears elected officials are prepared to put a proposal on the ballot in November. The proposal would create an independent taxing authority which would have the authority to levy up to half a mill in property taxes, generating between $7.5 and $8 million a year in revenue.

The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce issued a press release  on Tuesday March 27th asking the Commission to do a needs assessment before establishing an independent tax authority.

From the release:

“In keeping with the tradition of successful, measured, and impactful initiatives in Leon County, the Chamber Board believes that a study of need and an analysis of economic impacts of a potential Children’s Services Council is dutifully required at this time. Our community has shown a commitment to processes of this degree when successfully passing tax proposals…”

“A Children’s Services Council may be a potential solution to long-standing problems, but before a new independent government body should be established, our community deserves a deliberate evaluation of the issues, opportunities, and objectives we should be pursuing.”

County Commissioner John Dailey had pushed for a public hearing in April, however a number of officials wanted a delay and proposed a June hearing so that county staff could gather more information. The Commission will address the issue again at their May 22nd meeting.

4 Responses to "Tallahassee Chamber Takes Position on Proposed Children’s Services Tax Process"

  1. Will there be an “opt out” provision in our property taxes for those who don’t have children, so they don’t have to pay yet another confiscatory tax? We’re already paying one skrewel tax!
    There was an “opt out” on the bill to voluntarily arm teachers – Rocky and his crew exercised it against Leon County skrewel children. I hope a group of smart teachers sue the board for stopping them from their right to defend themselves.

  2. Tally Chamber of Commerce, blowing with the winds of what’s hot. Least not forget their coziness with Adam Corey, Gillum, etc. and harboring events for them to engage their public theft and incest-driven handouts. Don’t forget the Chamber’s VP, Jay Revell, formerly Exec Director of the Downtown Improvement Authority, preceding Carter-Smith, and before that John Dailey’s aide…surely in on the handouts and earmarking of properties eventually purchased by Maddox, Carter-Smith, Adam Corey, etc.

    The Chamber operates in the shadows, but surely in on the same embarrassing, incestual way this community does business. IMO, we’d be a whole lot better of blowing up the entire Tally Chamber of Commerce and let business be done without the shroud of some good ole boy organization playing puppet master behind the scenes.

    Tally Chamber of Commerce, City of Tallahassee, Downtown Improvement Authority, all led by the same bunch of crooks and cronies.

  3. We already pay a School Board property tax and half-penny sales tax. The idea of increasing the half-penny to a full penny is already on the table to fund the charter school bill. And it’s only a matter of time before a tax increase is floated to fund the local impact of 7026 requiring an SRO in every school. Businesses cut expenses to adjust the operating budget. Public officials raise taxes.

  4. Tax us to death. If you want to do this then cut spending in others areas and quit raising taxes every time we turn around. I am sick of this crap.

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